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For the Views

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue May 19, 2020 12:26 pm

For the Views

Riley Stevens — 19 years old

Mandy Wilson - 19 year old friend

All Characters played by Miki Yamuri and Kylie Colbern


Riley was heading over to her friend's house. Along the way, she passed by a girl who was holding a baby. Riley realized with a start it was in fact a shrunken adult dressed as a baby.

The latest craze in the world with the discovery of shrinking, had been to shrink adults to infant size and keep them as pets to show status in the world. Some had been shrunken for pleasure while others were shrunken for financial gain. The process was highly restricted and almost impossible to gain access to. For this reason, a baby pet was extremely valuable as a status symbol and highly prized.

Riley’s friend had recently started her own WeTube channel and her own Lagagram account. She had invited Riley over to help her drum up some ideas on how to get more viewers to her channel and to set her apart from the others. The more views and likes she could get, the more revenue the page would produce.

Riley turned onto her friend’s street and parked the car. She walked up to the apartment building and buzzed the apartment, and waited for her friend to come down to the front entrance to let her in.

The door opened and Riley exclaimed in a squeaky glad voice, “Mandy!! I’m so glad to see you.” The two girls hugged and kissed with lots of Frenchies hello before walking into the apartment.

Mandy said with a slight exasperated tone, “I need something to liven up my WeTube feed. I have about a thousand followers so far, but I really need more followers to make any kind of money on it.”

Riley flopped on the sofa and grabbed the newest edition of Pet Life magazine and gave it to Mandy, “There’s an article in there about that new technique for making loveable pets.”

Mandy took the magazine and looked at the page Riley had opened it to. A smile crossed Mandy’s face as she looked at the very pretty Riley across from her. “Humm … “ she thought as she tried to come up with a way to get Riley to agree. Mandy was positive Riley would make a perfect baby pet. Only real issue would be getting the items necessary to do it. Mandy was fairly sure that due to the reason she wanted it, she stood a really good chance of getting it.

Riley said as she looked over lady Lingerie catalogue, “You can shrink another person and have them as your baby right now! I mean look at Lady Googoo, she shrank Kylie Jorgenson, the young pop star singer, and now she posts all the time about how cute a pet Kylie is and even has baby tutorials. If you could find a girl or guy to agree to become your shrunken baby then you could get tons of followers! “

She looked at Mandy from the couch as she picked up her phone.

Mandy said, “According to this, getting the items might not be a problem since I would be using them on a site like this.”

“Look, Lady GooGoo just posted a video on how to baby proof your house for your shrunken baby and it already has 1.2 million views in less than a day!” Riley held out her phone so Mandy could see.

Mandy knew beyond any doubt, Riley would make the perfect forever baby pet. She took out a small notepad from her purse and wrote down the contact information on the items necessary to create one of those types of infants. Mandy also whipped out her padd/phone and called up the website and posted a large order.

All the necessary items, plus cute clothes, infant toys, and of course lots of diapers and plastic lined and normal plastic panties. She filled out the required application for the process for the shrinking. Due to her wanting to use this for commercial purposes, and the fact her credentials were all in proper order, she was approved.

Mandy grinned as she looked at Riley with a gleam in her eye. Mandy said softly as she took Riley by the hand, “Come, girlfriend, lets go to the mall. I have several places I need to shop.”

Riley looked at Mandy and smiled “Sure, plus, maybe we can scope out possibly finding a girl you’d want to shrink into your baby so your online status blows up!” Both her and Mandy headed out to her car hand in hand and headed to the mall.

When they got to the mall, it was slightly crowded with people hustling and bustling about their particular chores. Riley and Mandy got out of the car and saw a woman unbuckling an adorable shrunken woman from a car seat. She was just precious in her rumba panties and the cute jumper top.

Both Mandy and Riley cooed in a gushing tone. “ Oh my god! She is so adorable! It’s like she actually is a baby!”

“You have to do it! Heck, I’d even babysit for you!” Riley commented laughing. Mandy grinned as she took Riley by the hand once again as if she were already a toddler and both of them happily walked into the mall.

Once they had entered the mall, Mandy made an almost B-line to the nearest Babies of all Ages specialty shop. This store sold anything one would need.

Once inside the shop, an adorably dressed young woman came up to them and giggled like a child, “Hi, she waved pleasantly, “My name’s Tina an Imma little girl. Can I heps ya wifs ennythin?”

Mandy looked the precious woman over. She had on a very cute Snuggle Bug Romper. It tied behind her neck and it was more than obvious she didn’t have on a top underneath and had some very bulky type of undies on.

Mandy and Riley spoke at the same time, “You are so cute.”

The woman giggled and acted silly for a minute before her eyes got really big and her mouth opened into an O. She grabbed between her legs with both hands as she looked at Mandy and Riley with the cutest expression.

A woman came from the back, stopped for a minute, then walked over to the young woman. She knelt down and cooed softly, “I told you to tell me when you had to potty. Now you wet yourself again.”

