Baby Jennie and Baby Miki at the Rainbow's End

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Baby Jennie and Baby Miki at the Rainbow's End

Postby LilJennie » Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:33 pm

Baby Jennie and Baby Miki at the Rainbow’s End

by LilJennie and Miki Yamuri

“Lookit what I maked,” said Jennie, setting down the plastic pail.

“Ooooh,” Miki replied. The baby girl was wearing her favorite powder blue swimsuit with the white ruffles. “You maked a bucket tower!”

“Yea!” There was a small round tower of damp sand in front of Jennie, who sat in the sandbox wearing her purple swimsuit with the pink and white dots. Jennie looked at what Miki had been doing, with another bucket. “Ooo, you maked the same but the other way!” Miki had pushed a pail into the sand and carefully taken it out, making a bucket-shaped hole.

Out in the yard the lawn sprinkler spritzed and sprayed, but never came close enough to get the girls wet in the sandbox, except when an occasional breeze blew some mist in just the right direction. When it did, both baby girls squeaked and giggled, and that happened again just then, causing both of them to glance at it. As chance would have it, the sun was at just the right angle to treat the two baby girls to a glimpse of a small rainbow forming in the mist.

“Ooooo pretty rainbow!” said Miki.

“Yea!” Jennie agreed.

TJ, Jennie’s mommy, came from the patio and said, “You girls do know that the elves keep a pot of gold at the end of the rainbows?”

The two infants looked at each other with big eyes as Miki said, “OOooo, Jennies. Jus thinks. Is we finded tha enda onena thems pwetty colors … we getsa gold.”

Jennie nodded until her cute red pony tails flew, “Yups. we might even finded tha Elfs that ownded it.”

Both girls giggled. TJ shook her head as she went back to the patio and sat to continue reading her magazine.


King Bryan, Ruler of all the wee people and magical realms, smiled as he watched two of his favorite infants. Most infants knew of the magical realm. There were very few that could actually see it. These two proved over and over that they could. King Bryan smiled broadly as he thought how nice they had always been when they did discover a fairy, an imp, or some other creature.

He sat back on his throne and scratched his chin in thought. It would be wonderful to reward their kindness in some way, and a rainbow just might do the trick.

He summoned the Royal Courier, who appeared in a flash of sparkles and knelt. “Yes, Sire, you summoned?”

The King replied, “I want you to contact the head Rainbow Fairies, Raintree and Starshine, and give them these instructions … “


“Oops, I just felt a raindrop!” said Lisa, getting up from her vegetable gardening. “Girls, it’s time to go inside. The forecast said rain, and look at those clouds moving in!”

“Awww,” said both Miki and Jennie, who had been trying to somehow make a tower on top of a hole in the sand.

“Yep, c’mon,” she said. “We don’t want you getting soaked on the outside -- considering you’re both probably soaked on the inside already.”

“Well it happens ta babies,” said Jennie, but she clumsily got up and waddled toward the back door of the house, crinkling as she went, and Miki soon followed. Both of them had started feeling a few gentle summer raindrops too.

“Is the rain finally here?” asked TJ, who had been indoors working on her computer. Her laptop let her work on her writing anywhere, so the chance to bring Jennie over to play with her friend and thus get an hour or two of uninterrupted work time was attractive.

“Yep, dollars to donuts it’s about to start pouring,” said Lisa. “Let’s all get our hands washed, OK, girls?”

“Can we watch it rain?” asked Miki.

“After the hand washing,” Lisa replied. “Sink, now.”

After the hand washing, the two girls sat in front of the large glass sliding door to the back yard and watched the rain fall. “Now we never gonna know if we can make a tower on toppa a hole.”

“No worries,” said Miki. “We try nextus time.”

As the two girls sat and snuggled with their favorite plushies and watched the rain fall gently, the clouds seemed to thin and a triple rainbow appeared. Both girl’s eyes got large at the beautiful rainbows in the sky.

They both gasped. “Wowwwwww!” said Jennie.

“Mommy Mommy Mommy lookit lookit lookit!” said Miki.

