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The Sniper

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Sep 03, 2020 4:50 pm

The Sniper

My name is Cynthia Miller. I’m 18 years old, about 4’ 9” tall, and am a girl now. The only way I can prove to everyone on the inquiry board, I am who I say I am ... is to recount this story as only who I used to be could.

Before this last mission, I was a man named, Captain Randy Miller. I was part of a Special Forces Team trained to infiltrate and surgically strike deep within enemy positions. I was their top sniper and had orders to specifically target any soldier discovered wearing a new type of never before seen armor if at all possible.

The pictures of it amazed me. I would almost swear it was a radically modified and super advanced version of the armored suit DARPA had built to prototype.

The DARPA prototype Armor, for 40 minutes, made it’s wearer one of the most formidable and effective soldiers on the planet. After 40 minutes, the power supply had to be re-cored and recharged for 12 hours to become battle ready.

DARPA engineers and scientists had been stymied over the power supply issue for several years. Due to the incredible power demands of the suit, and the necessary size of the power supply, not even the photovoltaic shell helped much in recovering power during sunlight hours. None of the super brains could figure out how to make a fuel cell small enough to supply the energy requirements for longer than 40 minutes, nor could they figure out how to make the power supply small enough to carry like a battery to swap out as needed.

Seems this had all changed suddenly when we had reports of a downed C36 RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) that had actual footage of this type of armor in action. It was incredible to see ... 3 of them in armor walk through 8 tanks ... the Abrams ... didn’t even slow them down. The damage to the tanks after the encounter ... was unbelievable. From what I could see, the Abrams did minimal to no damage to the Armored Suit.

The 50 Cal machine guns nor the 70mm cannon did much damage to the Armored suits because the advanced tracking equipment of the Abrams never could get a solid lock or directly hit one, however ... the tanks did considerable damage to the surroundings.

From the footage, the Armored Suits had some type of plasma weapon. I saw them basically point at the tanks, and a rather large blue-white ball of liquid looking energy sprang from the suit’s wrist.
On impact ... Wow!!

The Tank basically had a huge chunk torn from it and turned into more plasma that consumed most of the tank. I watched as the armor plating of the tank dissolved into more of the boiling liquid looking plasma until it seemed it ran out of matter to convert, and faded away. There was little left of the tank, and what was ... was totally unrecognizable.

Washington immediately declared this a serious National Security Issue. All forces and NATO Allies were put on Defcon 2 Alert. All of the Nation’s Elite Forces were called in and briefed on the issue. None of us had any clue as to how we could possibly get one of these armored suits intact.

The only one that we had been able to stop, required a 6 barrel Vulcan Cannon with exploding, armor piercing, depleted uranium tipped shells. The amount of firepower to stop this armored suit ... was incredibly impressive. It took several hundred exploding rounds. The suit apparently had exploded from the damage it sustained.

The damage it took to bring one down had all of the World’s leaders scrambling for answers. Not even the DARPA version had anywhere near this type of capability, nor was it in anyway as advanced.

Based on the damage sustained from the exploding armor piercing rounds of the Vulcan, and the remains of the armored suit we had acquired, it was determined that a light weight rifle could be created to fire a self guided, exploding, armor piercing ordinance that should be able to penetrate the Suit’s Armor without completely destroying it.
I on the other hand ... wasn’t so sure of it.

The Weapon

It was 2am on a Thursday. I was wakened by Major Scott, who had a 2 man armed escort.

The Major informed me, “Captain, I’m sorry to wake you, but the General wants you in his office ... Yesterday.”

I get out of my bunk and grumble, “Yes, sir. What is it he wants? Or is it too secret to tell even me?”

The Major laughs and replies, “No, not so secret. As you know, Sci-Ops has developed a new type of weapon. It is designed to be like a sniper rifle ... The ordinance is highly advanced and has it’s own internal GPS targeting system. It’s also self propelled. Once it has locked onto a certain target ... no matter where the target moves ... it will hit the target at point of lock.”

Only response is a grunt from me. I only hoped they let me get a cup of coffee before the briefing. I would hate to see the General without it. I dress quickly in my BDUs and follow the Major under armed escort to the General’s office.
As I walk in, I am handed a wonderful cup of steaming hot coffee.

The General says, “At ease Captain. This briefing is informal ... I know you and your skills ... and we have a huge job for you to do.”

The General nods to the Major ... he and his 2 armed escorts leave. The door closes with a click.

The General pushes a button on his intercom and says in a commanding voice, “Bring it in ... and give me one of your brains to explain it to the Captain.”

The voice over the intercom replies, “Yes, Sir. They are bringing it in as we speak.”

The door to the General’s office opens and 12 men enter. All of them in long white lab coats. 2 of them were pulling a cart with a long box on it that had many smaller boxes stacked on top. The big box was almost 5 feet long and 3 feet across. The other boxes were various sizes and shapes.

The men begin to unload the cart. They set the largest box on top of the conference table and move the chairs so it could be closely approached. The many other boxes they stack beside the table in close proximity. I finish my coffee as they unload.

When the men had finished unloading the cart, 11 of them leave, and the youngest looking one in thick glasses stays behind.

He says in one of those irritatingly squeaky egghead voices, “Good morning gentlemen, my name is Dr. Thompson. I am here to explain the principals and usage of the new X14b2 Rifle and the laser scope. As you can see, it also has a 40 caliber grenade launcher ... for emergencies.”

He opens the lid to the long box ... and takes IT out. My mouth fell open. It was the most beautiful weapon I think I had ever laid my eyes on in my entire professional sniper career!

It was sleek and slim as a sniper weapon should be. The laser scope was a new design I had never seen before. I could tell it could be either manually or auto loaded with ordinance. I noted that the clip area for this weapon was 12 inches long.

I could see no triggers ... I did see 2 buttons where the trigger should have been. I also noted that there were LED readouts and a small keypad on the side of the weapon’s stock. I knew in my mind that reality had finally caught up with science fiction.

