Brandon's Adventure at the Baby Hospital

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Brandon's Adventure at the Baby Hospital

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:54 pm

Brandon's Adventure at the Baby Hospital

Brandon had gone to the local hospital for a check up and managed to get lost in the huge maze of hallways. He sees a sign on the wall saying this is the infant care facility.

Brandon tries to sneak passed the nurses in the hospital central location and came to the door he had inadvertently entered. After trying to open the door, he realized with shock the door's locked and he can only get past with a special card .. and the diaper nurses noticed he was not in a diaper nor properly dressed for a baby.

Brandon blinked in confusion as he tried to get out the door he just passed through. "Why won't this open?" he mutters in frustration.

A diaper nurse quickly came up behind Brandon and grabbed hold as she said in a soft coo, "Why, it's to keep adorable little babies like you from wandring off and getting hurt."

Brandon grunts as someone grabed him by the shoulders, steering him away from the exit. "H-hey, what gives? I was just trying to get out. I came into this wing by accident." he said in exasperation.

Brandon is led off by the hand like a wayward toddler to the nearest empty changing room. The doors close and she starts pulling off his clothes and lifts him onto a bench.

"H-hey! Lemme go! I shouldn't be here! No!"

The nurse cooed softly as she expertly and rapidly removed all of Brandon clothes, "Never by accident cutie pie." Then Brandon found the nurse to have extrodinary strength as she lifted him onto a padded counter as if he actually were a toddler.

The nurse pulled out a device and lightly touched Brandon's shoulder with it. A seriously intense, but extremely pleasant surge ran all through him to explode in his mind. The injection surprised him and Brandon is distracted by the large surge of infantileness. He found he was unable to do anything but lie back and drift.

While Brandon was distracted, the nurse lifted him by his ankles and inserted 3 thumb sized slippery things into his bottom. Brandon found his bottom placed in the soft cushioned embrace of a thick crawly diaper. He is powdered well and it is pulled between his legs and fastened on.

The nurse bends slightly and rubs noses with Brandon as she cooed softly, "That's may baby. Just relax. Nursie will have you all dressed and in the palyroom in no time."

Brandon belatedly realizied what was going on and fussed like a cranky toddler as she rubs noses with him and tapes the diaper secure. Next, the nurse threads his feet through a pair of adorable rumba panties and picked him up.

"There we are. You are a very pretty little girl." as she carried him to a play area with others. Brandon had a dim sort of realization there was a pair of rhumba panties pulled over his diaper, but that was it for now.

Naked beyond the panties and diapers, he had been picked up and carried out of the room with him in tow, very embarrassed deeper into the hospital. She brought him through a room that looks like a glorified nursery and playroom. Really it was part of the large secret adoption center that the hospital housed for certain reasons. He noted many other children, ranging from actual infants in one playroom, to older children in another, to adults in a final one. Oh dear.

The nurse leaned over and cooed softly, "Now just relax. You will make a fine infant for some poor couple that has no children. Then she walked away.

Brandon sat in the play pen and saw a Nurse approach with a cart. She picked up several pen looking devices and approached. She cooed softly, "Just relax sweet heart. You are going to make a very cute and adorable little girl." Brandon heard several hissing pops in rapid succession and felt the sting as he was injected. He gasped at the injections! They hurt! He dimly realized he was in a playpen in the adult playroom.

Brandon felt so strange as the injections rushed through his body. Shortly, A man and a woman came over to his playpen and bent over, The Woman cooed softly as she tweaked Brandon's cheek, "Oooo, you are so pretty. She turned to the man and said, "Sweetie, I want her."

The sissified boy fusses helplessly as his cheek was caressed. This was very embarassing! Letting him go so soon was a little risky though as he hadn't been trained yet, although the shots were permanent and he would be an adorable little toddler girl for life.

The nurse clapped her hands together and said in an airy cooing voice, "Isn't she just precious? I do have to warn you though, she has just been converted and needs a bit of acclimation."

The Man replied, "That's OK, If she's naughty, I know just what to do to her backside."

The Woman giggled, "Aww Fred, you know I enjoy it when you do that." The both of them hugged and kissed.

Spankings of course. Brandon's eyes widen in surprise. Was he really going to be punished? He unwisely stammers and tries to stand. "No, wait, I'm not a baby. I'm an adult, and I got lost and she kidnapped me.."

The woman points and says in a giggly voice, "Oh, look, sweetie. She's trying to walk and talk. Isn't that just adorable?"

The man bent slightly and patted Brandon on his thickly diapered ruffly hinney, "It sure is. And I know I will enjoy training her to be the best little baby girl around."

This was very embarrassing and the head pat just made him even more fussy. "But I don't want to!"

As the man and woman signed the proper paperwork, Brandon realized there was nothing he could do about it. His body no longer did as an adult's would, but reacted more like a 3 year olds.

By the time the woman had tucked him in the stroller and began pushing him out of the hospital, the drugs had made it all such a wonderful now. He was totally amazed at almost everything he saw as he began his new life as Angel the toddler girl.

~~ The Start ~~
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