The young woman poked out her bottom lip adorably and stomped her foot, “I no wanna facea potty monser. It bits me onna butt n leaves teef marks.”

The woman said to us, “Look around for a minute and see if anything strikes your fancy. I have to deal with my little girl, she’s in potty training and fears the Potty Monster. It’s so cute.” The woman turned and led the young woman to the back.

“Oh MY GOD! She was just so adorable and you can tell she was someone who was shrunk too.” Riley said to Mandy. “ I mean what kind of girl are you going to shrink and how small are you going to shrink her?”

Riley went over to Mandy who was beginning to look at outfits and smiled. “ These are super cute! I seriously think I might take up babysitting a shrunken adult. I mean they’re so adorable and are even acting like their age!”

Riley picked up a pacifier and put it in her mouth. She turned around and looked at Mandy. “ Look at me! Aren’t I adorable?” Riley said laughing and giggling as she struck a pose for Mandy.

By this time, Mandy was positive Riley was the perfect baby pet for her. She had already read how the shrunken ones rapidly become a cute mix of the infant and the adult they used to be with adorable results.

After presenting her authorization to purchase, Mandy found the perfect mix of additives that would produce a totally diaper dependant almost toddler she could start to potty train. There wa a side note, they never would potty train once shrunk to certain parameters. Mandy thought for a minute and decided Riley should be diaper dependant … after all it was only right for a toddler to need diapers .. and have occasional accidents in her panties and wet the bed while playing Potty Training and of course never actually managing it.

Mandy bought the necessary ingredients. After paying the older woman, and admiring her Little girl who was in just a diaper and panties with a cute shorty top, she took Riley by the hand and lead her to the food court.

Mandy pulled a chair from the table and said in a soft pleasant coo, “Be a good girl and sit here while I go and buy us some lunch.”

Riley all of a sudden began to feel very weird, she didn’t know if it was the way Mandy was acting or the fact they’ve been seeing little shrunk adults everywhere but it felt like Mandy was treating Riley like a child.

Riley shrugged it off. Riley watched a woman happily hold her shrunken baby pet in her lap and feed it a French Fry while talking with her friends and cooing all over the shrunken adult.

Riley waited patiently for Mandy to return as she took out her phone and began to search the internet on it. Riley realized not just anybody could get the items necessary to own a shrunken baby pet, but only those who met the specialized criteria and had impeccable credentials.

Mandy bought several large boxes of chicken tenders and enough honey mustard for an infant to make a really enormous mess. She also bought several drinks. Mandy mixed exactly the ingredients the Baby Kit she had purchased said to mix to get the perfect toddler that was too old for diapers but much too young for panties into Riley’s drink. A wave of guilt passed quickly as she knew this was being done to Riley without permission, but what the heck? A baby doesn’t ask, she’s told by an adult.

Mandy returned and placed the box of chicken tenders and the spiked drink in front of Riley, then sat and took her own box and drink. Riley watched for an instant as Mandey started to drink her drink and eat her tenders before she took a large swig of her soda. She was very thirsty as she drank several large gulps.

As soon as the last swallow hit her tummy, Riley felt it get warm, and cold at the same time. She felt a wonderfully hot/cold sensation spread rapidly through her body as large goose flesh rose all over her. Riley realized with a start, her clothes had become too large for her and continued getting larger all the time. Riley also noticed the table and everything around her had started to somehow seem larger than when she had first sat.

Riley was in shock, “ What the heck is happening to me?” She said with a bit of a shriek as her voice changed to a higher tone and other people turned to look. The ones with shrunken adult babies already knew what was happening and just carried on like it was nothing at all.

“Mandy?! Did you put something in my drink?” Riley slipped off the ever growing chair and tried to stand, but instantly fell over in a pile of her old way too large clothes. Riley held up her former bra, which looked like a little girl holding up her mommy’s bra. Riley looked at Mandy in shock. Mandy looked like a giant now. Mandy squats down to look Riley over . “OMG YOU SHRUNK ME!!!” Riley screamed in her toddler's voice.

Mandy was all smiles as she looked over her new baby pet. Mandy said in a soft coo as she gathered the now Toddler Riley into her arms all bundled in her way over sized clothing, “Relax, sweetheart. You told me to find the perfect girl, and I chose you. You’re perfect. Don’t worry, you will become more infantile shortly. Oooo am so pleased at how you turned out too.”

Mandy carried the fussing and screeching Riley back to the family room potty and the changing counter there. Other patrons watched, those with shrunken infants already, smiled huge knowing smiles.

“Mandy what the fucking hell?! I told you to shrink someone else not me!” Riley squeaked as she was put down on the changing station by Mandy. “ This can’t be happening, I was supposed to go have dinner with my parents tonight!” Riley said as she noticed several other shrunken adults being changed into their new clothes and diapers. Riley finally realized that’s what Mandy was going to do to her. “ How dare you do this to me! This is unfair!” Riley said folding her arms and fussing and pouting. Riley looked up at the full grown Mandy. Riley found it hard to believe her friend did this to her without her even knowing or even giving consent.