Thompson placed the weapon on the table, then began unpacking the other boxes. I could see a large battery pack belt that had the new fuel cells. He then opened a rather large box and removed what looked like micro size missiles. They were 10 inches long and looked just like a sidewinder missile.

Thompson said in his irritating voice, “This is how the clip is loaded.”

He demonstrated how the micro missiles fit into the large clip. Each one slipped easily into the clip with a soft click.

He continued, “You only have 8 shots. The explosive yield of the warhead is equivalent to 100 of the depleted uranium tipped, armor piercing, exploding Vulcan rounds. You must make the shots no less than 20 yards ... and then under cover. The yield will be a pinpoint target of about 2 inches ... and will pack one heck of a punch. This should disable the suit if it is hit in the right place.”

Thompson hands me the clip and 1 of the rounds. I hold it in my hands. The projectile is heavy. I slip it into the clip with a soft click. It is very easy to load. The weight of the clip with all of the rounds was impressive. I guessed about 9 pounds in all. This weapon is going to be slightly heavy I was thinking.

Thompson picks up the weapon and pulls the charging handle to the locked back position.

He points to the 2 buttons where the trigger should be and explains, “This top button is the tracking and lock button. You hold the button down while you aim at your target. When the red light in the laser scope turns green ... there is a solid unjamable lock to the target. This is done by using a bonded pair of electrons. Once the lock is made ... distance is no object. Doesn’t matter where the weapon is pointed either ... just fire ... it will hit its target.”

He plugs the power belt into the weapon and turns on the cells. I see the weapon come to life. He holds the weapon where I see the red spot in the scope. He holds down the top button ... the spot instantly turns green.

Thompson continues, “To cancel target lock, hold both the tracking button and the fire button at the same time ... pressing track first and holding it, then fire and hold it until the green spot turns red again.”

He again demonstrates. I see the spot turn red once again as the lock is cancelled. I am impressed.

He turns the weapon on its side with the LED screen up. I can see there is a miniature keyboard under the LED readout like on my palmtop computer.

Thompson continues, “This weapon has a nano scale computer system built into the stock. It has global positioning and communications along with threat assessment. As long as there is a satellite, this weapon is internet capable. It can even assess your personal body damage and recommend a course of life saving first aid until you can reach a proper medical facility.”

He hands me the weapon. It doesn’t feel like it’s real. It’s light as a feather and fits in the hand well balanced. I push the clip in with a click. Several red lights on the stock of the weapon turn green. I release the charging handle and the breech bolt slides forward with a soft click. The led screen announces the weapon is loaded and fully operational.

Thompson says, “The battery pack has a life expectancy of 50 years with just that weapon. It can also operate the M372 combat helmet with the night goggles. There would be no significant power drain on the fuel cell. If we could figure a way to make the fuel cell more efficient ... we could send you out in one of our Armored Suits. There would be no real competition against the ones your going after ... but it would still give you a greater advantage.”

The General says, “All right son, we have set up a sort of firing range in the hangar for you to see what your weapon is like. I am not going to send one of my troops into a L/D situation with an untried weapon.” The general walks to his desk and pushes the intercom, “Major, we will need you services again for an escort to the test hangar.”

The Major’s voice over the intercom, “Yes, Sir.”

The Major and the 2 armed men enter the general’s office. I gather up the rest of the ordinance and fasten the power belt around my waist. The major and his men escort the general, Thompson, and myself out of the building and into a waiting HumV.

From there, the Major drives us to a hanger removed from all the rest of the base. There is an electrified, very tall chain link fence with a guard station at the gate. The General shows his ID and the guard salutes sharply and waves us through.

The HummV pulls up in front of the hangar door. As if on cue, the massive multipart door slides back and leaves a 6 foot opening. The Major and his armed men escort us the rest of the way into the hangar. The general pushes a button on a devise in his hand .. the door slides shut and lights come on in the hangar.

I see a single firing lane set up with a 6 foot thick piece of Steel plating at the end of the 100 yard lane. On the plate, someone had painted a picture of Osama ben Lauden. I smirked and shook my head.

The general says, “Ok son, time for you to get used to the weapon. You will be facing an enemy more deadly than any we have ever seen.”

I reply, “Yes, sir.” And salute sharply.

I walk to the firing line and kneel. I get the head of the drawing in my crosshairs and touch the top button. The red light immediately turns green. I can hear a very slight whining noise coming from the weapon. I turn suddenly and point the weapon towards the doors of the hangar and push the bottom fire button.

I realize that the weapon fired the ordinance as a railgun as it makes a soft buzzing noise. It was already traveling at terminal velocity before the projectile’s own rocket engine even ignites. What happens next is quicker than I could think.

At the far end of the firing lane, there is a tremendous explosion. I could feel the overpressure and heat from it as it passed. There was now a 12 inch hole where the drawing’s head used to be. The Steel plate was ... completely penetrated along with a part of the back wall. I was totally impressed. I had hit the target with pinpoint accuracy ... while pointing the weapon in the opposite direction from the target.

The general slaps his thigh and does a little dance as he says in an excited voice, “Hot ****!! That’s what I’m talking about!!”

Thompson is cowering with his arms and hands over his head. He says in his irritating voice with a tinge of fear, “That’s about all the skill necessary to hit the target. Point in the general direction, lock, fire. The weapon does the rest.”

The general says in a commanding voice, “Captain, you leave as soon as we can prep the C130. We will drop you in within 6 klicks of the last known position. You must use all of your stealth skills to approach and attempt capture of one of these Suits in as intact condition as possible. Failure is not an option the US is willing to consider.”

He salutes sharply. I return the salute and reply simply, “Yes, sir.”
I know in my heart ... this is a suicide mission.

The Mission

I am doing my best to get comfortable. Between the metal locking rings in the web seating and the tie down hooks beneath me, I am having a miserable time. Only thing that minimizes the discomfort ... is the droning of the engines, and my parachute.

I had removed my parachute and survival pack and stowed it under me to add a layer or 2 of padding. As I nodded sleepily, I could tell the aircraft was slowing by the sound of the engine as the pilot feathered the props. The Drop Master comes back from the forward flight deck and kicks me on my boot.

