Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Hunt the Mighty Snuggle Critter

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Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Hunt the Mighty Snuggle Critter

Postby LilJennie » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:28 pm

Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Hunt the Mighty Snuggle Critter

by Jennie Flint & Miki Yamuri


“If we’re going to talk about plans for C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S,” said Lisa, “we should probably leave the snuggle critters in the playroom and talk in the den.”

Jennie and Miki looked at each other. They didn’t understand the word Lisa had spelled out, but they both had a question right away.

“Good idea,” said TJ. She and Lisa set Jennie and Miki down in the playroom. “Now, you two be good and play safely, and we’ll be back in just a little bit, OK?”

“OK, but …” Jennie began.

“Yup, just play quietly with Jennie, and we’ll be back soon,” said Lisa, kissing Miki on the top of her head.

“Um, OK, but …” said Miki. Lisa and TJ left after extending the baby gate across the door.

Miki and Jennie said to each other, “Whassa snuggle critter?”

Jennie looked around. “You gots … snuggle critters in here?” she asked Miki.

“I … dunno?” Miki replied. “Mommy said she leaved ‘em here … but I nono what they is!”

“Well … they no be called snuggle critters unless they snuggles …” Jennie reasoned.

“Ooo, whatif they snuggles an’ no lets go?” Miki supposed.

“How big issa snuggle critter?” Jennie asked. “Like itty bitty, or plushie size, or …?”

“... or tha size offa big bear!” Miki said. “They mighty!”

“Oh no!” said Jennie. “Maby we gotsa catch ‘em ‘fore they catch us!”

Miki sat on her thickly diapered hinney and sucked her thumb thoughtfully.

As she looked around, she saw many plushy type dolls scattered all around the playroom. Her eyes fell on the toy chest that had several nerf guns poking out.

Miki said, “Jennies?? What ifs alla themsa snuggle critters an we supposea go finded em?”

Miki crawled over to the toy box and pulled out a nerf gun and loaded one of its soft projectiles into it. In her mind, she was a mighty snuggle critter hunter preparing for a safari into the deepest part of the playroom jungle.

Jennie crawled over and plopped down next to Miki, “Whacha gonna does?”

Miki handed Jennie one of the nerf guns and six soft projectiles. “Us babies gonna go onna saff .. umm .. a saff hary. Gonna catchteded somema them snuggle critters and gets ridda tha infesations.”

The great hunters Miki and Jennie gathered their equipment for the hunt. Each one knew they were going to travel deep into the darkest unexplored part of the playroom and search out the many snuggle critters hiding there.

Slowly, making no sounds except for the soft crinkle of the plastic lining in their panties, they began their hunt. Through the thickness of the woobie blankie and into the papasan cave our two brave hunters journeyed, setting up their base camp in the protective darkness of the cave.

Miki said, “Gotsa be carefuls. No no whatta snuggle critter looks like. Might be jus poison nuffs ta paralyze us sos it can snuggles.”

Jennie nodded agreement as she looked tentatively out the mouth of the cave. “Gotsa be careful,” she said. “Firstus … gotsa watch fora long time. Stake out tha huntin ground. Like for hours n stuff.”

Miki nodded. “Gotsa be for hours.”

So the two of them took up defensive positions at the mouth of the cave, nerf guns at the ready, prepared to stake out the hunting ground for several hours. About 20 seconds later, Jennie said, “OK. Now we knows tha patterns of tha snuggle critters.”

“You seen ‘em?” asked Miki.

“Yups.” Jennie nodded confidently. “Like tha nose on my face.”

“They looks like nosies?” asked Miki.

“No I mean … umm … what? Anyway, you seen ‘em?” asked Jennie.

“Uh huh!” Miki said, nodding cutely. “They all over tha valley! Looks out, snuggle critters!”

Lisa got up off the sofa and said, “The girls are being way too quiet. I think I might need to go check on them.”

TJ was already up and headed up the stairs to the playroom. “I agree. Let’s hope they haven’t built a time machine or something.”

Both women laughed as they climbed the stairs to the playroom. When they arrived, Miki and Jennie were nowhere to be seen. Lisa and TJ began to carefully scan the large room. There were many places the girls could be hiding.

