You Get What You Wish For - Pt1 & Pt2

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You Get What You Wish For - Pt1 & Pt2

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:15 pm

Title: You Get What You Wish For - Pt1


Soren Fairweath - 18yo dreamer - Played by: DMG

Tracy Legett - 23 yo Lawyer / Mistress

Scene: At the local crowded playground

Early in the 25th century, science and technology had made incredible advancements in genetic manipulation, electronics, and nanotechnology. Due to the delicate nature of the advancements in genetic manipulations, it was determined to be a more humane way to deal with criminals ... than other forms of judicial punishment. It also afforded the individual the chance to start ... completely over brand new.

It was a wonderful, bright summer morning and Soren was out at a playground just relaxing for a bit. He watched as all the children played happily on the many ingenious play sets and swings nearby. His sight fell on the toddlers and their caretakers as they too screamed and giggled with carefree delight in the early summer morning. He had wanted to be an Adult Baby and be taken care of. Even with the advancements in the world, he would still love to be as the toddlers he watched ... happy and carefree.

The economy had gotten worse over the centuries since 2000 ... worse and worse. Soren was barely able to get a job due to the rapid scientific advancement and the obsolescence of current technology. So today perhaps, if he could find the proper woman, that could change. He wiped his dark black hair out of his green eyes so he could see all around him better.

As Soren day dreamed, he felt something begin to gurgle and form pressure in his belly, and especially in his bladder, Soren knew he needed to use the toilet ... and really soon. He ran to the bathroom nearby and discovered to his chagrin, that it was full. He needed to go now or he would have a bad accident in his pants.

Soren looks around wildly until he saw a shadowed opening in the thick bushes behind the restroom facility. This appeared to afford a really good hidden place to relieve his bladder at least. He rushes in and pulls his zipper down and lets fly. He sighs a relief as the pressure in his bladder goes away. At least one major problem was solved allowing him more time to solve the next.

He hears a voice from in front of him, "You there ... just what in the Sam Hill do you think you're doing?"

Soren opens his eyes and looks in the direction of the voice ... what he sees is many women ... and a police officer ... all looking at him. The bushes opened up on the other side and gave a clear view of what he had done. He had been in such a rush, he had neglected to look down the hill.

"Officer...please forgive me but.......oh no" said Soren as he looked in fear.

He was so afraid at this point, he felt a poopie fill up the back of his pants. Soren shivers in total humiliation and fear at what he knew was about to happen.

"I'm.... sorry but the restrooms were filled and ..... I had no choice" he stammered, looking embarrassed and upset.

Soren truly felt this was not his fault. The officer had a stern scowl on his face. The women were hurrying off and grabbing their children before they saw anything.

The Officer says sharply, "So, you must be one of those exhibitionist perverts that are tying to make a name for themselves. Let me tell you, I have zero tolerance for this kind of thing ... Mr. Stink Pants. You're under arrest."

Before Soren could react, the officer had taken him by the arms and twisted them behind him and fastened some nylon binding straps securely on.

The Officer says with disgust clearly in his voice, "I don't think the judge will be too lenient
with someone who would do this in the middle of a crowded park in front of all to see either. Especially ... this in your pants."

The officer pulls the back band of Soren's pants open and looks in. He shakes his head in disgust as he quickly escorts Soren away towards the Judicial building next to the flag pole in the Park Central.

"Officer....please I am not some sexual deviant" pleaded Soren as he was being dragged away.

Yes, there would have been indecent exposure, but this was an accident. He looks at the officer and was thinking, "If I am arrested ... where is my lawyer? Aren't I entitled to one?"

As he was being dragged away, he worried he wasn't going to get due process. He wanted a fair trial and being sentenced like that without legal help, would be illegal and unconstitutional even with all the changes to the laws over the years to help combat Terrorism.

The officer pulls Soren up to the main desk. Behind the desk sat an old grizzled Sargent with many stripes down his sleeves.

He grunts in an offhand manner, "And what's this one's issue O'Mally?"

The officer grunts back, "One of those sexual perverts. Pulls his thing out on top of the hill behind the bathroom and wizzes. Not to mention what he did in his pants as a show topper."

The old sear gent throws a thumb over his shoulder and says, "Give him to the Guards .... they'll clean him up. He'll get to see the Hangin Judge .... she's free right now. I'm assignin him to Legett for legal council."

O'Mally grunts as he manhandles Soren off to the barred doors in the back. From there, 2 very large muscular guards take charge of him. They take him to a shower room and have him strip completely down. The water was uncomfortably cold as he cleaned the poo off of his body. The Guards stood around and made many snide and condescending remarks as he took his shower.

Soren was humiliated more then ever as he was put through this. He wanted to get some revenge or get some kind of payback. These people treated him pretty badly. He was happy to clean himself off and wondered what he was going to wear now. Soren also hoped the lawyer was good and hoped that they would understand the situation and the circumstances of how it happened

One of the Guards tosses Soren a bundle of something. When he opened it, his mouth fell open in surprise. He saw a pair of pull ups, a pair of short short bottoms, and a pull over T top.

Soren says with a gasp, "These are clothe for a woman ... or something."

The other Guard snuggles up real close suddenly and says with a weird tone in his voice, "It's perfect for you sweetie." Then he squeezes Soren's hinny.

Soren squeaks with surprise as the guards laugh. He quickly dresses in the cute outfit before being led to a holding cell. Soren's heart fall into his stomach as the iron door clangs closed. He listens as the guards' laughter fades.

It wasn't but a few minutes later, a very beautiful young woman opens the door and enters. She is about 5 feet tall and has the most shapely figure Soren has ever seen. She is wearing a light gray skirt and business coat over a white low cut blouse. Her small cleavage showed wonderfully as did her legs beneath the short skirt. The spiked heels made them look wonderful.

She walks briskly over to the table and places her briefcase on it and says, "Hi, my names Tracy Legett ... and I'm your legal council for this hearing."

" Ms Legett" said Soren as his legal aid came for him. Soren looked utterly humiliated as he continued. "I have never been so humiliated in my life".

He would like to put this behind him. So he did not try and take glances at his lawyer.

"Can you please help me" Soren whined looking freaked out.

Tracy says in a business tone, “Relax and tell me your side of the story. I have to tell you though, the evidence is overwhelmingly against you .... not to mention all the witnesses that saw you.”