He says above all the noise, “Captain ... we will be at the drop zone shortly. Time to suit up.”

I undo the seat harness and pick up my parachute. As I fasten and adjust all the straps, I go over in my head the specifications on the parafoil type flying parachute. I will be able to fly this chute like a wing. Under the right conditions, I could land anywhere at will.

I ensure the power belt is properly fastened to my waist and the put on the M372 combat helmet and plug it into the power belt. The helmet comes alive. I am tied into the comm network and all the heads up displays come on line with the satellite feeds.

I pick up the satchel with my ammunition and insure it is strapped to my chest along with my weapon. The Drop Master checks all of the straps on my chute and the attaching equipment. With a pat on the top of helmet and a thumbs up he signals all is ready.

The red drop light turns green as I fasten my lanyard to the chute cable. The Drop Master pushes a button and the rear door of the C130 opens. There is rushing wind creating a loud roar. I adjust the pickups on my helmet ... the roar is filtered out.

I look out of the back of the C130 ... all I see is some of the most rugged terrain I think I have ever seen. Mountains, hills, valleys, and thick jungles all around. I walk out on the ramp backwards to the edge of the ramp ... and step off into free space.

I am falling ... there is much air passing. The lanyard tightens suddenly and pulls the rip on my chute. It deploys with a loud pop and my decent slows to nothing suddenly. I can feel all the straps dig into my flesh.

I take hold of the guidance lines and begin to steer my parafoil into a slow lazy circle as I get my bearings. My helmet provides all the necessary data I need to determine the last location the Armor was sighted.

Off in the distance, I see the place the tanks lost the first encounter. The place is totally destroyed.

I can see the main trial leading through the jungle .. and I see a clearing that would do just perfect to touch down in. I steer my chute in that direction. The air is calm and has a slight chill as I circle my chosen LZ. I prepare myself for touch down.

I land ... my chute is suddenly on fire and I am being tossed into the brush by a nasty explosion. I slide down an embankment and rest on my face at the bottom. I can hear strange whining noises and more explosions. My first thought is that I had been made and am under attack. After several more large explosions, I realize I am not the target ... but something else is.

As quickly as I can, I remove the shredded vestiges of my chute. I check out my weapon and the ordinance ... all the clips are loaded and the weapon comes on line as soon as I plug it into the power belt. I load one of the clips and pull, then release the charging handle. The LED screen announces the weapon is loaded and operational.

I notice new data on the HUD displays on my visor. The nano computer system of the weapon had interfaced beautifully with the Comm feeds in my helmet.

The view is from Satcom 12 ... a Geo-Sync satellite 22,500 miles up. The picture is clear as a bell. What I see amazes me. Apparently there are a total of 6 Armored individuals firing at each other. Both armor’s are jet black except ... 3 of them were outlined in red ... the other 3 were outlined in white. It looked like some kind of advanced robot. All 6 of them were throwing a tremendous amount of fire power at each other.

I also noticed strange aircraft I couldn’t see clearly because of the angle of the feed. I did get a good enough view to know ... these aircraft were like nothing I had ever seen before.

I sit for a bit hoping that at least one of the suits would be damaged in the fight and I might be able to salvage it with out having to fire a shot. I see one of the Whites fired a blob of plasma that hit the chest plate of one of the Reds ... There was a tremendous explosion ... 2 of the red Armors were Tango / Uniform ... Torn Up!! Smoldering debris fell every where as the remaining suits continued to fire at each other.

I sit back with my back to the small embankment I had been thrown behind. I have never seen that much firepower in such a small area before. I know I will have to at least try to disable 1 of the remaining suits. I know my chances are none to ...

I notice suddenly that the explosions and whining noises stopped abruptly. I roll over and adjust the focal length of my visor to get a first hand assessment of the situation. I could see the 3 whites appeared to be searching for the remaining red. There was some kind of blue ray coming from their chest plates as they scanned the surrounding foliage.

I could see the smoldering remains of the 2 reds that had exploded. 1 of the reds had a lot of remaining hardware. I could also see ... these were in fact Powered armor suits ... I could see the remains of who or what ever it was operating it splattered inside.

As luck would have it, I see the remaining red drop over the edge of the rise into the small gully I was hiding in. I bring my weapon up and push the top button when the head piece of red’s armor was in my cross hairs. The red light turns green ... Positive lock!

I scramble to a more hidden place among the trees and vines and find a small divot in the face of the gully’s wall and hide there. I point my weapon up ... and push the bottom fire button.

There is a tremendous explosion ... much dirt and smoldering debris falls every where. I see in my HUD that the whites are coming right to me. No! There’s no way I can take on 3 of these monsters when they know where I am. A massive explosion hits the far side of the gully ... huge amounts of dirt and many tree debris scatters every where as the ground shakes.

I scramble out into the middle of the gully ... I see the remains of the red I had nailed ... it was a perfect shot ... the head piece of the suit was ... missing ... from the shoulders down was still intact amid many showers of sparks.

I turn in time to see one of the whites come to the edge of the gully. It had not yet seen me ... I saw it. I again bring my weapon up ... head piece in the cross hairs ... I push the top button ... The light turns green ... I push the fire button as I am jumping into another hiding place.

This time, there are several huge explosions all at the same time. The place I was standing was now a smoldering crater in the ground 6 feet across and 8 or 9 feet deep. I am covered in the debris from that explosion and hurt in many places from the over pressure.

I can see the white I had just attacked sliding into the crater with no head piece ... Yes!! I had taken 2 of them out.

I attempt to get a better satellite view. Because of the heavy growth ... I lost site of the remaining Suits. I knew I had to get some distance from where I was ... it was critical.

I duck and cover and crawl for what seems like miles. Huge explosions close by and the falling debris constantly remind me that I am now the hunted. The remaining suits are relentless in pursuing me.

I double back and find a small glade between the hill I was on and the next rise. I can see a creek running down at the bottom about 100 yards away. Out of the bush 20 yards to my left, one of the remaining whites appears. There is some type of blue rays coming from his chest piece and it appears to be scanning the far bank of the creek.