Lisa entered the room and walked to a place in front of the papasan chair. Miki saw her feet and calves, took aim, and … POP!! Miki backed far into the cave. She was sure the weapon wasn’t powerful enough to bring down a critter that size with one shot. Jennie watched for a second with big eyes before she too went to the mouth of the cave and took her shot … POP!

Lisa turned quickly and put her hands on her hips as she shook her head. She said, “Just what on Earth are the two of you doing under the chair?”

Miki said with a bit of worry in her voice, “Utohs. Baby thinks we shooted atta warden steadda critter.”

Jennie and Miki looked out from under the papasan chair and saw Lisa standing there shaking her head. “Just what in the Sam Hill are you two doing?” she asked.

Jennie squeaked adorably while Miki nodded in complete agreement, “We hunten onena thems snuggle critters. Baby no wanna get bitteded n snuggleded ta deaf.”

TJ and Lisa laughed as they said, “I would think you will be hard pressed to find a more snuggly critter than you.” Then both mommys left.

Miki looked at Jennie with big eyes and said, “Wunner what tha warden meanted by that?”

Jennie shrugged her shoulders and said, “Nono what they meanted. Onena them strange “Adult Conspiracy” thingys we gotsa ‘scover tha meanins for.”

“What we do nextus?” asked Miki.

“Umm,” said Jennie, “Well, tha critters seen alla that so … now we losted tha elmenta surprise. They ready for us now. So … tha hunt just gotted lots more dangewous.”

“You means …?” began Miki.

“Fwaid so,” Jennie replied. “We gotsa go outta the cave n hunt for ‘em out there. They never gonna come near here now.”

“Ut ohs,” said Miki. “We better stay back ta back.”

“How we do that?” asked Jennie, crawling out of the cave on all fours, and staying on all fours once she was outside, because she was a baby.

“Umm … crawls sideways?” Miki suggested. So the two of them crawled, bumping their diapers together occasionally, until they came to the playpen.

“Look around tha corner,” whispered Jennie. “See if one is hidin’ there.”

“Ooo, goo idea,” said Miki, slowly and carefully peeking around the corner of the playpen. She didn’t realize that a snuggle critter was lying in wait just around that very same corner.

Our mighty Hunter Miki crawled bravely around Playpen Bluff, into yet again another dark and unexplored part of the snuggle infested playroom jungle. Miki had inadvertently bumped into a precariously balanced and very large Teddy Bear. As she rounded the end of the playpen, the huge bear fell over on top of Miki, pinning her under its soft embrace.

Miki screeched in fear. She had been attacked by a snuggle critter and was being snuggled. “Jennies!!!!!!!!!!!” screeched the terrified Miki, “Onena them snuggles gots baby. It ... snugglin me ta deaf!!!!”

Immediately, the very brave Jennie sprang into action. She loaded a soft projectile into her fearsome nerf weapon and crawled around the corner of the playpen. Jennie’s eyes got large in fear as she saw her best playmate beneath a huge yellow snuggle critter getting the daylights snuggled out of her.

Immediately Jennie said, “Am heres, Miki. No be afeareded. Gonna getsa meanie snuggle offa you.”

P O P !!! Jennie shot the bear with her nerf gun. The soft projectile hit and bounced. Just by lucky accident, with Miki struggling beneath it, the Teddy fell over on its side.

Miki sat up all big eyed and said in a cute gasp, “Thanks! Baby thinkteded wuza goner then.”

Jennie nodded until her ponytails flew. “Yups, baby thinkteded tha same thing. Gots be carefuls. Snuggle critters is bigger’n babies.”

Our two brave heroines sat and sucked their thumbs thoughtfully as they looked over their latest prize.

Miki took her thumb from her mouth and said, “We taketed this snuggle back to tha papasan cave. Is our firstus prize onna hunt. Gonna mount it likesa tootums.”

Jennie looked at Miki before she took her thumb out of her mouth and replied, “A tootums?” She giggled. “Longs it no keeps baby wake when tryina naps.”

Both little girls giggled as they tumbled, flopped, wallowed, and wrestled the huge and soft Teddy Bear back to the front of the papasan cave and set it upright.