Soren told her all that happened and how he came to do what he did ... “And then this guard that freaked me out really bad. Ma'am....this one guard ... came on to me ... even made sexual advances towards me and squeezed my butt. I felt violated and wronged "

Soren continued on in a whiny tone, mentioning the guard that played grab ass with him.

The lawyer smiles a thin lipped smile as she explainers, "It's quite obvious that you don't have a clue about what's about to happen to you." She removes a crisp printout from her briefcase and hands it to Soren. She says in a softer voice, "The type of thing you have done ... was probably an accident, but due to the increasing number of incidences where it is a malicious act of voyeurism ... the laws are quite explicit."

She walks around the table and sits on it, giving Soren a wonderful look up her skirt before she crosses her legs, "You are facing ... many centuries in cryosuspension ... coupled with gender splicing. The odds are very poor, that you will ever be thawed out anytime in the next few centuries. I can, for a rather ... large fee, have this cryosuspension dropped. Loosing your gender, however, isn't an option. I would need around $500,000,000 Lathium in advance." She looks at Soren and bats her eyes in a very provocative way.

Soren looks at the printout and pales. It contained many eye witness accounts of what happened and even pictures of him committing the act. Soren was impressed at how quickly the new technology was able to collect data. Soren looks up at Tracy. Soren was downright freaked out at the thought of the kind of frozen death cryosuspension was ... frankly, it scared him badly. When he hears the amount of the legal fee ... thre was no way he could hope to get out of this.

"I don't have that kind of money ... I'm just a Technician at the local Ipadd factory ... is there something I can do in exchange" he begged since he did not want to be frozen.

Tracy's eyes sparkle as she glides off of the table and gracefully wiggles over to Soren. She caresses his cheek. Her hand sensually moves down his chest until she gently squeezes one of his nipples.

She says in a very soft coo, "You will make a wonderful girl sweetie. You have the proper bone structure. I have been wanting to have a Babydoll Pet as my very own. If you would agree to sign yourself over to me ... as My Companion Babydoll Pet in a binding life time agreement ... I can get the Cryosuspension part dropped. You will, however ... be my property for the remainder of your very, very long life."

Soren gasped as he was touched by Tracy. When he hears her say that if he became her Babydoll, his life would be spared ... although, would be owned for the rest of his life.

"If I sign this ... will I have any small freedoms?" he asked and was going to do it.

Since there was no way out. Soren felt a chill of irony run through him as he realized his wish to become an Adult baby seemed to be forced on him. It seemed this would get one of his dreams, or at least half of it, to become reality.

Tracy pats Soren's hinny reassuringly as she coos, "Just be a good girl and sign on these lines."

Tracy places a several page document on the table in front of Soren,

"You will only have the freedoms I give to you. You will be my Babydoll. I promise to dress you as adorably and cute as money can buy. I also promise to take very good care of you and see to all your infant needs. My Babydoll will be a very wonderful mix of baby and little girl. Young enough to still be in diapers, but old enough to be lots of fun."

Tracy hands Soren a stylus and shows him each line he must sign. She turns and retrieves a strange looking devise from her briefcase and places it beside the document. She opens it ... the pad within glows softly pink.

Soren nods his head and starts signing his name on all of the legal documents. At least he would have a good life. Even though there would be limited freedom.

"So....what do I call you now" he asked., "I understand whats going on so I am ready for this"

Soren's only lament was that. he was not able to leave something behind with his DNA as a child.

"Miss Legett is how you will address me until I receive you as my Babydoll. You will know what to call me then."

Tracy takes his hand and places it on the glowing pad. There is a very sharp sting as a major genetic sample is taken from the palm of his hand and stored for future use. She presses a special stylus into the pad, then presses it onto the document that Soren had just signed. A strange mark forms, making a DNA seal on the documents, proving that Soren was the signatory. She takes the palm of his hand and presses it in a large palm sized blank space at the very end of the agreement. To Soren's amazement, a perfect palm print with all his finger prints appeared.

Tracy packs every thing back into her briefcase, spins gracefully, and vanishes through the door. It slams with a very solid, echoing, metallic clank. Soren is all alone with his confused thoughts as the lights in his cell dim drastically.

Soren sits down in the cell on one of the benches and brings his knees close to his chest. He waits to get out of the hellhole.He was amazed at the level of technology that Tracy was using. Either way, Soren thinks over what had happened to him with dread while waiting for her to come back.

It seemed Soren waited an eternity. He was rudely snapped back to reality by 2 guards entering his cell and roughly snatching him to his feet.

One guard says roughly, "I hope I get to be first ... I like it when your type are still fresh from the gender swap. Your bodies are so tight and stretchy."

The other laughs and says gruffly, "I just want to fuck you in your ass till it bleeds and you scream your understanding that you are a sex slave."

Both Guards laugh as they drag Soren down a very long hall. The insults continue hot and heavy until they reach a large arching door labeled Court Room 22. Soren is roughly dragged in and placed beside a podium ... next to Miss Legett.

Soren looks around, there are many people everywhere. The area is large and round, with a raised dais at the front. The lights dim suddenly with bright spots on just the Judge, Tracy, and Soren.

The Judge clears her throat and says, "Mr Fairweath, you have been accused and found guilty of Sexual Perversion within a designated park area. There were many, many witnesses not to mention camera footage of the incident in question. The penalty for this is gender reassignment and cryosuspension for the remainder of 2 centuries."

The Judge looks up at Soren with a piercing expression, "However, your lawyer has made a concession for you. It is mandatory that your gender be reassigned, there fore, it is acceptable to the court that you be transformed into a Babydoll Pet. This is a far better sentence than being a Sex Slave after awakening from cryosleep." She bangs the gavel, "Have you anything to add, Mr Fairweath?"

Soren can feel all eyes looking at him.

"No your honor" replied Soren meekly.

As he gives the judge his reply, Soren knew his life as he knew it, was over. A new one was about to begin. He hoped that the officers that were messing with him were not there.

A door behind the seats to Soren's left open with a bang. 2 extremely large, muscle bound women in white enter. Their eyes show no remorse or pity as the bore into Soren.

The judge says curtly, "Take the prisoner away, commence transformation Protocol BDP12."