But, unfortunately, before either Lisa or TJ came to see, the rainbows were gone. The sky became very dark, and lightning leapt across the sky, followed shortly by a crash of thunder.

Miki and Jennie screeched as they dropped their plushies and hugged each other in fear.

Miki said in a small voice, “Tha sky so angry right now.”

Jennie nodded her head in agreement as the wonderful smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies drifted into the playroom. Both girls turned and saw Lisa, Miki’s mommy, coming in with a large tray of hot cookies, and two sippy cups.

While the girls made a huge mess, and actually managed to get more of the cookies into them than on them, two really cute fairies appeared at the window for a second. They were dressed in many colored outfits with little hats on their heads, before they vanished into the spring thunderstorm. The girls were too distracted by the cookies to see them, but they understood.

Shortly after that, the storm ended and the sky cleared for a while. But the rain came and went all afternoon, so the girls had to play indoors.

“Tha rain is pwetty,” said Jennie, “but I wish we were allowed to go out ‘n play in it.”

“Hmm,” said TJ, “you’d get all wet. Speaking of which, you haven’t been changed in a while.” Checking Jennie’s diaper, she said, “Yep, you’re one soaking wet little girl, only your diaper hasn’t told your clothes that. Let’s keep it that way. C’mon, change time.”

“Aww, Mommy,” said Jennie, but she went along with TJ to the changing area.

“Your turn next, Miki,” said Lisa. “You two have had exactly the same amount to drink, and at the same times, so I know how wet your diaper is.” And sure enough, after Jennie came back in a fresh diaper, Lisa came to take Miki’s hand and lead her to the changing area as well. Miki was giggling when she came back, and Jennie knew that meant that her change had come with the proper number of toe piggies and tummy raspberries.


As the sun rose the next morning, two very pretty and colorfully dressed fairies painted a beautiful triple rainbow across the sky in bright magnificent colors. King Bryan suddenly appeared at one end of the rainbow, the one that seemingly ended right in the middle of baby Miki’s sandbox. The King smiled as he left a small pot … full of gold-wrapped candy coins just for the girls.

The King chortled to himself, “That should make them very happy until I can arrange for the big surprise.” He vanished in a sparkle of light, leaving behind a most wonderful sight for all who happened to be looking at the early morning sky.

“San’box! San’box! San’box!” chanted Miki and Jennie in unison a few hours later, as Lisa took the lid off the sandbox in the back yard. The sandbox was big and green and shaped like a turtle; its lid was shaped like the turtle’s shell. TJ was standing in front of the glass doors to the back yard, making sure the girls didn’t go toddling out into the yard before Lisa was ready.

Suddenly Lisa gasped. “What …?”

“What is it, Lisa?” asked TJ.

“It’s … a pot of … well, not gold,” said Lisa, “but … I think these are … chocolate?”

“Chocolate?” asked TJ. “What kind?”

“The kind that’s shaped like coins, wrapped in gold foil,” said Lisa. “But look at this …” She held up one of the coins. Embossed into its surface were the words FOR BABY MIKI -&- BABY JENNIE on one side, and IN APPRECIATION on the other. “And … this cauldron they’re in … it’s metal, and very heavy.” She tapped on it, and it rang like a bell.

“What?” asked TJ. “That’s … not possible. Who knows that Jennie and Miki exist? And who appreciates them? Somebody on the Internet? Somebody who likes their stories?”

“Well, that’s not creepy at all,” said Lisa, “but still … I mean, look at the symbols.” The cauldron was decorated with a heraldic emblem not unlike a coat of arms, featuring a crown, a harp, a dancing unicorn, and a cluster of three shamrocks, among other symbols, and this emblem was also embossed into the chocolate coins. “There’s something … vaguely familiar about this. Like I saw it somewhere once.”

“Looks like a family crest,” said TJ. “But I don’t know if we can trust something left by some creeper from the Internet, even if they’ve got an old family coat of arms. Although … now that you mention it, I could swear that I’ve seen this before somewhere too, like maybe while doing mythological research …” She took a photo of the crest on the cauldron with her phone.

“No san’box?” asked Jennie plaintively. She and Miki had toddled out to look at the big metal cauldron in the middle of their sandbox.