As the girls sat on their thickly diapered bottoms admiring their first snuggle critter kill of the day, Jennie said, “Wunner what other snuggles lookteded likes?”

Miki shook her head slowly. “Baby nono. Baby does know they gotsa bea meany n jumps onna baby ta snuggles em.”

Jennie nodded agreement, “Yups.” She crawled back to the end of the playpen and retrieved the two nerf guns and the dozen soft projectiles. She gave Miki one nerf gun and six soft projectiles when she got back, “Babys gotsa be carefuls. Gets snuggleded wifout warnin’.”

Both girls looked across the dark and unexplored playroom jungle past Playpen Cliffs. As if on cue, both girls loaded a soft projectile into their nerf guns and began to silently approach the cliffs, once again with only the soft crinkle of their plastic panties audible. Both girls knew that beyond the cliffs were the forboding Toybox Butte and the Chest Mountains where the fabled Pinky the Unicorn lived. Neither girl knew what kind of snuggle critter awaited them in ambush as they slowly rounded the corner of the playpen once again into the dark unexplored unknown.

They could see Toybox Butte in the distance above the trees, but what lay hidden in the jungle between them and the landmark they didn’t know. The two hunters made their way through the trackless wilderness, knowing there could be snuggle critters lying in wait behind every tree. The two little girls crawled along the wall so snuggle attacks could come only from one direction, or so they thought. But suddenly …

“Aaaaa! Mikiiii!” squeaked Jennie. A large plush caterpillar had fallen off the windowsill and onto her head. She definitely did not stay still. She struggled and rolled on the floor with it. “Isa anna … annac … bow stricter!”

“Hole still Jennies!” said Miki, aiming her nerf gun.

“Hellllp!” Jennie shouted. “Is gonna snugglesquish meeeeeee!” She continued to roll on the floor.

Miki took careful aim with her nerf gun but couldn’t hit the critter without risking hitting her friend. She would have to try something else. So she dropped her gun and bravely joined the fray, trying to grab the critter’s tail with her bare hands. “Gets … offa … her!” she said as she grabbed at it.

Miki got frustrated. She finally plopped herself on top of Jennie to keep her from wiggling all over. Of course this in no wise deterred Jennie from trying her best to fight off the “snuggle constrictor” that was “attacking” her.

Miki managed to grab the snuggle by its tail and fell over with it firmly in her hands. This freed Jennie enough that she managed to roll on her side and grab the caterpillar around its neck.

The two girls were screeching and fussing as they tusseled with this huge predatory snuggle. Downstairs, Lisa and TJ heard the girls screeching and dashed up the stairs to see what was going on.

They rushed into the playroom expecting the worst, then saw Jennie and Miki wallowing around and perhaps fighting over a toy. TJ took hold of Jennie as Lisa took hold of Miki.

Lisa said in slight exasperation, “What on earth are the two of you fighting over a toy for?”

TJ added, “Yeah, you’re friends and aren’t supposed to fight.”

Miki began to shake her head vigorously, “N-nnoo, Mommy. We no fightens. Baby tryina save Jennies fromma Snugglestricter kinna pyfon.”

TJ’s eyebrows rose as a grin formed on her lips, “A what kind of thing?”

Lisa snorted a laugh as she said, “Ok, so why were the two of you … looking like you were fighting over this?” Lisa bent down and picked up the plushie caterpillar and held it out.

Jennie said, “Whew. Lookteded likes Miki killded it. She save baby’s life fromma nasty snuggle critter.”

Lisa and TJ looked at each other for an instant before they began to laugh. They sat each of the girls back on the floor where they had picked them up from, and laid the plushy caterpillar at their feet.

TJ said, “Try and keep it a bit quieter. All that screeching made us think you were hurt.”

Miki and Jennie heard their moms as they left. They were laughing about what the girls had called this latest snuggle.

Jennie and Miki sat for a minute, sucking their thumbs and looking over the plushy caterpillar. Miki said, “Goo thingya warden wuz near by … we gotted tha nasty snuggles though.”

Jennie took the thumb from her mouth and replied, “Baby thunkteded wasa gonner for sure … bof of us. Snugglestricterpyfons are tha worstus.”