The women nod and walk to Soren and literally lift him from his feet and carry him out of the court. As they pass through the door, 2 other large women are pushing a very pretty, although petite young woman in a strange type of chair back into the courtroom. Soren noticed she looked totally dazed and some how, wet.

The door closes as the women carry him bodily down a long corridor into a room filled with all kinds of electronics and medical equipment. The sounds of beeping and bubbling liquids permeate the room along with strange smells.

While one woman holds Soren immobile, the other cuts his outfit off with a pair of electric cutters. Soren's eyes get huge as he sees her pick up a very large syringe filled with some kind of horrible looking green stuff. She injects him in the crook of his arm. Soren winces ... it hurts terribly as the very large shot is injected. He watches in horror as the liquid vanishes into his arm. It feels like a major cramp moving up his arm towards his heart. His chest suddenly begins to burn as a very horrid pain in his shoulder, neck, and lower back begins.

Soren thought he was having a heart attack the way it felt. The woman holding him, bodily places him into a table with a small, body shaped indentation. He didn't fit into it very well. The large woman begins pressing down on his body hard as he is made to fit the mold. It suddenly conforms to his body, or his body conformed to it ...and holds him in place. He can't see what the other woman is doing, but he feels the very sharp stings and the sudden painful fullness of several shots in his crotch. His eyes get huge as he sees the other large woman bring another syringe with a sparkly pink / silver liquid in it. She injects both of his nipples. It hurts only for a stinging second ... as his body begins to feel weird. His skin feels somehow different ... his whole body in fact ... begins to feel so strangely .... different.

The other woman reaches over the side of the table Soren is captive in, and begins to pat his face in places. She takes a large pinch of his left nipple and pulls. His body stretches like it was made of clay and retains the shape, including her finger marks. She looks at the other woman and nods.

She says, "The flesh is pliable now, time to set the mold."

Soren hears a high pitched whine. He realizes another part to the table he was lying trapped in was closing around him. He sees the body indentations in the other half ... he knows he is being molded into something else ... He is so cramped as it closes around him and begins to mercilessly squeeze him.

He can feel it as his body is forcibly molded into another shape and form. He feels it as his flesh is squeezed into all the cute little places in the mold and is forced to fit the too small space.

He gasps loudly as his body conforms to the new shape. Having the machine close around him, made him think of a cocoon of some sorts. Was this an end to him? Or just a rebirth like a butterfly. The philosophical meanings were too many for him to ponder under these circumstances.. Soren just waited and endured in morbid fascination to what was happening to him.

Soren could feel it as the mold seemed to be shrinking ever smaller around him. His body had no choice but to conform to it. Soren wondered what was happening to the excess flesh and bone. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt ... this mold was very much smaller than he was.

It began to become extremely warm. He felt heat, upon heat. He felt things that seemed to manipulate his body in many places. The heat was so unbearable, although it didn't burn .... it was increasingly hotter. It seemed to stretch on for many horrible hours.

His mind was in a total daze as the mold cracked open. A large cloud of steam rose from within as one of the large woman looked in.

She smiles and says, "First protocol a total success."

Soren feels it as the woman begins to spread some kind of greasy, and very cold, gel all over him. She takes something that looks for the world like a spatula, and begins to go around the edges of the mold he lay in.

After a few minutes, his body was lifted from the mold. Soren could feel it as his skin pulled slightly as it was removed from the mold. The large woman carried his now much smaller body across the room and set into a shallow aquarium like box. It was filled with a very cold gel that covered him completely. The woman placed a mask over his nose and mouth that allowed him to breath while submerged.. Soren was unable to move to do anything except shiver from the cold. The large woman caressed him from head to foot in a seeming massage that was very pleasant.

After a very long time, he was helped into a seated position as he feels the top of his head seemingly being massaged. It wasn't long before long, silky black hair cascaded down around his face and shoulders.

His eyelids were held open by one of the women as she sprayed something into his eyes. For long minutes, Soren was blind. When his eye site returned, He was helped from the tank. A very large, soft, and warm towel began to dry his body briskly from head to foot.

When that had completed, One of the women began to brush his now very long and silky hair. Soren was totally flabbergasted as he saw his new reflection in a shiny metal cabinet. A very beautiful young girl with budding gumdrop boobies, long flowing black hair, and the most wonderful figure and round bottom looked back with a surprised expression and the most stunningly beautiful Golden eyes. Soren realized he was only about 4 feet tall now and was very definitely ... not himself any longer.

Soren had freaked out in the tank and when he was blinded from the spray. He passed out until he got feeling in his body again. When he got out was totally shocked when he saw his new Babydoll body. He looked like a little girl at a very young age.

A very pretty young woman dressed in a white smock enters the room and takes Soren by his hand. She gently escorts him from the care of the Muscle Bound Women into another room.

She giggles softly and says, "Hi there, Babydoll. My name's Rikki ... I"m going to make you the perfect Babydoll for your new mommy."

She picks Soren off his feet and lays him on a very soft and warm padded counter. She lifts him by his ankles and places something that is very thick beneath his cute round bottom and sits it in it's very comfortable embrace. Soren could see while he was lifted, that all his male parts were gone.

Rikki powders Soren well with sweet smelling baby powder before bringing the thick flap of the diaper between his legs and fastening it on with locking diaper pins.

Rikki coos softly, "Now what should I dress the new Babydoll in?"

She walks to a large cabinet and opens the door. She selects a cute little white jumper with Baby Tweetie theme, and a matching pair of lacy rumba panties. She walks back and begins to thread Soren's feet through the leg openings of the panties.

Rikki coos, "This is so adorable. Don't be afraid, you will have your Pet collar fitted in just a bit. Then, you will have your name and everything."

Soren was speechless as he felt that his male parts were gone!? He remembered that he was being turned into a female as part of the sentence by the court. He didn't like the Tweety theme, but saw that there was no say in the matter. Soren did wonder what she meant by ... a collar?

Rikki helps Soren off of the changing counter to his feet. She pulls the panties the rest of the way up over the thick diaper and insures they fit properly. She takes the jumper and unbuttons it in back.

Rikki coos softly, "Now, be a good Babydoll and hold your arms up so I can get you in your jumper."