“Aww, just a minute, Sweetheart, it’s just a mystery present,” said TJ. “It’s not clear who it’s from, so I’m not sure it’s safe.”

“Issa pot o’ gold,” said Miki. “Means tha enda tha rainbow was here.” She nodded with certainty.

“Can I hasa chocolate?” asked Jennie. “Pweeeeease?”

“I don’t know if it’s safe, that’s all,” said TJ. She unwrapped one. “Strange … it’s been cool all night, but the chocolate doesn’t show any signs of fat bloom as one might expect if it’s been out here all night.” She sniffed at the chocolate coin. “It smells … heavenly. Like the highest quality.” She snapped it in half. “Wow. It breaks cleanly with an audible snap. That’s a sign of high purity.” She thought for a moment. “If it’s adulterated with anything, it wouldn’t smell, feel, or snap like this. Most chocolate candy coins are really low quality, but these … nobody I know of makes chocolate coins out of the highest quality dark chocolate.”

“Mmmmm, sooo nummy,” said Miki, who had somehow managed to get a coin, unwrap it, and take a bite while the others were distracted. She was getting chocolate on her fingers and face, but she had in fact managed to get most of the bite she’d taken inside her mouth.

“Miki!” gasped Lisa. “We don’t know if they’re … safe …” She noticed that TJ had also broken off a small corner and tried it. “Well, what do you think, TJ? You are a chocolate expert, after all.”

“Oh, my … I have to sit down,” said TJ. She sat down on one of the nearby lawn chairs. “This flavor … it’s … divine. I’ve never tasted the like. I want to know where it comes from -- so I can buy a truckload. Anyone who can make chocolate like this deserves my business.”

“Baby get to try?” asked Jennie.

“Oh, you might as well,” said TJ. “There’s no poison in these. Magic, maybe, since this is fantastic. I don’t know if I can have any more. It’s … too good.” She gave Jennie the rest of the coin.

“Wowwwww,” said Jennie after she took a bite of the chocolate. “Soooo nummy!”

Lisa examined one of the golden wrapped candy coins carefully. The golden wrapping didn’t look like any foil she had seen before. It looked more like a real thin foil made of solid gold. She shook her head in disbelief as she unwrapped it and took a bite.

Her eyes grew large in total surprise as the exquisite flavor of the chocolate tingled all through her senses, “OMG!! This is perhaps the very best chocolate I have ever tasted.”

TJ replied, “Told you so. Let’s go back to the computer, I have a bit of research I want to do on the crest on that cauldron.”

Lisa said, “I would like to know a little about that too.” She gathered up all the golden wrappers, then took Miki and Jennie by the hand and led them into the playroom, followed closely by TJ, who carried the small cauldron filled with the golden candy coins.

TJ set the small cauldron in the middle of the floor and booted her laptop while Lisa put the wrappers into a large baggie. Of course Miki and Jennie were having the time of their lives eating the wonderfully rich and magical tasting candy.

Miki said, “Oooo, Jennies. Betcha a Elves lefted this cuza rainbow ended inna sand turtles.”

Jennies nodded her head and replied, “Yups. Wunner if we can catchteded onena thems inna act?”

Miki rubbed her chocolate covered face before taking another silver dollar sized chocolate coin in her mouth. “Dunno, Jennies. Would sorta be fun ta try maybes. But we no can keeps it. No affer they shareded their cannys wifs us.”

Both infants nodded to each other as they continues to make a huge mess amid many giggles.


King Bryan sat back on his bejeweled throne of gold and chortled to himself. It had taken his master chocolate master over 1800 years to perfect the recipe for the candy, so he knew beyond any doubt the infants, and their parents, would thoroughly enjoy it. The added bonus of the golden wrappers would probably make their parents very happy as well.

He picked up a magic scroll and perused what was written on it in a script no human had ever seen. He had to make sure the next rainbow appeared at exactly the right place and time. He was sure this would make a large impression.


“Well, the British coat of arms has a unicorn and a harp,” said TJ, “but no shamrock. The unicorn is the symbol of Scotland, and the shamrock and the harp suggest Ireland, but I’m not finding a crest exactly like this one anywhere.”