It hasn’t seen me yet. I throw my weapon to my shoulder and make another positive lock ... this time on the waist area. I intend to save a head piece.

Suddenly ... hell erupts around me. I feel much pain and a whole lot of heat as I am tossed out of the jungle into the glade by a huge explosion. I hit the ground hard. I know I am seriously injured. I am in terrible pain. I see what’s left of my weapon lying in the grass in pieces ... the visor of my helmet is broken and there are sparks.

I see a white come up and stand over me as my vision blurs and a grey fog seems to rise around me and engulf my senses ... I feel the white inject something into me ... no more pain ... just darkness.
Am I Dreaming

I am completely disoriented. The darkness is lifting and I hear strange musical ... voices? I am almost completely numb. I have some sensations ... but nothing I would define as ... feeling in my body. The only actual feeling I can describe ... is being cold ... although ... even that is subdued and far away.

I open my eyes and realize they are swollen and I can barely get them open to slits.
It feels like I am strapped down. I cannot move my legs or my arms. As my vision clears some, I can see in the very polished metal reflector of the light above me ... I am very badly hurt. Both my legs look shredded. My right arm is gone from the elbow and I see several places where the skin on my torso had been expertly sewn closed. The marks were long and had many sutures. Someone has taken great pains to insure I didn’t die ... yet.

I am able to move my head to the side a little. I see many people in many different colored ... they appear to be jumpsuits. I hear them speaking, but it is in a language I am totally unfamiliar with.

I see much very strange equipment. I know immediately this has nothing to do with anything from the planet Earth. I can only define what I am seeing as a nerd’s science fantasy. The only thing in the room my mind can identify with, is the people in the jumpsuits ... every thing else is beyond my imagination.

I suddenly feel a very intense and weird wave of something run through me. My head buzzes and my vision tunnels really badly until it passes. Several of the people in blue jumpsuits approach me and attach things to my destroyed body. They notice I am awake.

One of them walks away from me into a room on the other side of where I am. When she returns, she is with a very beautiful woman dressed in an all white jumpsuit. She walks over to me and gently runs her hand through my hair.

I know she is speaking softly to me ... I have absolutely no clue as to what she is saying. I hear many clicks and gasps and strange musical sounds coming from her. She holds out a hand and one of the blues hands her a devise. I can sort of feel her press it to the back of my neck ... there is a pressure. I know it should have stung a lot from the amount of pressure I feel. It was just a heavy pressure on the back of my head and neck.

My head again goes really fuzzy and it feels like something is crawling inside my head.
The clicks, gasps and musical sounds slowly turn into ... language I understand. I now do feel a sort of pain ... I have a small headache starting from the place she put what ever it was to my neck to the front between my eyes.

The woman in white bends over me. She runs her hand softly through my hair again and says softly, “My name is Lisa Pwssjzzdf. I am a healer. I am trying to save your life. Don’t worry about the last name ... Just call me Lisa.”

I do my best to reply. I feel I have many broken ribs as I gasp, “Wh .. Where am I?”

Lisa replies, “You’re in Medlab. You are very seriously injured.”

I gasp out, “Th ... that ... Armored thing ... was attacking.”

She replies softly, “That was a combat team deployed for a search and destroy mission. It was to intercept and retire the opposing combat team that had landed on this planet. This planet is off limits to combat teams and they were here setting up a strike base in violation. Why did you get involved in the battle? It did not concern you or your planet.”

I gasp, “It did concern my planet ... you destroyed an entire tank unit. My mission ... was to neutralize you.”

I can see surprise on her face as she replies, “You were quite effective at that too. There is not enough of your weapon left to determine how it was so effective, but our Prefectus has taken notice a primitive species like yours stopped 2 fully armored and functional combat Members. Your weapon not only penetrated the armor, it also made a target lock against the Suit’s defenses.”

I feel my strength fading ... I am starting to get really fuzzy in my head and it seems the light in the room is getting dimmer.

I gasp out in a failing frail voice, “We ... th .. thought you were here to attack us. All the evidence proved it.”

Lisa says softly, “The individuals in red are called Thrnoxians. They are extremely aggressive and highly dangerous. They do not follow the rules of engagement nor any treaty any star system has ever made with them. We didn’t arrive here in time to stop them from destroying your units ... for that ... we are deeply sorry.”

I gasp out in a last breath as my strength fails, “I ... if ... they are the bad ones, wh .. who are .. y .. you?”

She bends close and softly whispers, We are called the Universal Imperium. We are the most powerful entity in the free universe and stand adamantly against the Thrnoxians and their bid to rule or destroy every inhabited system they encounter. We have completely destroyed all of their home system worlds, and are now doing a system by system clean up of the last vestiges.”

I see Lisa waving her hand at several of the techs as they immediately scramble off in various directions. They return and continue attaching strange devices to my shredded body in a wild flurry of activity.

Lisa continues, “You are very badly injured. I am unable to save your body ... it is dying and will cease to function shortly.”

I am shocked ... but too weak to respond. I know I am fading ... I can actually feel my life going away as things get dim and really fuzzy. I seem to see a dark fog rising from all around me and engulfing my senses. I really don’t want to die.

Lisa continues, “We have to time this just right. It’s a ... at the moment of ... type of thing. We didn’t have another male in the Genetic Clone pool ... but what was there is young, extremely healthy, and is who you will have to be if I am to save you. We do not have the time to grow you a new body.”

With this, she kisses me softly on my forehead and everyone turns and leaves me. The last one, in a red jumpsuit, straightens my head so I am looking straight up. He places a gold colored band of some sort around my head and closes a partial hood over the rest of my body. I can dimly feel heat coming from the hood over me.
I realize ... NO!! ... I can’t breath!! ... I feel ... my heart ... NO!!