Soren blinks once as his body responds without him really thinking about it. The jumper's flutter sleeves go over his hands as the collar goes over his head. Soren can feel the coolness of the fabric as it gently caresses his sensitive budding nipple and slides sensuously over the rest of his body. Rikki kneels and smooths the wrinkles out and tugs on the short hem. It shows off the last 2 rows of ruffles on his panties adorably. Rikki buttons up the back to the top.

She kisses Soren on his nose as she coos, "Now, it's time for you to be tagged, collared, and the official paperwork completed."

Rikki removes a large paper from a drawer. She takes Soren's hands, one at a time ... runs some kind of devise over them, then places them one finger, then one palm at a time on the large places provided on the form. Soren could see ... it was an official deed of ownership for ... him. His new name was Sandy ... and he belonged to Miss Tracy Legett

Rikki turns towards Soren with a very shiny black and well made leather collar in her hand. On the front, was a large gold setting with perhaps the largest Champagne Diamond he had ever seen in it. Beneath that were 2 golden tags. One IDed him as a Babydoll named Sandy. The other had Tracy's address and phone number on it should Sandy become lost.

Rikki fastens the collar around Sandy's neck. He feels more than hears the small click.

Rikki says softly, "Now, that collar will not come off sweet heart. You are a Babydoll from now on."

Soren or now Sandy watches as Riki went through the paper work that showed him to b a formal Babydoll pet. He did not like the collar at all. But it is a lot better then that other fate.

The collar felt very odd on him but it would be something he would have to get use to. Right now, Sandy wanted to get this all done and get to Tracy and go to her new home. Sandy was mostly tired and wanted to try and get adjusted mentally to this new fate.

Rikki stands and claps her hands together as she exclaims excitedly, "Wow, you are the best Babydoll to come through here ever! You are so hugable."

Rikki bends and hugs Sandy tightly for a few seconds. Sandy is overwhelmed. The collar began doing part of its function and giving Sandy the proper reactions for a Babydoll. She's ... being hugged ... one of the things a Babydoll lives for ... Suddenly Sandy breaks out in cute giggles as Rikki does something else babydoll's live for ... she pats her cute hinny reassuringly.

Rikki smiles as she says softly, "Now, come with me and I will give you to your mommy."

She takes Sandy by the hand and leads her out of a door, down a very long corridor, and back into the waiting room of the court. Tracy turns and sees Sandy. her eyes sparkle as a huge smile breaks across her face.

Tracy says lovingly, "Babydoll! You ... you're ... so adorable."

Tracy rushes over to Sandy and hugs and kisses her as she lifts her off her feet and twirls her around several times. Sandy is totally lost ... she's in her mommy's arms .... and mommy is doing those things Babydolls love most in the whole world.

There were weird emotions in Sandy's head after being touched like that. It felt wonderful. The collar performed its function flawlessly as Sandy reacted like the perfect Babydoll. Once seeing Tracy, it was a realization that this woman was her mommy. When in her arms Sandy was totally fulfilled and just hugged her back lots. That and giggled from the love pats.

Tracy signed all the papers and took total possession of Sandy. She bends and picks Sandy up and carries her out of the court.

Tracy coos softly, "It wasn't so bad becoming my Babydoll ... now was it? I promise, we are going to have so much fun. I want to get you home as quick as possible ... I just have to play."

With this, she caresses Sandy in her new and very sensitive privacy. Sandy's eyes get big as she squeaks adorably at the intense and new sensations rushing thought her body. Sandy gasps as her Mommy Tracy touches her there. It felt so wonderful and intense ... and mommy was going to play with her? Sandy felt extremely excited and wanted to get home now with Tracy so she could do one of the many things Babydolls do ... play..

“It...wasn't too bad mommy" said Sandy in her new adorable voice.

Tracy pats Sandy hinny as she steps onto the tubowalk.

Tracy says softly, "Don't be scared sweet heart, this moves along rather quickly."

The 2 are whisked off rapidly. Sandy's eyes get big with excitement as the wind washes through her very long silky hair. Sandy looks around and sees many pedestrians on the tubowalk. As she cranes her head back, she can also see many different kinds of vehicles whizzing quickly over head. Every where Sandy looked, the marvels of this ultra modern city presented themselves.

Before Sandy knew it, Tracy was stepping off of the turbowalk in front of the apartment building where she lived. She entered the building. presented her golden key to the computer, and was transported to her very large and opulently furnished apartment. Sandy was happy to be at her new home but did marvel at the ultra high tech city. Now that Sandy was home, she felt much much better.

"Is this my new home mommy?" asked Sandy in her adorable voice as she looked up at Tracy with her beautiful Golden eyes..

Tracy stands Sandy on her feet as she coos softly, "Yes, sweet heart, this is your home."

Tracy drops all of the rest of the things she was carrying into a more or less ordered jumble in a corner. She kicks off her heels and unzips her skirt. Sandy watches as Tracy wiggles out of her very short and tight skirt. As Tracy unbuttons her blouse, she stands in just her black bikini panties. She tosses her blouse in the same pile the rest of the items were in and undoes the clasp on the front of her lacy bra. It pops open revealing her very erect nipples atop her very firm breasts.

Tracy walks to the sofa , then slides onto it. She coos softly, "Come to me my love ... it's time to learn what my Babydoll's favorite duty is going to be." Tracy pats the sofa next to her as she smiles.

Sandy walks over to Tracy at the Sofa. and sits down next to her wondering what she would be doing. This was so totally diffract and foreign to Sandy. She hoped Tracy would be understanding ... because for some reason, Sandy didn't understand what her body's intense sensations were all about

"What am I going to be doing?" asked Sandy adorably.

Tracy takes Sandy lovingly into her arms and pulls her down beside her. Tracy takes her hand, and begins to slowly run it down Sandy's front. By the time she got to Sandy's legs, she used her fingers to spread Sandy's legs enough so she could get her hand in. Tracy softly runs her hand up and down the new opening that is Sandy's new privacy. Sandy's eyes get big as she gasps softly at the intensity of it.

Tracy coos softly, "You, my love, are going to be my loving Babydoll .... and we are going to make love."

Tracy begins to kiss Sandy on her lips as she forces her wiggly tongue into Sandy's mouth and begins to explore.