“What’s this thing?” asked Lisa, pointing to a strange symbol.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like any kind of writing,” said TJ. “I’m not an expert in heraldry. It might be a heraldic … thing. Anyway, then there’s this dragon.”

“Oh, is that a dragon?” Lisa asked. “It looks kind of … stylized.”

“It’s a heraldic dragon,” said TJ. “Its tail has kind of a curl in it right there, which does narrow down what it could be the symbol of. Also, there’s this three-sided symbol here that looks like three joined legs bent at the knee. And this castle, and that looks like some kind of cup. It’s quite a mishmash of symbols. All very Celtic, though. It’s missing all emblems of England.”

“Huh. Did we get a delivery from an Irish friend?” Lisa wondered.

There were two small gasps from the back door. “Raaaainbooooow,” said both Miki and Jennie, whose noses were pressed to the glass.

“What?” asked Lisa. “There isn’t a cloud in the sky. And it’s almost noon -- there aren’t rainbows in the middle of the day ...”

Miki was bouncing up and down on her thickly diapered hinney as she started pointing out the sliding glass door, “Mommy, mommy mommy, lookit.”

Lisa and TJ looked at each other with surprise written all over their pretty faces before they came to the door and took a look. Low and behold, a very beautiful and many striped rainbow ended exactly in the middle of the flower bed. A soft yellow glow emanated from around what appeared to be the very end of the beautiful image. Many butterflies of all types fluttered happily among the flowers.

Lisa said with a real tone of wonder, “I’m going to check this out. What if the legends are true? At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold?”

TJ and Lisa looked at each other before they laughed. Lisa opened the sliding door and headed towards the flower garden with TJ right behind.

Jennie and Miki looked at each other. “Wonner what they gonna find?” Jennie asked.

“I wonner too!” Miki replied. “I kinna think … huh? What happenin’?” The two baby girls looked around and saw not the living room of Lisa’s house, but a fantastic landscape, a beautiful forest glade full of the greenest and softest grass either girl had ever seen, surrounded by trees whose branches were full of gorgeous flowers of many different colors, some of which glowed with their own light. Overhead the sky was seemingly in twilight, a deep blue but still glowing, and the air was full of tiny glowing motes of light that floated and drifted here and there.

“Wowwww … so pwettyyyy,” said Jennie, looking around. “How … how we get here?”

“Oooo byooful,” Miki was saying simultaneously. “Where we is?”

“It’s OK, Sweethearts,” said a woman with indigo hair who was wearing a short lacy yellow dress. “You’re in the Forest Beside, in the Glade of Meeting. I’m Ondine. You sort of met me, but not quite. I was too clever for you to catch me.”

“But you met us,” said a young woman with silvery white hair wearing a white, silver, and blue dress with snowflake motifs standing next to a young man who looked much like her who was wearing a fanciful blue, silver, and white suit. “I’m Diamond Dust, and this is my brother Cirrus.”

“You tha Snowflake Fairies!” said Miki. “I ’member!”

“Ooooo, you gotsa be tha Wet Diaper Fairy!” said Jennie to Ondine. “I sowwy we try to catched you. We no wanna hurted you, I pwomise!”

“I know, Sweetie,” said Ondine with a smile. “And yes, I’m one of the Baby Fairies, and I’m one of the ones who make sure that good little boys and girls, if they’re little enough, make their diapers all nice and wet.”

“Um what happen to Mommy an’ TJ?” asked Miki, looking a little worried.

“Don’t worry, they’re right where you left them,” said Diamond Dust. “But we brought you here, because our King sent us.”

“Why for?” Jennie asked.

“Because we are those of our kind whom you have met before,” answered Ondine.

“Oh,” said Miki. “But … why for you bringed us here?”

“Because you’re such good little girls,” Cirrus answered, “and are always so good to our kind when you’ve met us. Only children can see us -- unless we want to be seen -- but not even all children do, and not all of those who see us are well-behaved.”