Miki took hold of the tail of the critter and began to crawl back toward the cave, “baby gonna takes this n hangs it arounda neck ofa firstus snuggle we gots. Gonna be our tro .. umm .. tootumsthingy.”

Jennie giggled as she gathered up their mighty weapons and ammo, and followed Miki back to the papasan cave. Jennie crawled into camp just as Miki had finished draping their most recent trophy around the large Teddy’s neck. It looked like it was wearing a large fuzzy boa.

“There,” said Jennie. “But … we still no make it ta Toybox Butte or tha Chest Mountains.”

“Guess that what we does nextest,” Miki replied. “It dangerish. But we can do it! We mighty hunters!”

“That wight!” said Jennie. “We sooper goo hunters! We gonna get there! Let’s go!”

“Yups,” Miki said. “Gotsa be ready for anyfing though.”

So the two brave hunters set forth once more, making their way to the spot where Jennie had been attacked by the “snugglestricterpyfon.” This time nothing happened.

“Tha critters knows not to mess wif us … at least not the ones round here,” said Jennie.

“But tha ones up ahead … we jus hafta see,” added Miki, and they pressed on through the trackless jungle.

Soon they emerged at the base of Toybox Butte. It towered above them, glowering down like a disapproving adult.

“How we get up there Miki?” Jennie asked.

“Umm …” Miki began, looking around. “Wait! Looks!” She pointed up at the toy box. A plushie’s arm protruded from beneath the closed lid. “One tryinna get out!”

“Or … tryinna pull onna us in,” said Jennie, looking up in distrust. A snuggle critter had recently attacked her from above.

Miki found the peg stool. It was a red and yellow stool that had 24 holes drilled in it with multicolored pegs for the babies to hammer in. She pushed it towards the base of Toybox Butte. Jennie saw what Miki was doing and aided her until it rested against the side of the butte. Miki climbed up the peg stool, using handholds built into the end of the toybox.

She reached up over her head and grabbed the limb of the plushy and jumped off the stool. It was a good thing Lisa had Miki in a thick crawly diaper, that gave her bottom a lot of padding, as she plopped beside the toybox, with an adorable plushy snow leopard in her hand.

Jennie’s eyes got large as she brought her nerf gun up and shot. P O P!!! The soft spongy projectile hit the doll and bounced off. Miki, starting to squirm and wiggle, knocked the doll over about that time.

Miki replied with excitement, “Thatta goo shot sweetiekins. Baby soo glad ya gots tha snuggle afore it eated baby.”

“Looks like we gotsa nother tootum,” said Jennie. “But … we no gots to the toppa Toybox Butte yets. We try again maybe.”

So the two of them climbed up onto the stool, steadying themselves with handholds, until they got the top of the toybox open. Jennie managed to climb up onto the front edge of the box as Miki held it open. But then the box started to wobble.

“Oh no!” Jennie shouted. “Avalanche!” The toybox tipped over, and Jennie fell to the carpet followed by the entire contents of the box, dozens of plushies. Jennie was buried under an avalanche of snuggle critters!

Miki, however, was still off to the side, on top of the stool, gasping in terror. What would happen to her friend? She readied her nerf gun.

As quick as Miki was able, she loaded and fired her mighty nerf gun at the pile of wiggling snuggle critters that had buried her friend.

Miki shouted, “No be afereds, Baby comin ta rescue you!!”

With this, Miki jumped right in and started tossing critters all over the same as Jennie was. The two girls had the very best plushy fight ever as they overcame the fierce horde that had attacked them from the top of the butte.

When it was all over, Jennie and Miki sat hugging each other. Miki said, “That was too close.” She let Jennie go and started sucking her thumb as she looked up the steep side of Chest Mountain. Both girls knew the magical Pinky the Unicorn lived at the top.

Jennie said, “We gots lots morea them tootum thingys ta take back ta camp.”

Miki nodded as she took her thumb from her mouth, “Is we gonna climb Chest Mountain .. isa long dagerus climb .. thenna magical critter lives way up there.”

Jennie replied, “We no lookin fora magical critter. We lookin ta rids tha jungle of all those horrible snuggles. It gotsa be done.”

Both girls looked at each other and nodded resolutely. They looked up the side of the mountain as they made plans for the climb.