~~ End - Pt1 ~~

You Get What You Wish For - Pt2

Tracy Kisses Sandy softly and lovingly as her fingers gently begins to enter the leg openings of her panties and diaper. Sandy's eyes get large as Tracy's fingers find the soft moistness of her privacy and gently begins to penetrate. Sandy just gasps cutely as Tracy had started to touch her like that. The feelings and sensations were so alien to her.

"That...feels...good" Sandy gasps out in a cute squeaky voice.

Tracy slowly pulls Sandy's panties down and begins to undo the diaper pins. Sandy feels the wonderfully soft touch of Tracie's hands as she removes the diaper and begins to gently caress her new privacy.

Tracy whispers softly in Sandy's ear, "Mommy's going to taste her new Babydoll. I want to taste your sweetness."

Tracy moves down towards Sandy's feet as she pulls Sandy's panties completely off and removes her diaper. Tracy's eyes sparkle as a huge smile crosses her face. Sandy makes a cute gasping squeak as Tracy's warm, wet, sensual mouth touches her privacy and makes a soft suck.

The sucking was intense for Sandy as she squirmed and writhed in pleasure. The touching and overall feeling was so nice. Intimacy of this kind of love making was very new and strange to Sandy .... since she had never been a girl before. A quick thought rushed through Sandy's mind ... how was she going to taste? The thought of it though was cut short as another wave of pleasure cascades through Sandy's nervous system as Tracy's wiggly tongue explored Sandy's soft folds deeper..

Tracy removed Sandy's top with graceful ease. Just as Sandy's mouth cleared the cloth, Tracy was passionately kissing her on the lips. Slowly, Tracy did small gentle sucking kisses going down Sandy's neck, to her erect budding nipples. Tracy kisses both of them and gives each a loving suckle as she runs her tongue around the areola. Sandy's body is covered with large goose bumps as she squeaks out her pleasure at the intense feeling running all through her.

Sandy just was paralyzed as Tracy continued her assault of love. The sucking on her new softened skin was making Sandy's eyes roll almost back into her head.

"Its ... so ... wonderful" squeaked Sandy as she looks up at Tracy with a very dreamy look.

Tracy smiles as she returns to Sandy's feet. Tracy coos softly, "Bend your knees and spread your legs like a good girl. Mommy's gonna make her Babydoll feel so nice."

Sandy felt it as Tracy pushed on her legs and made her bend her knees. Tracy pressed on Sandy's inner thighs and held her legs open as she bent close. Sandy squeaks as Tracy's soft, warm breath washes over her wiggly and eager privacy. Sandy almost screams when Tracy's tongue begins to flick over the soft moist lips and penetrate in a way Sandy had never experienced in her life.

The anticipation of more of this feeling was something she could not put down. It was like tasting her favorite ice cream but a thousand times more. The touch was not out of lust though, it was out of pure love which Sandy really could tell. Sandy knew if it was not out of love it would not feel this good at all. Tracy began to explore Sandy's virginity deeply with her wiggly tongue. Sandy tasted wonderful and sweet. The hot flame of love ignited deep within Sandy's heart as she fell totally in love with her Mommy like a good babydoll should.

Tracy coos softly, "Now, relax sweet heart ... this might pinch just a bit."

Tracy takes her fingers and opens Sandy's Virgin Privacy. She smiles as she takes her index finger and pushes it quickly inside, as deep as she could go. Tracy closes her eyes as she feels the tearing release of Sandy's hymn. Tracy actually feels a shiver of joy run through her as she remembers loosing her own. Sandy's eyes get huge as she arches her back with a loud gasping squeak. Surprise covers her face for an instant before she starts to cry.

Tracy snuggles up to her and kissing her as she coos, "I'm sorry sweetie. That's something a girl has to go through when she makes love for the first time."

As Tracy continued caressing Sandy's vagina with her finger and kisseing her lips, The pain went away and pleasure returned. Sandy was amazed that ... even the tearing pinch felt good ... in a really strange way. The feeling of the tongue was so good in Sandy's privacy. It felt super nice until a finger penetrated so deep and something broke inside her with a sharp tearing pinch.

The pain was really bad for an instant, enough to make Sandy cry ... but in a very strange way, it felt wonderful and strange too. Sandy realized that her cherry was just popped. It hurt a lot but Tray was there and Sandy was deeply in love with her and it belonged to her if she wanted it.

After much exploration of Sandy, Tracy stands and wiggles out of her black bikini panties. She lays back on the sofa, bends her knees and spreads her lovely legs to reveal her very pretty, hairless privacy.

Tracy coos softly, "Come, my Babydoll, it's your turn to do to mommy ... all the things I did to you."

Tracy holds out her arms to Sandy and smiles sweetly. Sandy blushes as she sees her mommy wiggle out of her panties and sees her there. She nods her head and then slowly crawls up to Tracy's privacy. She takes a deep breath and takes a tentative lick to the outer lips and clitoris. Sandy before had limited knowledge about the female body. But got enough hints when Tracy was playing with her.

Tracy squeaks softly as she arches her back to Sandy's shy first licks. When Sandy stops, Tracy smile down and says softly, "Don't stop sweet heart. It feels so good. This is Babydoll's most favorite thing to do ... remember that."

Deep within Sandy consciousness, the Pet Collar around Sandy's neck made a notation that she couldn't resist. Sandy totally ... enjoyed this so much as she began to explore Tracy's moist privacy. Tracy began to squeak and gasp softly as Sandy became more intense in her explorations and penetrations. Sandy heard the moans of pleasure from Tracy. Sandy loved to hear that sound. She became a bit more intense in her explorations and got much closer to Tracy's privacy where she continued to lick and suck within those folds.
Sandy wanted to make Tracy happy and feel good. Like how she was earlier. Sandy was amazed that Tracy's taste was quite exceptional and sweet. It was a tast that a Babydoll loved above all other flavors .... her mommy's privacy.

Tracy gasped and wiggled in ecstasy as her new Babydoll made love to her. This continued on for a long time. Finally, the both of them were snuggled in each other's arms panting softly.

Tracy says between gasps for breath, "Now, sweetheart ... isn't this lots better than the other? I mean ... cryosuspension is horrid ... from what I hear ... your body is suspended ... but your mind isn't. All that time, alone, bored, with only the punishment program for company."

"Yes...Mommy it is." Sandy nods, "I kinda wanted to be a adult baby or just unpotty trained sos I could b in diapers. This is much better -n- that" said Sandy as she had true appreciation for what Tracy did for her.