My eyes get huge as I struggle vainly ... Like a light switch turning off ... darkness engulfs me ... My heart has stopped and I no longer breath ... the time that all must face has come ... all that is, is over ... I die.
New Horizons

I am aware that ... I am ... Aware?? My last memories ... I died! I sit up suddenly ... not such a good idea. My head swims violently and I become extremely dizzy.

I can feel someone’s hands take hold of me and lay me back softly in the bed.

A soft female cooing voice, “All right sweetie, none of those sudden types of moves for a few days ... Ok??”

I feel very sick ... nauseated. I have motion sickness.

The voice says softly, “You have just been in a very bad accident. Your SynChord surgery went better than expected. You will feel motion sickness until your mind and body catch up with each other ... for the lack of a better explanation.”

I can feel I am being gently tucked in. The bed is very soft and comfortable. There is an unidentifiable aroma in the air. It is very pleasant. I can hear soft soothing tones playing very gently in the back ground.

The voice continues, “Dr. Pwssjzzdf told us to take special care of you. I will give you something to help clear your head.”

I feel something cold touch my arm ... a sort of popping noise and a sting. My stomach settles quickly, though my head is still fuzzy and I am very groggy.

I ask in a very soft and different voice than I remember having, “Where am ... I??”

I see more of that far out and weird equipment every where around me when I open my eyes. I look at the person sitting on the edge of the bed. It is a very young girl in a green jumpsuit.

She smiles warmly and replies, “You’re in the recovery area. This is part of MedLab.”

She pats me on my arm reassuringly. I move my head slowly around. I do not recognize any of the equipment I see. It is beyond anything I have ever seen or heard of. I look down at the covers ... What I see doesn’t make any ... wait!!

I ask in what sounds like a young girl’s voice, “What is ... SynChord surgery?”

I slowly begin to sit up. My head begins to swim ... but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I can feel the hands of the girl helping me into a more up right position.

She replies, “It’s where you ... are Psychically removed from your spiritual inhabitation at the point of death and restored into another blank spiritual habitation that lives. In other words sweetie, your ... not who you used to be.”

I see my body. I am wearing a babydoll night gown. I hold my hands in front of me while the girl in the blue steadies me. My hands are small and delicate. I have small firm breasts. I slowly take them in my hands and ... feel them. They are ... me!! I look back at the Girl in blue, my eyes large and a look of astonishment on my face.

She giggles softly and says, “We are sorry. The only BioClone we had, was a 14 year old female blank. You were dying ... and we didn’t have time to grow you another. This process only works 1 time ... and this was the only one we had when you needed one.”

I cannot believe it ... these .... people had saved my life. But, to do it, I was now a ... girl.
My mind starts to swim as it truly sinks in. I know I am a lot smaller than I used to be.

I ask softly, “How ... old am I? You said .. 14? One more thing .. what’s your name?”

She puts her hand to her mouth and says in an embarrassed voice, “I’m so sorry, my name’s Trendy. I’m your recovery nurse. I’m also the one that will do the PSImix on you. Your body is only 6 months old chronologically and genetically. It takes that long to grow a BioClone. Your body is that of a 14 yo girl. How ever, we have made documents and other things to prove to your superiors, you are who you will say you are.”

I know the look on my face is one of total incredulity. I take my hand and slowly slip it into my panties ... I just have to. As I touch my vagina, an intense and wonderful chill runs all through me raising goose bumps all over my body. I am totally mind blown. I can’t help what happens next ... too much too fast. I still remember what it feels like ... to die ...

I burst out in tears. The more I cry ... the more it comes out. I really can’t help myself.

Trendy takes me into her arms and hugs me softly as she coos, “It’s all right sweetie. You are a very pretty girl. We promise that you will have every thing you need for the rest of your life. If your Government proves to be ... difficult ... we will give you something to make them ... more agreeable.”

I hug her back. I do not understand what the emotions I am feeling are. I do know I am totally disoriented and my head isn’t working very well.

Trendy kisses me on top of my head, then gently lays me back into the bed and tucks me back in.

She says softly, “You have been through a lot in the last several hours. According to Dr. Pwssjzzdf, you shouldn’t be awake yet. I’m going to give you something to help you sleep. When you wake from the MedFeild, Dr. Pwssjzzdf is going to have a long talk with you. She will explain every thing and answer all the questions she ... is able to.”

I see Trendy go to a bank of what looked like small twinkling lights. She wavers her hand through them and they swirl in brilliant sparkly colors. The tone playing in the room changes ... the room grows very dim and a soft blue/white light permeates everything.

I see Trendy turn and blow me a kiss as she says softly, “Nighty sweetie. We will see you soon.”

I can’t help myself ... my eyes grow very heavy ... all my tumultuous thoughts settle and there is this wonderful ... humm in my head. My body relaxes and I am dreaming a very nice and pleasant dream and don’t even realize anything had happened.
I sleep comfortably .. and have my very first little girl dream.

A New Life

My eyes open ... it feels like a bright and very chipper morning, I feel refreshed. The room is all bright and the room’s aural tone made everything feel so new and refreshing. I swear I can almost hear birds singing ... and maybe?? ... Naw!

I sit up and stretch ... my head feels a bit funny, but nothing like ... yesterday?? I hear a door or something make a whooshing noise and Trendy walks in all bright eyed.

She says in a very happy voice, “Good morning sweetie. I hope your feeling better now.”

I responded in my new female voice, “I feel great!”

I see in Trendy’s hand, she had a golden ring of some kind. I look at it and then at her.

She says softly, “It’s time for that ... PSImix I told you I was to do on you.”

I back up slightly in the bed as I ask with concern in my voice, “What is ... psymax?”

Trendy giggles and replies, “No, no, silly ... its P – S - I mix. In other words, I intend to make it where you are the female inside, that you appear to be outside. All of your other memories will still be totally intact ... just you will be female now.”

Before I can move or protest further, Trendy had placed the golden ring on my head. I felt ... weird suddenly. My body froze and I couldn’t move ... something started happening in my mind. A massive down load and erasure ... a mixing of me into ... me.

When my mind finally clears, Trendy is removing the ring from my head. I remember being a man, but they are just memories. I am a girl now ... all my male attributes had been removed.