“Your Mommies will be right there waiting for you when you go home,” said Ondine. “But first … ”

“We gotted chocolits already,” said Miki. “They sooooo sooper amazin’ goo.”

“And your Mommies may find the cauldron and wrappers more interesting,” said Diamond Dust with a smile. “But this is your real present.”

A mist formed then cleared. The two girls mouths fell open and their eyes became wide with wonder. A magical playroom appeared before them filled with most anything any baby could ever imagine. There were cotton candy trees, creampuff flowers, even the grass was made of lime flavored sherbert.

Diamond Dust smiled and said softly, “We also have an old friend of yours with another gift.”

The girls turned and saw a rather young man in a long white toga like outfit carrying a staff with an hourglass hanging from it. About that time, around his feet were many snuggly, fuzzy plushies that all seemed to be alive.

The man said, “Hi, girls. I have a gift for you here as well. As long as you are in this play area, time stands completely still. Your mommies will never know you are here. For them, time does not pass.”

About that time, many grape and strawberry flavored butterflies began to dance around the girl’s heads to the complete amazement. Everything within the playroom was something edible. They could eat as much as they wanted, it was all nourishing, and wouldn’t make them sick.

Once Jennie was able to say something, she asked, “We … get older faster?”

Time chuckled and replied, “Oh, no, my dear. You won’t get any older while you’re here.”

Ondine giggled and added, “Don’t worry! You’ll stay babies just like now. It’s Baby Fairy magic. Don’t worry about accidentally becoming potty trained while you’re here -- that won’t happen!” She blinked and looked down. The magic stars on her diaper had disappeared, and she blushed brightly. “Umm, speaking of which … I’ll be back in a little bit!” Ondine waved her wand and vanished in a puff of sweet-smelling baby powder.

Diamond Dust smiled, while Cirrus chuckled behind his hand. “Those adorable Baby Fairies,” said Diamond Dust.

“Adorable as long as you don’t have to be the one changing their diapers,” said Time with a grin. “Luckily their Mommy and Daddy Fairies take care of their own.”

“They can’t change their own diapers with their wands?” asked Cirrus. “I thought we could all change our clothes with our wands.”

“I’m not sure how it works for them,” said Diamond Dust.

“They can only change the clothes their Mommy or Daddy Fairies have allowed them to change,” said Time, “and that never includes their own diapers. They can change each other’s, and they can change some of their own clothes, but sometimes their Mommy and Daddy Fairies decide that something has to stay on them.”

“I’m back,” said Ondine, reappearing, again with a puff of lovely-smelling baby powder. Her diaper had magic stars all over it again.

“Miss On-Deen all dwy now,” said Jennie with a nod.

Miki nodded too. “She wet her diaper like a goo baby girl.”

Ondine giggled and blushed. “OK, girls, you can play now!”

Both girls were ecstatic as they dove into all the confectionaries and made the largest baby mess imaginable. They didn't even complain about how many times their diapers seem to become totally soaked, or the many times they had to be changed.

Everything a baby could imagine was not only possible here, but with Jennie and Miki’s imagination … things were very fantsy for sure.

They didn’t know how long they played or how many diaper changes they went through, but somehow they found themselves back in Lisa’s house, looking out the glass door at the rainbow streaming into the sky from the back yard. Lisa and TJ were just going out to look at it.

As they watched, Miki and Jennie looked at each other. They could clearly remember Ondine telling them the magic words to say to transport themselves to the amazing fairy playroom. They were babble words, words that only babies and Baby Fairies could say. They nodded silently at each other, then looked out at the two grownups in the back yard, who were looking at another cauldron of gold “coins” that had appeared there.

Lisa said with wonder in her voice, “OMG! There’s more of them in this cauldron. The other one doesn’t seem to ever empty, and now we have two.”

TJ replied, “I’m not real sure, but I do know that that coat of arms embossed on everything hearkens back to an ancient Celtic time. I think we need to do a lot more research.”

Jennie and Miki giggled at each other as they watched from the window, because the two adults seemed very happy. “Thankoo Fairies,” said Jennie.

“Yea, thankoo to alla Fairies,” said Miki with a happy giggle.

-------------------------- THE END --------------------------
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