They first carried all their trophies back to the mouth of Papasan Cave. The scene there grew more complicated, with the critters all posed in a dramatic tableau of nature’s fierceness.

But then … they put their plan into effect. Miki started pushing the stool. They both knew that the stool would only get them so far up Chest Mountain, but luckily, Changing Table Ridge was right next to Chest Mountain and was much easier to climb.

“Sees anyfing Miki?” asked Jennie as Miki reached the first supply shelf on Changing Table Ridge with the help of the stool and Jennie.

“Seemsa be lotsa diapers here,” said Miki. “Mustest be some big babies round here somewhere.” They both giggled, because they knew who those babies were. She climbed up to the second supply shelf, then started the dangerous ascent to the top of Changing Table Ridge, over the protective sides.

Jennie was worried, because she couldn’t see Miki anymore -- she’d disappeared over the edge onto the top. But then she saw Miki poke her head back over the side, and she cheered. “Yay! You maked it!”

“Yay!” said Miki. “But now you. I helps.” Miki tossed one of the ends of the changing table’s seatbelt over the side. Jennie climbed up onto the stool and grabbed it, using it to climb up and join Miki on top.

Their goal was in sight. In the distance Miki and Jennie could see the summit of Chest Mountain … they even thought they caught a glimpse of Pinky the Magical Unicorn. But they would have to get there first.

Miki gathered several thick stacks of cloth diapers and laid them on the end of Changing Table Ridge next to Chest Mountain. This gave the girls enough extra height they could reach the top of the Chest. Jennie sucked her thumb as she watched Miki clamber on top of Chest Mountain. She couldn’t see Miki because of the lamp tree there, but she knew Miki was there.

Miki called down, “Carefuls. Isa long way down isa miss.”

Jennie began the climb. Just as her wobbly legs were about to give out, Miki had arrived and grabbed onto Jennie’s arms and pulled. Jennie found herself on top of Chest Mountain, looking at Pinky, the fabled Magic Unicorn. She was just as pretty as the stories said, too.

Both girls took this time to take a relaxing suck on their thumbs as they surveyed the dark jungle below. Both of them knew there had to be more snuggles hiding below, it was up to them to find them.

About that time, Lisa came into the playroom. She was about to tell the girls that it was time for lunch, but then she saw what had been happening. The two babies were sitting on top of the chest of drawers with Miki’s unicorn doll between them. “I dunno, Pinky,” said Miki. “How we gonna rid tha jungle of alla the dangerous critters? There sooo many!”

Lisa crouched down beneath the side of the chest where the girls couldn’t see her and said in a high voice, “You two babies could certainly do it, for you are mighty hunters! But do you truly have to?”

“Whaaaa?” asked Jennie, astonished that the unicorn was suddenly speaking.

“Pinky taaaalkinnnn’,” said Miki, raptly listening in amazement.

“The creatures of the jungle below merely need to snuggle,” said Pinky. “It is the way of nature.”

“That twue Pinky,” said Miki, “but … we no wannem ta snuggle us ta deaf!”

“They only need a little snuggling every day, and then they will not be snuggle starved!” said Pinky. “Think of it -- the mighty hunters who do not need to kill because they can find all the animals every day and give them their daily feeding. Those would be the mightiest hunters ever known.”

“Wow …” said Jennie. “Mightiest ever …”

“Nobunny ever doned that afore …” said Miki.

“Please, think about what I have said,” said Pinky. “Also, you may want to return to your cave in time to have lunch yourselves. Is it not nearing that time?”

“Oh yeah,” said Miki. “Baby kinda hungry.”

“Ooo, me too,” Jennie replied. “Thankoo Pinky! We better get back tho.”

“Goodbye, hunters!” said Pinky. “Be careful of the lamp tree on your way back!”

Carefully, Miki and Jennie climbed back onto Changing Table Ridge. Jennie said “Oh no!” as she accidentally knocked the lamp tree off the mountain, but somehow it didn’t crash to the ground.

Then, suddenly, Lisa was standing there, with the two girls on top of the changing table. “Hi, girls!” she said. “Guess what you’re in the perfect place for?” As she spoke she put the lamp back on top of the chest.

“Umm … candy?” asked Miki hopefully.

