Brandon's Christmas Party

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Brandon's Christmas Party

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:34 am

Brandon's Christmas Party

Brandon exclaimed cheerily as she saw her playmate Miki, "Merry Christmas Day!"

Miki's eyes light up as she waves, "Goo mornin!! MERRY CHRISTYMOUSE!!"

Miki HINNEY PATS Brandy's very wet and droopy panties.

Brandon realizes and -Hmphs- and blushes, because she thinks she totally isn't wet!- Brandon said with a slight sound of embarrassment to her tone, "How Miki and family?"

Miki replied, "Am doing mostus baby. Laurie inna pout cuz she hadda accidents in her pannies n mommy gots her inna pullups >>snickers<<. Ya kno .. shea big girl likes you."

Brandon replied quickly with more embarrassed passion, "I am VERY big!"

Miki's eyes get big as she replied after several giggles, "Ooooo, sounds so familar too. She inna cute pullups." Miki nods her head vigorously until her ponytails fly, "Mommy gonna puts her inna diaper when she wet that one."

Brandon began to wonder if he should be worried. He can hear footsteps in the other room- Brandon thinks of himself as a little boy, although all may not be as it really is.

Suddenly Miki screeches out, "Ooooo MOOOOMY!!!! Brandy pannies is wet!!!!!!!!!!" she pointed to Brandon's droopy bottom.

Brandon replied passionately, "Am not! Miki is fibbing!"

Brandon tried to make a beeline for the door. Brandy got to the door just in time to toddle right into mommy's arms.

"Oh, my." Mommy cooed cheerily, "We are in such a hurry." She then notices Brandy's droopy bottom, "You must be very wet and messy." Mommy proceeded to check Brandy's panties.

Brandon replied with fear and embarrassment in his tone, "N-no! I'm dry, honest!" He fusses in her arms as she catches him and wastes no time in dipping a hand in his panties.

Mommy giggled, "Oh, really? If you are so dry, why do you feel so wet, young lady? If you can answer that, I'll let it go for a while."

Mommy looked at Brandy with an interested full attention expression.

Brandon gasped out in total resignation obvious in his voice, "But I'm not wet! I just went to use the bathroom not even an hour ago!"

How could he possibly be so wet already?

Mommy said in a giggle, "The question would be, silly girl, where did you go to the bathroom an hour ago? Humm??"

Brandon replied with an assured humph, "The bathroom of course!"

Mommy smiled, "Well, sweet heart, that would also depend on what you called a bathroom, now wouldn't it?" she pointed to Brandy's very wet panties.

Brandon frowned as he looked down at his very wet and droopy panties .. ut oh!

Mommy smiled as she cooed softly, "That's what I thought."

Mommy carried Brandy to the changing table and has Brandy's wet things off by the time she laid her there on her back and lifted Brandy by her ankles. Brandon squirmed and fussed as Mommy takes him by the arm and hauled him onto the table! Mommy cleaned Brandy well with a soft sweet smelling baby wipee, then inserted 3 thumb sized items in her hinney before placing it in a thick soft crawly diaper. Mommy powdered Brandy well with baby powder, and pinned the thick and very soft crawly diaper snugly, but comfortably on with cute little red tipped locking diaper pins that looked just like ladybugs.

Mommy then threaded Brandy's legs through an adorable red pair of powder puff plastic lined panties with white ruffles across the bottom and white fur around the waist and legs and pulled them on over Brandy's diaper. Mommy turned for a moment and picked up a cute dress and threaded Brandy's arms and head through the openings of the cute matching jumper with puffy white fur sleeves. After that, mommy tied the red booties with the white fuzzy fur around the top on Brandy's feet.

Brandon had found himself stripped, cleaned, and suppositories pushed into him. He is very embarrassed and wriggly as Mommy lifted him by the ankles and pinned him into a thick diaper, followed soon by some festive panties. Next is a baby dress and booties, also red and he looked like a Baby Miss Santa, just needing his hair tied.

Mommy stepped back and cooed softly, "There, now you look just like one of Santa's Elfettes."

Mommy turned slightly and picked up a stiff bristled brush and brushes Brandy's hair until it became nice, curly and shiny. She then gathered it into two large pony tails and tied it with long flowing green ribbons.

Mommy Cooed softly as she took Brandy back into the now crowded Den, "Aren't you adorable. All my friends will just love this."

Brandon was fussy as Mommy had descended on his hair with a brush, making it silky smooth, before tying some very cute ribbons into it. All done up, mommy carried him down the stairs to the den.

"Fr-friends?!" gasped Brandy in a cute voice, "No one can see me like this!" He was all embarrassed.

Mommy placed Brandy in the middle of the crowded room for all to admire. All the pretty young women dressed as very sexy Santa's Helpers in every sexy way, descended on Brandy and made many many adorable cooing sounds and taking many pictures with their cells.

Brandon gasped as he is surrounded by lovely scantily dressed women! A blonde, a brunette, a redhead, all cooing at him and taking pictures. It was very humiliating for the poor boy! Brandon realized with a real start, that one of the women had turned on a large computer monitor and was uploading all the pictures to Wetube.

Brandon gasped, "Oh no!"

Brandon wriggled and squirmed, unable to escape the throng as they uploaded the pictures. The shares and views mounted rapidly as everyone enjoyed the feed of Santa's little Helpers. The star of the feed were an adorable pair of little toddler girls dressed in the most precious Elfette outfit.

Oh dear this was so embarrassing for Brandon. Of course, the star of the video was Brandy the Elfette and her adorable friend Miki as they both rapidly became the stars of the video as it became massively popular at Christmas.

Brandy fussed a bit, unused to all the attention, especially dressed as she was, but when Santa arrived, Brandy joined Miki in all the fun and both little girls had the time of their lives opening presents and eating candy.

<<>> MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR <<>>
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Re: Brandon's Christmas Party

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Dec 25, 2021 2:17 am

Merry Christmas to all and a very safe and pleasant New Year
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