Trendy tosses the ring into a trash receptacle and then hugs me gently.

She says softly, “Welcome to the sisterhood sweetheart.”

She then kisses me on my lips.

She continues, “Dr. Pwssjzzdf has set up a long meeting between you and her. She’s the commander of MedLab. Be as honest as you can with her. We really are the good guys and we are leaving as soon as we make sure there are no more Thrnoxians left in this system ... And ... you’ll be glad to know, all this happens after you get your bath and a nice fresh change of clothes.”

Trendy reaches out and takes me by the hand. She gently pulls me from the bed onto my feet. My center of balance is ... wrong. She leads me to a mirror where I get the first full look at myself.

What I see looking back is a very pretty girl about 14 as they had said. I have long blond hair, green eyes, and am about 4 feet tall. My babydoll night gown is short and a very soft blue. The bikini panties are the same color. I am in shock and awe at the fact I am a girl now.

Trendy bends over slightly and hugs me as she kisses me softly on my cheek. I look at her and I know I’m blushing. I can feel the heat in my cheeks and ears.

She says softly, “You are a very pretty girl, sweet heart. I have a gift for you after your bath. I know you want to stay young and pretty.”

Before I can respond, Trendy leads me out of the recovery area into a hallway. There are people moving all around and many of the men are taking hard notice of me as we pass. I again feel very embarrassed. I can’t help but feel extremely shy ... I only have on a very sexy nighty that is not quite sheer and I can see the look in their eyes. I now understand the term “being undressed with their eyes”.

We finally arrive at a door that slides open with a whoosh. Trendy turns and pushes a button on the wall. The word Locked appears above the buttons on a LED window.

I recognize this as a very posh bathroom area. It has a vanity, a shower area and a very large whirlpool tub filled with bubbles. The heavenly aroma of jonquils fills the air.

Trendy says in a cheery voice, “I know you would love to have a bubble bath and to relax for a bit before you meet with the Dr. Now sweetie, lift your arms so I can get you undressed.”

Trendy takes my top and lifts without further comment. I lift my arms and it slides sensually off of my body. I get very pleasant chills all over and many goose bumps.
She pulls down my panties and I step out of them. I see my vagina and my firm breasts for the first time. I put my hands between my legs for a second and feel it. I am still slightly in shock. There are very nice chills and goose bumps.

Trendy helps me into the warm bubbly water. I sit back and feel my skin tingle as I close my eyes and relax. I suddenly feel something thick being poured on my head. I open my eyes and see Trendy pouring a pink liquid out of a bottle. I can smell honeysuckle.

Trendy coos, “Ok love, sit still while I wash your hair.”

It does feel good as Trendy massages and cleans my hair. She rinses all the soap out. My hair is soft and silky even though it’s wet. She helps me wash the rest of my body with more pleasant smelling oils and soaps.

When She had finished she says in a cheery voice, “Ok sweetie, you can sit and relax as long as your heart desires.” She points to a pad on the wall with several button that control the whirlpool part of the tub and several other things and continues, “When your ready to get out, just push the red call button. I will bring you your clothes and a very nice surprise.”

I ask in my pleasant female voice, “What’s the surprise?”

Trendy giggles as she replies, “Now if I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?”

I nod my head in agreement as she turns and leaves me to my thoughts.

I lean back into the warm, relaxing water and let my thoughts wander. I think about dying. I have vivid memories of it.

I feel very exhilarated with all the new intense sensations I am feeling and wonder at the new emotions too. I remember all the men in the hall and how intense their stares were.

I ponder all the things that have happened to me in the last several days ... the Alien encounter ... the armored suits ... a new female body ... my mind drifts off into a pleasant euphoric stupor as I relax in the comfortable bath.

I must have fallen asleep or something, the next thing I know, the water is slightly chilled and I get the feeling a lot of time has passed.

I get out of the tub and take the towel I see hanging on the rod. It is large and very thick. I dry myself off from head to foot and hang the towel neatly back on the rod. I push the red call button and Trendy walks into the bathroom shortly there after with a bundle of clothes in her hand.

She says, “I hope you enjoyed that. I brought you a cute outfit. If you like, I will help you get dressed.”

She hands me a very cute and lacy pair of pink bikini panties and a matching bra. I look at them and then at Trendy.

She giggles and says softly, “Might as well get used to it. You’re a girl and there’s no way out of it.”

I take the panties and wiggle into them. Trendy slips the bra straps around my arms and then fastens the hooks in back. The bra fits me perfectly. I am a B cup and it holds my breasts and a very pleasant manner. I have never worn a bra before and this is a very unique sensation for me.

Trendy holds out a rum raisin colored babydoll top. I take it and she helps me into it. As my arms slide into the puffy sleeves, my skin tingles all over. It settles over my body and again raises chills pleasantly. I can see Trendy smiling.

She unfastens and unzips a pair of white boy short hot pants and hold them out for me. I look at them for a second and feel strange about putting them on. I step into them and Trendy pulls them up. I zip and button them. Trendy drops a pair of slippers on the floor. I step into them ... they are extremely soft and comfortable.

I hear a hissing pop and feel a sharp sting in my neck. I back off across the room from Trendy as I hold the spot on my neck. I feel really strange suddenly. My mind goes fuzzy. When my senses return, Trendy is holding me steady and smiling broadly.

I am furious as I yell, “What in the world did you do that for? That hurt!”

Trendy suddenly has a very sorrowful look and apologizes, “I am so sorry sweet heart, I didn’t mean to hurt you. That was the surprise I was telling you about. What I just gave you is a Prolongation Shot.”

I respond angrily, “A what? What is that supposed to be?”

Trendy says in a soothing tone, “Well, it inoculates you against old age. You will be young and beautiful ... for a very long time.” She giggles pleasantly.

I am totally mind blown again as I ask, “Inoculates me against old age? What’s that supposed to mean?”