“Diaper change!” Lisa announced. “And I’m sure you both need one -- then it’s time for lunch. Let’s get you down, Jennie, and then TJ will take care of you, but first it’s Miki’s turn! Oh, goodness, Miki, you are one soaked little girl!”

There followed a typical diaper change for Miki, involving toe piggies, tummy raspberries, and lots of giggles, and then TJ came in and it was Jennie’s turn on the changing table.

While the girls sat in their highchairs and made a huge mess, their mommies sat and drank their tea and watched the adorable antics.

Lisa took a sip and set her cup on the trivet, “Our girls have it in their head that all their plushie toys are ‘snuggle critters’ and are going to snuggle them to death.”

TJ laughed. “I bet they heard us say something about snuggle critters when we put them in the playroom this morning.”

Lisa replied, “More than likely. I found those girls sitting on top of the chest of drawers. They were calling it Chest Mountain.”

TJ gasped, “How on earth did they get up there?”

Lisa smiled as she took another sip of her tea. “Why, they climbed up Changing Table Ridge, of course.” Lisa glanced to TJ.

A large smile crossed her lips, “So all that thumping and noise was them … what … going on a hunt for their plushie toys?”

Lisa nodded. “Something along those lines. I convinced them that Miki’s unicorn doll was talking to them. What I told them was if they gave each of their plushie dolls a hug everyday, they wouldn’t be hungry and come after them. Also told them that would make them the mightiest hunters ever.”

TJ nodded as she took another sip of her tea. She shook her head at the silliness of the babies as they made finger pictures on the trays of their high chairs with the catsup residue left over from the fishsticks.

“So, I think we gotsa list of alla the snuggle critters,” said Jennie in baby babble, looking at the little pictures they had both made on their trays.

“Umm I thinks so?” Miki replied as the grown-ups chatted. “But … gotsa be sure we no miss enny.”

Jennie nodded. “That be bad. Onna thems get hungry n come lookins for us.”

“Oooo, we better set som snuggle traps,” said Miki.

“Good idea,” said Jennie. “Hmm, what we bait tha trap wifs?”

“Snuggle bait,” said Miki. “Pends onna kinda critter.”

“Ohhh that make sense,” said Jennie, nodding.

“Look how they’re making their plans,” said TJ with a smile. “It’s so adorable.”

“I just hope none of them involve sharp objects or climbing on tall furniture,” Lisa replied. “And I hope they know I’m going to erase their treasure map or whatever with my washcloth in a minute.”

Lisa got up from the table and collected up a large cloth. She wet it and came to the girls. Lisa washed Miki and Jennie’s hands and faces, then lifted the trays. She cleaned the tops of the trays sparkling clean, leaving none of the delicate finger paintings the babies had made.

TJ and Lisa carried the girls back into the playroom. There, Lisa said sternly as she shook her finger at them, “I don’t want either of you … climbing on ridges or mountains today. Got it? I will definitely pop you good if I find out. Mind, now.”

Jennie said in a whimpering voice, “You tookted away our list. Now we nono which critters are neededna gets feds.”

Miki added, “Yea, now we back where we starteded. They gonna snuggles us to deaf.”

As she set the toy box back upright, TJ said softly, “If you girls will gather up all those snuggle critters and give them a big hug before you put them back in the toybox, I’m sure they wont bother you.”

With this, the mommies left the babies sitting in front of the papasan chair cave with all their tootums posed all around.

Miki took her thumb from her mouth and said, “Jennies??” She looked around at all the plushies placed all around, “Baby thinks we gots tonsa snugglins ta do.”

Jennie giggled as she snatched up a cute Snow Leopard and gave it a huge hug, “Guess we gotsa get starteded. Has tonsa ‘em ta snuggles.”

Miki grabbed up the plushy caterpillar and gave it a huge hug. “Yea, but least they no hunten babies no more.”

Jennie said softly as she looked all around, “Still gotsa catchteded alla ones out inna jungles.” She pointed off into the dark foreboding wilderness of the unexplored playroom.

Miki sighed, “Guess baby gotsa deal wifs these firstus, then go an traps tha wilduns. Can use somema these ta try.” Miki pulled several chocolate chip cookies from the snack they had had earlier.
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