Mandy had read the manual and followed what it said to do in the first hour. Her new infant had to come to the realization they were now too young to have any kind of opinions. Mandy had registered Riley with the new Infant Site and Riley was officially a shrink baby pet by law.

Mandy removed the way oversized, and now slightly damp clothing from Riley and laid her nude body on the coolness of the changing table. Mandy lifted Riley by her ankles and inserted the three fixing suppositories into her bottom as the instructions said, before placing it in a soft, warm, and very thick cloth crawly diaper. She powdered Riley well, before pinning her snugly, but comfortable into its soft embrace with a pair of locking snuggle bug safety pins.

Mandy quickly kissed Riley on her lips as she cooed softly, “Just relax, sweetheart. I promise to take good care of baby. All of everything has been taken care of and you are now my baby pet by law.”

With this, Mandy blew a very large raspberry right into Riley’s tummy. Riley’s eyes grew large with surprise and a total infantile joy spread all through the now kicking and giggling infant.

Mandy smiled, she knew Riley would make a perfect baby very soon as it appeared the process was working very quickly.

Mandy then removed a cute pair of powder blue plastic lined rumba panties from her large purse, and threaded Riley’s feet through the leg openings and pulled them on. Next, Mandy pulled a really cute and lacy dress from her purse and threaded Riley’s head and arms into the matching very short Fairy Princess Babydoll dress.

As Mandy straightened out the lace and ruffles around the dresses puffy sleeves and gave the short hem a tug, Riley began to feel the influence of the drugs entering into her system. She could actually feel it as her adulthood was being gently overwritten by many toddler traits. She knew it would be hard to even remember being an adult very soon. Riley could see herself in the mirror across the way. She was an extremely adorably cute little baby pet at this point.

After Mandy had put a pair of very soft booties on Riley’s feet, she began to brush her hair with a stiff bristle brush. After it shone and became very soft, Mandy gathered it into two ponytails and tied them off with cute little snuggle bug barretts.

“ Bu dis no fair!” Riley said as she covered her mouth in shock. She was beginning to sound like the little girl that they just saw in the shop a few minutes ago.

Riley began to have a huge sudden urge to soil herself. She fought the urge by closing her eyes and concentrating really hard. It had less and less effect the more moments passed. Riley knew it would be very shortly and she would have an accident and would be unable to help herself.

Just then, Riley felt herself being picked up by Mandy, being bounced on her hip, and heard Mandy cooing about her as she carried the now infant pet Riley back out into the food court. Other bigs began to coo and aww over how adorable Riley looked as her new shrunken self while Mandy placed her in a High Chair, fastened the safety belt, then lowered the tray over Riley’s head locking it into place.

Mandy cooed softly, “Now, be a good baby girl and sit quietly while mommy gets us some lunch.”

Riley looked all around while Mandy stood a few feet away at the food counter. She realized suddenly, just how many infants in strollers were there at the food court. Riley looked out into the main Mall and saw many infants and toddlers all over. It looked to Riley as if this was how she was going to be from now on … Mandy’s baby pet.

Riley sat there in shock, seeing all the shrunken people that were being pushed around in strollers, carried on people’s hips and toddling behind what one could only assume were former lovers, friends. Riley could only think that she wanted someone for Mandy to shrink down so that she could get more views!

Riley’s thoughts began to slowly turn from worrying to seeing a toy another shrunken person was playing with and wondering how she could get that toy away from them. Riley shook her head to get those kind of thoughts out as she was fighting to keep her adult self intact, although she was having little success as her mind and body more and more rapidly accepted her new status as an baby pet.

After Riley got done shaking her head, she saw Mandy paying at the counter and waiting for food and wondered why she did this to her of all people, she could’ve gotten any other random person off the street but she chose her! Riley wanted to know why.

Mandy returned and put Riley into a high char and lowered the tray. She placed the chicken strips smothered in catsup on the tray in front of Riley. Riley wasn’t real sure what happened, but next time her mind came back, she was having her face and hands cleaned by Mandy, and Riley could see several others around the food court looking on and smiling as they too cared for their little.

Mandy cooed softly as she took Riley to her breast and patted her bottom softly, “That’s a good baby girl. I have always wished you could be my babydoll or something you are so cute. I have been in love with you since highschool. Now, you’re mine forever.”

Needless to say, the Baby Pet hour feed was a huge success and Mandy made much money. Riley, of course, forgot she was ever an adult and loved Mandy with all her heart.

The Mandy and Riley Hour appeared on TV and became a highly rated and extremely popular show as well.

Of course, Riley feared the potty monster and the whole viewing population thought this was adorable.

~~ Life of a Baby Pet goes on ~~
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