She replies softly, “I mean that you will not age anymore. You will always be just as you are ... theoretically ... forever. Another benefit, you are immune to disease. It was developed before we had NR space drive. We were bound to light speed until our Emperess and her father discovered NR space. It used to take many thousands of years to travel from one star system to another. This is administered to the star kingdom’s population as a routine vaccination when the individual has reached a predetermined age. For you, your body will remain this age. Another benefit ... you can understand anyone speaking any language. We have infected you with the trasvirus ... it makes it possible for you to understand ... although ... unless they too have the virus, they won’t be able to understand you. This too was developed so we can communicate with anyone in the Star Kingdom.”

I can’t quite get what she is telling me as I reply, “You mean ... I am never going to age? I’ll watch all my friends and family die ... while I live on? This Virus ... is it going to do anything else to me?”

Trendy puts her hand to her mouth and replies even softer, “Well, we never see it that way. All our population has been inoculated and we don’t have that problem. That issue will be addressed when you have the meeting with the Dr., I promise. Save your questions for her, she will answer them.”

Trendy then takes my hand and walks me over to the mirror above the vanity. What I see looking back is an astonishingly beautiful blond girl in a very sexy outfit looking back with surprise on her face. I know this has to be a hallucination ... it can’t be real.
Dr’s Orders

Trendy takes me by the hand and leads me out of the bathroom. We walk to a door ... it opens with a sudden Whoosh. She leads me in and says, “You need to hold onto the bar here.”

She points to a silver bar that runs from the door around the small room back to the door.
I take hold of the bar and feel a small electrical charge run through me.

Trendy explains, “This bar is the inertial dampener for the lift. It moves extremely fast and changes direction at the drop of a hat. If you weren’t holding on, you would be seriously injured or crushed by centrifugal force.”

I feel the car move suddenly. Even with the dampeners, I can feel the tremendous speed and every angle as it moves. The car stops suddenly ... my stomach does a pleasant flutter as the door opens.

Trendy takes me by the hand once again and leads me down the hall. When this door whooshes open ...

It felt like she had led me out into open space. There were constellations and deep blackness. I could see galaxies and huge colorful clouds of gas. Every thing in a slow dance around an unseen center.

I hear a voice I heard before I ... died. Lisa’s voice says softly, “Welcome to my office. Do come in and have a seat. We have a few rather important things to discuss ... starting with your new name.”

Trendy leads me to a place in the midst of all the grandeur of open cosmos. A soft light magically appears and in the center was Lisa sitting in a very comfortable chair. There was another similar chair and a table. On the table were lots of snacks and drinks of various kinds.

I walk to the chair and sit. It conforms to my shape and is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in.

Lisa says softly, “In case you have forgotten, my name is Dr. Lisa Pwssjzzdf. I am the commander of this vessel and director of MedLab. We are most sorry you were injured. We thought you were another Armored Unit and hunted you down accordingly. Once we discovered our mistake, I did everything in my power to save you.”

I reply shyly, “I ... I thank you for saving my life. But it’s a little ... overwhelming to wake up as a girl.”

Lisa smiles and says, “I can see how that might ... be a bit unsettling. We had no choice. It was this .. or the alternative ... you die.” She pulls her legs up into the chair before continuing, “What might you like to call yourself? I hope you might consider Cynthia ... I think that’s a very pretty name for a very pretty girl.”

I sit back into the chair and ponder what my name should be. I know calling myself by my former name will be extremely awkward at best. I have several of my former girlfriend’s names run through my head ... Sylvia, Tracy, Amanda ... I think that Cynthia would be just as perfect as any.

I reply, “Cynthia sounds nice ... just call me Cindy for short.”

Lisa replies in a very happy voice, “Cindy it is then.”

She then produces several thick binders of papers. On top, is a Death/reBirth Certificate. I see Lisa sign and date it. She takes out a pad and has me put my thumb to it and then press it on the Certificate.

Lisa says softly, “This is a genetically encoded Certificate. Your Doctors should be technically advanced enough to show ... you are and were who you will be saying you are and were. This certificate proves you were Captain Randy Miller and that you are now Cynthia Miller.”

I hold the Certificate in my hands. The explanations and all of the genetic markers for proof were there. I see several signatories including Lisa’s, Commander and head of MedLab.

Lisa continues, “You are a very special, young lady, and because your Government is known to be hostile at best, we are giving you something to protect you from them.”

She produces 2 items that look like black arm braces. I can also see that there are several places that open back to reveal a key pad and what looks like an LED read out screen like on my weapon.

Lisa explains, “These are called Guardians. They are a force field generator and a rather formidable weapon. Many of the functions are thought actuated. Many are automatic. Because you are not of the Royal Family, there are certain features not available, but I assure you that nothing on your planet ... and many others through out the universe, will be able to hurt you in any way. They are also a highly advanced Neuro Nano Genetic computer system many times more powerful than anything currently on Earth. I am giving you 2 of them for double the protection. They are genetically encoded to you. No one will be able to take them from you.”

She motions for me to come closer. When I am next to her, she takes my arms one at a time and fastens the Guardians on with a soft click.

As soon as Lisa has fastened the 2nd one on ... Sudden ... excruciating pain in both arms and my back and the back of my head. I scream as Lisa takes hold of me and keeps me from falling as my knees buckle.

As quickly as it started ... it ends. The pain fades rapidly into a dim memory. I think for a second .... I’m going nuts.

As the pain stopped, two small voices spoke the same words at the same time producing a strong echo effect in my mind, “This is weapon initialization interface. There are two systems ID in this unit, would you like them to merge into one system?”

I didn’t know what to do ... I replied simply, “Yes.”

One voice spoke, echo was gone, “How would you prefer interface communications? As it is now, or as an awareness similar to your own thought processes?”

I replied, “As my own thought processes, unless I am totally alone and want to have it separate.”

An awareness in my mind, an understanding, and realization that I need to decide how the knowledge base and data assimilation will be handled.

I responded, “As my own memory.” A massive awareness of knowledge and data covering a massive multitude of things came over me.”