The thought of being awake all of that time would be maddening. Sandy was sure she would have gone insane by the time she was released ... not to mention being sent to the Pleasure House and made into a sex doll Sandy shivers at the thought of the perversions they force them to do there for the base amusement of men. Sandy was really grateful for Tracy. and would give as much love as she could to her for literally saving her sanity and life.

Tracy stands from the sofa the 2 of them were snuggling on and she pulls Sandy gently to her feet.

Tracy coos softly, "Follow me Babydoll, I want to take a bubble bath with you."

Tracy walks into the back hall of the huge apartment. Sandy is stunned by the opulence of the home she now shared with her mommy. Sandy can hear water running. By the time Sandy had arrived at the bathroom, the wonderful aroma of Jasmine filled the air. Sandy entered to find Tracy up to her neck in steamy hot bubbly water.

Tracy extends a soap bubble covered arm and hand and coos softly, "Come sweetheart ... get in with mommy so I can get you clean. A Clean little girl is a pretty little girl ... remember that."

Sandy shivers as that statement was burned into her memory. She blinks several times before taking Tracy's hand and stepping daintily into the hot bubbly water and sits opposite Tracy. Sandy was amazed at the grand bathroom as she daintily got in and just soaked in the warm bubbly bath water. She sighs in contentment as things were much much better then they could have been. Sandy sighs as she thinks things are better than they ever had been even..

Tracy takes a long luxurious time to soap, then wash Sandy, then herself. Tracy kissed and caressed Sandy in all the squeaky places the could think of. Sandy could only giggle and squirm in joy. Tracy tossed soap bubbles at Sandy .... Sandy tossed soap bubbles at Tracy. It wasn't long, before soap bubbles were everywhere and Tracy was spraying Sandy with the spray nozzle playfully. Sandy screeches in joy when she gets squirted. Sandy realizes with surprise, there was another spray nozzle right there at her end of the tub. It didn't take long before the 2 girls were squirting each other and screeching joyfully.

Sandy was enjoying this kind of play time with Tracy in the tub. It was quite nice and it was fun. As a guy he would not have this kind of fun before. As a guy, It was most of the time rough and tumble around. But not this kind of childish fun that she craved now. At this point, Sandy did not care if she was wining or losing.

By the time the girls had finished spraying each other, the whole of the bathroom was wet, clean, and all the soap bubbles were gone. Tracy steps gracefully from the tub and helps Sandy out. She leads Sandy by her hand over to a padded counter and helps her onto it. She powders and diapers her in a super thick cloth diaper. After helping Sandy back on her feet, Tracy opens a large walk in closet. Sandy's mouth falls open ... this closet by itself was larger than his old house used to be. It was filled with the cutest outfits for a girl he had ever seen. Tracy selects a very sheer misty black babydoll nighty with tie on panties for herself. Sandy watches as Tracy dresses. Next, Tracy selects a very cute and adorable Romper Teddy for Sandy. It had ruffles around the legs, the bib, and several rows across the hinny. Tracy snaps the snaps in its crotch and holds it out.

She coos softly, "Step in sweetie so mommy can get your jammies on."

Sandy this time was more aware she was being changed into a diaper. The feeling of it was wonderful. As if it was meant to be for her in general. She walks over to Tracy and steps in.

"Uhm .... can I evers get something like what your wearing" Sandy asked in a cute whiny voice.

Tracy giggles, "As long as you can at least wear a pull up beneath it. My Babydoll is unpotty trained and you would have a rather messy accident otherwise."

Tracy leads Sandy out of the bathroom by her hand, down the hall a few steps and into another wonderfully decorated room. This one was the Bedroom. The bed in the center of the room was so large, Sandy was sure she could get lost in the covers easily. Tracy pulls Sandy into bed with her and snuggles up really close.

She kisses her softly on her lips and coos, "Nighty night sweetie. Don't be afraid, but things are going to be slightly different for you in the morning. Mommy will be here for you though ... promise."

Sandy drifts comfortably off into dreamland, the Pet Collar having an easier job now of reprogramming her to be a wonderful Loving Babydoll.

Morning came, Sandy awakens ... then sits up with a start. She pulls the covers around her and looks wild eyed around the room. She had no memory of how she came to be here ... or anything else except ... mommy wasn't here. Sandy begins to whimper in fear. A door opens and a young woman dressed in a cute French maid outfit walks in and says cheerily, "Good morning Babydoll. Hope you had sweet dreams. Let Nana check you and change you so you'll be all clean for breakfast."

Sandy grabs a pillow and wraps both her arms around it as she scoots back until the headboard stopped her. She looked in fear at the cute approaching woman. The Maid realized immediately something was wrong.

She coos reassuringly, "Don't be afraid Babydoll ... I'm not going to hurt you."

"Who .... are you?" squeaked Sandy in a fearful voice as she backs up not recognizing who this sexily dressed young woman was.

Sandy looks around the room wild eyed, realizing mommy wasn't here ... That and her memory was so hazy ... she could not remember what happened last. All she knew was her mommy Tracy, they made most wonderful love .... and mommy was no where to be seen.

The maid walks slowly up and sit on the bed cautiously. She says in a quiet and very softly reassuring coo, "I'm your Nana sweetheart. Your mommy had to go to work and she knows her Babydoll needs an adult around to take care of her." The maid gracefully waves her arm, "I am the caretaker of you and your home while mommy's away." She places one hand in her lap and extends the other slowly to Sandy.

"Nana?" asked Sandy in an adorably shy voice.

Sandy did remember that her mommy was someone big in the world. She hesitates for a few seconds and lets go of the pillow. Sandy is still scared, but doesn't give the maid any trouble as she reached for the offered hand.

The maid smiles pleasantly as she takes Sandy's shyly offered hand. The maid stands slowly and helps Sandy out of bed. She checks Sandy's very wet diaper before she begins to lead her towards the potty and her morning bubble bath.

The Maid says softly, "What type of Bubble Bath would you like to have today, sweetheart? There are many flavors" She giggles sweetly as she looks at Sandy.

"Uhm..uhm .... is there somepin smell like Strawberries?" asked Sandy.

Nana coos softly as she hands Sandy a large pink plastic bottle, "Here sweetie, smell this and see if you like it."