I am dizzy with the many aspects the Guardians are giving to me. I am glad Lisa is holding me. I know I would have fallen by now. There are many wonders that have become clear in my minds eye. I am awed at the vast data base ... now, just a thought away.

Lisa whispers softly, “The Guardian will give you the Telekinesis ability. Your thoughts in given instances will become an action through the Guardian’s Genetic Interface with you. You must practice with it so as not to let it out of control. It is far more powerful than you can imagine. There is an AI built into the Nano Computer. You will ... come to rely on and enjoy it’s company ... at times. It will know your intent at any given moment and respond accordingly to the situation at hand.”

I look down at the Guardians on my wrist. I can’t believe any of what has happened to me. I feel I am having a delusion .. Yes!! When I was hit by that white ... isn’t it? I know it’s foolish ... I know I am totally mind blown still.

I ask in a soft gasp, “Why give these things to me?”

She looks at me with a fond far away expression and replies, “Well, there is the fact your Government won’t leave you alone ever. It also gives you the ability to defend your planet incase another stray band of Thrnoxians happen to land. Another thing that might interest you ... where the Guardians are a normal item for ... certain individuals.”

I ask, “What kind of individuals?”

She giggles and replies, “Well, you could become a Pet. It is a fantasy of many girls in my Star System. It’s an easy and pampered life. All your wants and needs will be supplied. You won’t have to worry about your Government.”

I respond, “A pet? Like a cat or something?”

Lisa says with a sparkle in her eye, “No sweetie, more like a living breathing babydoll. One who is beloved and well cared for.”

I know my eyes are huge as I look at her. I can’t fathom anyone wanting to be or dreaming of something like that.

I reply with incredulity in my voice, “No, I don’t think I would like to think about that ... as enticing as it sounds.”

I raise my eyes to the side and shake my head slightly. I have no intention of being her ... Pet.

She smiles knowingly and coos, “Perhaps today ... but there’s always tomorrow.”

A chill comes over me as I remember the shot Trendy gave me. If what she said is real ... tomorrow could be ... I shake my head and don’t want to think about it.

I sit back in the chair. I look at the Guardians on my wrists. If what Lisa said is also true, I am very safe going back to Earth and their Governments. I will also be Earth’s best chance at stopping incursions.

Lisa places a ball on the table between us and says softly, “What I want you to do sweet heart, is to move this. I don’t care where you move it to ... just move it.”

I look at the ball and ask, “How do I do that?”

Lisa says softly, “Cindy sweetie, just point at it with your finger as a focal for your mind ... and will it to move.”

I look again at the Guardians on my arms, then at the ball on the table. I point my index finger of my right hand at the ball. I am a bit uncertain, but I think to myself ‘MOVE!’
Without preamble, the ball jumps off the table with great force and hits the far wall with enough force the ball disintegrates.

Lisa claps her hands and says in a cheerful voice, “Well done! It’s that simple. The AI will keep you from making mistakes with the use of the Guardians. It’s an unimpeachable fail safe.”

I hold out my hand and look at them. I know that these things are going to be real nasty when the time comes. There are extensive files on the Guardians in the database. I become ... aware of how to use them suddenly. It raises chills at the sudden understanding.

The forcefeild requires no intervention on my part. It is automatic and activates when ever there is a real threat to me. I don’t have to think about it.

Lisa pours something to drink and offers me some. I take it and taste it. I am not sure what it is ... it tastes wonderful. I am very hungry too. Again, I don’t know what the snack items are, but they are absolutely fabulous.

We sit and eat for a while. I notice Lisa looking at me with a strange sparkle in her eye. What she had said about being a Pet concerned me. From the Guardian Data Base, I discovered that Pets have more rights and protections under their Universal Galactic Law then regular citizens. What Lisa had told me about being a pampered and well cared for life style ... it really is.

The Imperial House chose who became Pets. No one else had the technology or authority. All requests must come through the Imperial house and meet very strict guidelines. The decisions were final.

Males and Females who are absolutely trustworthy and loyal are provided to whoever met the special criteria and were able to afford them and proved they could care for them in accordance with the strict rules of ownership.

Very strict Universal laws were passed for the protection of Pets and Playmates, and strict criteria for acquisition since they are human and deserved not to be mistreated or abused due to their inability to protect or defend themselves from abusive Masters or Mistresses. The Imperial House is the only one with the Authority of binding Universal law that can create and bind Pets and Playmates.

The Crown Emperess of House Anton is the only Pet who has Administrative AI Control Vector override Authority. She holds the unique status of both Imperial Pet and Ruling authority over House Anton. She also is the only one with Genetic Administrative Access to Battle Command Authority.

It has been noted for several thousand years that Pets have more rights and protections under Universal Law than any other citizen. They are guaranteed to have a very pleasant and pampered life.

I can see why so many fantasize about being a Pet. It really is a fun and pleasant way of life. I still ... do not wish to be a Pet ... although, I am very interested.

When we had finished eating our fill, Lisa says softly, “Ok, Cindy, It’s time to send you back. If you ever want to be in contact with us, the Guardian Interface is a NR space transmitter. All you have to do ... is tell it to make contact. An Emissary can be here within 72 hours.”

Lisa takes me by the hand and leads me out of what appears to be the middle of a beautiful galaxy .. all cart wheeling slowly around it’s center. I am awestruck ... the panorama is breathtaking.

She leads me down a hall into another elevator. It quickly whisks us off to another location. Lisa leads me down a long hall into a huge bay area. There are many of the odd aircraft I remembered seeing when I first parachuted in on the Armored Suits.

Lisa opens one of the canopies and helps me into the seat. It is very comfortable.

She programs the console and says softly, “The aircraft will fly itself and return after it has delivered you. I do hope to see you again soon.”

With this, she gives me a wonderful kiss on my lips. The canopy closes ... I feel huge pressure on me as I sink into the comfortable acceleration couch. I am launched ... I can see the ship I had been on all this time ... it is HUGE!

I see the blue world of Earth as the ship begins reentry. I wonder how the world is going to take what I am about to show them.

I am still in shock over being a girl ... this is truly going to be a wild adventure.
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