While Sandy removed the top to the pink bottle, Nana untied the bow behind Sandy's neck and pulled her Romper Teddy down. Sandy stepped out of it as Nana pulled her plastic panties down as well. Sandy sniffed the wonderful aroma of fresh strawberries. It tickled her nose. Nana unfastened the locking diaper pins holding Sandy's diaper and removed it. Sandy gasps softly as the coolness of the room washed over her very tender, but wet diaper area.

"It smell wunnerfuls Nana" squeaked Sandy as the coolness of the room brought chill bumps to her tender skin.

Sandy couldn't help but gasp adorably at the feeling of this. She was still trying to figure stuff out. All the sensations were so much more intense and different.

Nana turns and stoppers the tub as she starts the hot water running. Nana takes the bottle and pours a cap full into the steamy water. The wonderful smell of freshly cut strawberries filled the air as many bubbles filled the tub. Nana tests the water with her arm to insure it wasn't too hot for Babydoll, before helping Sandy into the bubbly bath.

The water felt wonderful as Sandy stepped into the bath. She gives light splashes to the water and plays with the bubbles. Sandy was having a good time in the bathwater. The scent of the strawberries was a nice touch for her body.

Nana picks up a thick wash cloth and soaps it well with a wonderfully sweet smelling skin soap. She washes Sandy from her neck down. insuring to tickle her at every opportunity to make the bath as enjoyable for the little Babydoll as she could. Sandy couldn't help herself. She giggled, screeched, splashed, and generally had a wonderful time.

Nana coos softly, "A clean little girl is a pretty little girl."

Those words echo through Sandy's soul. She shivers as one of the primary Babydoll Protocols set by mommy was brought back to mind. Sandy realizes how much she truly loved having Nana give her a bath.

Sandy could not help but giggle as Nana tickles her. The bathing was so nice as she was being touched in all the right places and felt wonderful. Sandy wasn't afraid any longer, she loved her Nana to wash her and make her all clean for mommy. That thought was a extremely loud one to her. Sandy realized she loved Nana lots too.

Nana pours some thick yellow gel from another bottle into Sandy's hair. Nana massages Sandy's head and brings up a wonderful lather. After several minutes of vigorous massaging, Nana takes one of her fingers and plants a large dollop of soap suds right on Sandy's nose. Sandy screeches happily as Nana brings out the spray nozzle and begins to rinse her off. Sandy remember the other nozzle and grabs it for herself. Suddenly, the bathroom erupts into a very fun water fight between Nana and Babydoll. The 2 of them screech and have a wonderful time for long minutes, all the while, the soap bubbles were totally rinsed from Sandy's cute body and she stood squeaky clean.

"Sowwy Nana Baby no could helps it."said Sandy as she poked out her bottom lip in a cute manner. It was just so fun the first time with mommy and she couldn'thelp it. She did not mean to be a bad baby. Just wanted to have some fun.

Nana didn't mind being wet in the least. It was all part of this wonderful job to have a pleasant water fight. Nana takes a very large and thick towel after helping Sandy from the tub, and dries her briskly from head to foot. The drying tickled lots and Sandy giggled and squirmed adorably all the while. Nana took another towel and dried herself off before walking over to the padded changing counter and opening a large drawer beneath. She removes from it a very cute pair of lacy white with pink hearts pullups. The pullups were very thickly padded to be super absorbent.

She turns and bends slightly as she hold them out. Nana coos softly, "Come sweetheart and step in."

Sandy nods and walks over to Nana and slowly steps into each leg hole for her. Being very careful as not to lose her balance. Nana pulls Sandy's panties up and pats her on the hinny softly. As Sandy giggles adorably, Nana removes a very cute Smock top from a hangar.

She coos softly, "Hold your arms up silly girl so I can finish dressing you."

Sandy nods her head and does what she was told and raises her arms up. She wanted to see how she looked, and hoped it was really cute. "Yes Nana" she said and giggled.

Nana threads Sandy's defecate hands through the puffy sleeves on the top, then pull it over her head. As Nana pulls it down, she tickles Sandy in the ribs making her giggle and squirm. When she was finished, she guided Sandy over to a mirror to let her see herself as Nana brushed her hair and put it up in ponytails. Sandy just giggled at how adorable she was in the mirror. Sandy kept giggle ling as Nana tickled her a lot.

Nana ties Sandy's hair up with cute red ribbon and ties it in a bow. She picks Sandy up and sits her on the changing counter. Nana puts a cute little fuzzy slipper on each foot before helping her back to her feet. Nana bends and hugs Sandy gently as she kisses her lovingly on her lips.

Nana coos softly, "Nana loves Babydoll very much and will always do my best to take care of you. Now, what would Babydoll want for breakfast?"

"Uhm ... I'm no sure what I want." said Sandy as she really did not have any ideas at the moment. "I just no can make up my mind" she said crossing her arms and shook her head, "I'm gona leave breakfast to you Nana. Since you make something tasty."

Nana's eyes sparkle brightly as she holds her hand out to Sandy. Sandy starts sucking her thumb with one hand as she reaches for Nana's outstretched one. Nana takes Sandy's hand and leads her from the potty to the bed. Nana helps Sandy into the bed. As Sandy sits and sucks her thumb, she watches as Nana unties her cute little lace apron, then unbuttons the top part of her cute uniform to reveal a very lacy Maiden form bra. She unhooks the front clasp. It pops open revealing her very beautiful, supple breasts and hard nipples.

Nana crawls in bed next to Sandy and coos softly, "Come to Nana Babydoll, it's time for breakfast." as she squeezes one of the nipples causing a large white drop to appear. Sandy was very much surprised when Nana had taken her top off. She crawls over to Nana and then carefully latches on to a nipple. Sandy starts to nurse gently from her. It tasted so wonderful and made Sandy feel so tingly all over. Nana wiggles and snuggles until Sandy is comfortably in the crook of one arm, in a position beside her to nurse easily.

Nana coos softly to Sandy as she nurses. Sandy can feel the warm, watery liquid as it runs into her tummy, warming it. Sandy becomes very contented and begins to feel super drowsy.

Nana coos softly, "That's it, just become the cute little baby your mommy wants. It doesn't hurt a bit."

Sandy was in heaven as she nursed from Nana. It was so nice and sweet as it went down. She giggled once or twice as she drank from this women. Either way for Sandy she was becoming more of a baby by the minute. Nana giggles as she pats Sandy's hinny. Sandy can't help herself as she slips into an infantile daze. She knew it was happening, but was powerless to prevent it.

Before Sandy knew it, she was on Nana's shoulder, being patted lightly on her back. Sandy opened her eyes suddenly and looked around. Nana had carried her into the living room and was seated in a large rocking chair. On the flat screen was Baby Bugs Bunny and his Loony Toons Friends.

Sandy had forgotten all about the meaning of time as she nursed. When her mind came back though, a cartoon show was on and Sandy became captivated by it. She watched and giggled from time to time.

Eventually, Nana had sat Sandy on her hinny in front of the huge Flat Screen TV. Sandy could hear her doing things around the apartment. She really didn't pay Nana any mind until the vacuum cleaner came on. Sandy jumps up with big eyes and screams loudly in terror. She knew that loud monster with the big glowing eye was coming to eat her ... she just knew it. Sandy ran in terror and hid beneath the nearest piece of furniture she could find ... a super large Papa San chair with a spread draped over it. It created a very dark, rather large place Sandy could hide from that awful monster beneath.

Sandy had been in her own little world again. Until the loud sound of the vacuum came on. That truly sounded like a monster and ran. While hiding looks around for something to use to defend her hiding place from that horrid monster. She finds a plushy dog and waits for the evil thing to come. When it did, would smack it to bits until it was dead. Sandy's heart pounded in her ears as she panted in fear, awaiting what she knew was coming.

Nana hears Sandy's screams and sees her run in terror under the Papa San chair to hide. Sandy is still whimpering loudly as Nana stoops down and lifts the edge of the spread covering the front of the chair's platform.

Just as she did, **POW!!** Sandy hit Nana right in the face with the plushy Dog. Nana gasps in surprise as she gets hit. Quickly, not to be outdone, Nana looks quickly around and finds a big fuzzy Teddy Bear. She picks it up and swings it at Sandy, popping her right in the back of the head, **POW!!**

"Nana....your the ..." gasped Sandy before she was stopped short as Nana did a counter attack.

Sandy screeches as Nana hit her squarely in the back of the head. Sandy doesn't hesitate but a second before she continues to attack Nana playfully. Sandy gets hit several times before Nana grabs one of Sandy's legs and pulls her from under the chair. She pins her on her back and lifts the front of her top. Nana blows a huge wet raspberry right in Sandy's tummy. Sandy's eyes almost pop from her head as her screams turn from terror ... to sheer ticklish joy. Sandy squirms and kicks as hard as she can to get away, but Nana has her firmly and continues her nuclear raspberry attack on Sandy's tummy.

Sandy could not move or get away,as Nana had pinned her down and started to blow raspberries into her belly. She could not stop the howling of laughter either, she was totally helpless at this point. Sandy tried her hardiest to wiggle away, from the looks of things, there would be no getting away soon.

Suddenly, because Sandy was laughing and screeching so hard, something else happened and Sandy gasped as she started to wet her pullups. The pullup wet indicators were slowly turning to their wet color.

"Oh....noooos" whimpered Sandy as she felt the warm wetness spread around her cute round bottom..

Nana sees what happened and giggles. She says softly, "Ok, baby, you surrender peacefully? Or am I going to have to do piggies on u and make you have another kind of accident in your panties?"

Nana began pulling the fuzzy slippers on Sandy's feet off and softly tickling her toes with a free hand.

"Baby give up Nana" Sandy gasps out between giggles as she surrendered to Nana.

Nana shakes her head as she stands Sandy on her feet. Nana takes one of her hands and walks Sandy over to the vacuum. Sandy clings close to Nana and hides slightly behind her as she shows Sandy the contraption.

Nana says softly, "It's only a vacuum Babydoll. It won't hurt you." Sandy whimpers in an adorable whiny voice, "It gonna bite me ... an an an ... eat me aww up." Nana giggles as she pats Sandy's hinny reassuringly, "Nana promises, it's noisy and has bright lights and sucks stuff up in it ... but it won't eat you or hurt you. It just eats the dirt and things on the floor and places."

Nana turns on the vacuum once again. Sandy flinches and hides behind her as Nana shows Sandy that the noisy devise sucks up dirt and small items from the carpet. Nana coos softly, "See Babydoll?" Sandy nods, causing her pony tails to fly. Nana giggles, "Wait here for a bit, while Nana gets you a clean pullup." She vanishes into another room as Sandy gains courage and begins to look over the vacuum. Nana returns with a cute pair of Little Princess pullups and changes Sandy. Nana pats her hinny and coos, "There, all dry and comfy again."


Sandy felt oh so much better now. One was a clean and fresh pull up. The other was that the evil vacuum was not a monster. But she did not trust it and finds a spot away from it. And above the floor. So Sandy would get a better vantage point and judge things for herself.

Nana smiles and shakes her head as she continues vacuuming the carpet. Sandy sits on her perch and watches closely. She can hear, every now and again, the loud rattling clink as some small hard object disappeared forever into that ... thing.

Sandy watches and still judges the vacuum cleaner. Perhaps when Nana is looking a away. She could see where everything went into that huge bag. But not right now though.

Sandy getting bored hops off of her perch and explores the house. Since she did not remember this place too well. She wonders what could be found.

Sandy wanders into the far back room where no light were on. It wasn't dark ... but it was a shadowy wonderland of spots to explore. Sandy crawls up to a partially opened closet door and pulls it open. It opens with an eerie creak. Sandy gets many chill bumps.

There's enough light spilling in for her to see it was filled with many kinds of toys ... all her's. There were dolls, games, cars, blocks, tinker-toys, Lincoln logs, boats, plains ... almost anything she could think of. Sandy crawls in ... she tugs on a cloth draped across a small table. A box falls in front of her, over flowing with many kinds of puzzles. She also saw sitting on the low table, a tea set right next to a Speak and spell. Over in one corner, she say an electric Yertle bug with big googly eyes and a happy smile.

Without warning, there is a soft squeak ... the door to the room closes with a loud click. Sandy turns suddenly and comes face to face with a glowing eyed beetle of some kind ... it was huge .... and looking right at her.

~~ End - Pt2 ~~~
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