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The Job

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:47 am
by Miki Yamuri
The Job

My name is Wayde. I am a carpenter and have been unemployed for over a year. Ever Since the housing industry went bust, I have frantically searched for any type of employment. I am pulling my hair in frustration as I see I am down to my last $10,000 and have no options to get anymore when this has run out. I am very depressed and worried. If I loose my truck and my tools, I have no way to make money and I owe a lot of money on them both. Not to mention this house.

I hear the phone ringing. I answer it slowly because I think it’s one of my many creditors calling to tell me they will be unable to finance me any longer.

I answer. It’s my best friend Tony.

He says cheerily, “Hay Wayde, I think I’ve got a job for you.”

I feel an immediate improvement in my outlook and say excitedly, “Really?? Well tell me about it and where do I have to go?”

Tony replies, “Well, it’s for a company called Baby Gs. They have an ad in the paper offering full time employment with a minimum of 18 years free medical and dental. There’s even mention of free schooling, room and board along with clothing. Sounds like a deal too good to pass up.”

My heart sinks a little because it does sound too good to be true.

I ask, “Is there an address?”

He replies, “No address, but there is a toll free number for you. It’s 1-800-222-9475. Give em a call now! It’s the only thing I have even seen that’s asking for help.”

I reply, “Ok, I’ll call as soon as I get off the phone. Bye”

Tony says, “Later dude.”

He hangs up.

I look at the number. It dawns on me the number spells out “BABY GRL”. I shake my head. This has got to be a joke, but I am getting desperate and need a job.

I dial the number and a very sweet sounding female voice answers, “ Good afternoon, Baby G. This is Missy. How may I direct your call?”

I reply, "I’m calling about the ad you have in the paper about full time employment.”

She responds cheerily, “Yes, if you are able, can you come in for an interview today at about 3pm?”

I feel elated. A very real possibility of a job. I reply, “Sure. Can you give me Directions from Woods road?”

She says, “Oh it’s easy. You’re just down the road from here. Just come up Woods road to Carabineer street and turn left. You’ll see our sign on the right. A big Pink building. You can park behind the building. There’s lots of free parking.”

I remember the building. It is a very bright pink. I say, “I’ll be there.” and hang up.

I take a shower and put on some decent casual clothes so I look presentable. I get in my truck and go to the place. The back parking lot is huge and empty. I see another building on the other side of the lot and it appears they are packaging many types of auto parts.

I think to myself , “That wouldn’t be too bad a job.” and walk into the office.
Behind the desk is an absolutely beautiful girl.

She looks up and says cheerily in an extremely sexy voice, “Hello, how can I be of assistance?”

I reply, “I’m here for an interview for a job you have advertised.”

She smiles a most beautiful smile and says, “Surely. If you could fill out this application first.”

She hands me a clip board with a pin attached. I take it and sit in one of the comfortable chairs there in the office.

The top of the form looked like any other employment application I had ever seen. Asked name, age, marital status, address, social security number, and current telephone number.
The next page asked the usual health questions.

The third page explained that I may be asked to give my opinions of certain products. It asked my opinion of different types of baby items. Creams, disposable diapers, cloth diapers, different types of baby toys and cribs. It asked about baby powders and clothes. I answered them to the best of my limited ability. I was 55 years old and had no experience with these items. Though I have had many girlfriends, I had never found miss right and been exposed to babies.

I had completed the application, signed it, and took it back to the receptionist. She took it and looked it over. I noticed she paid close attention to the product questionnaire the most. I hoped it wouldn’t hurt my chances for getting this job ... I really needed work.

She looked up and said in her sexy cheery voice, “Seems we have a position for you. You can start right away. First, we need to give you a physical so we know you are in good health.”

I was ecstatic. I said, “Sure, lead on.”

She giggles sweetly and says, “This way Wayde.”

She leads me through several doors and down a long hallway into a well equipped medical clinic. She has me sit in one of the comfortable chairs.

She says, “It’ll be just a few minutes. Sorry to keep you waiting, but there have been several positions filled today and they will be ready for you shortly.”

I said, “No problem.”

She smiled a beautiful smile and left.

There were many great magazines to choose from. Popular Science, Baby’s r Us, Mechanics Monthly, Money Matters, Stone Age Archery, Mommy’s Monthly, ect. I picked up the Popular Science and began to thumb thru it.

It wasn’t long before a nurse came out and had me follow her back into an examining room. As she left, she instructed me to take off all my clothes down to my underpants.
A doctor came in and gave me a very thorough Physical and prostate exam. He informed me he would need to take a little blood to make sure everything is alright. I agreed. Everything seemed normal to me so far so I didn’t worry. I was just glad that I had a job.

A nurse came in and wrapped a rubber strap around my arm and put a rig in my vein at my elbow. She put one of the tubes into the slot and I watched as dark red blood began to fill the tube. I saw some gel something in the tube as it filled. When the tube was full, she took it out of the slot and shook it vigorously. I watched as it changed color to a silvery shiny liquid.

She quickly put it back into the slot and pressed on the end. I heard a hissing pop as all the silver liquid emptied out of the tube back into my arm. I realized another nurse was behind me and holding me gently. The first nurse took the rubber strap off of my arm.

It was so warm and wonderful. I could feel it as it entered my system and my heart and rapidly spread to my head. I shivered with the pleasant and intense sensations. I realized I no longer could sit up, the nurse behind held me gently and me laid me back softly on the table. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt sorta like I was peeing my pants. Everything became far away and fuzzy as I slipped into unconsciousness.

A New Beginning

I wake. I feel really strange all over. I am wrapped in a soft, warm blanket. I find I can’t get myself out of the blanket. I start to struggle and discover I am having problems with my coordination. I try to speak. I can only make cooing and gurgling noises.

I kick my feet and try to worm my way out of the blanket. I have absolutely no luck.
A nurse comes in. I realize something is terribly wrong. She is huge! I cannot believe what I am seeing.

She reaches in and picks me effortlessly up and pats my hinny reassuringly. She coos to me and says that I have been accepted and have the new job for life. She tells me I am now a newborn baby girl and have been custom created for a Baby G client. She tells me I will regress in my mind after I meet my new mommy and she gives me a name and I imprint on her. I cannot believe what I am hearing.

She kisses me softly and tells me that Baby G is so glad that I accepted this job. She tells me I will be an absolutely adorable little girl and an extremely beautiful woman when I grow up. I am really having difficulty believing what is happening.

She says that my truck is being dismantled and sold as parts as we speak. I remember the building across the parking lot. She tells me all my properties are being sold. All the moneys from the sales are gathered together into a trust fund for me when I reach 18 years old. She tells me that there will be over 2 million dollars in the trust fund by then. I will be well set up for life. I am totally freaked out by this time. This is something from a nightmare.

She sits with me in her lap. She puts a baby bottle to my lips. I suck eagerly and can’t believe I’m doing it. She coos to me and tells me what a good baby girl I am. I am totally shocked and helpless to do anything about it.

I feel a warm wetness creep into my pants. It seeps to my bottom slowly. I know I am wetting myself and can do nothing about it. I continue to suck on the bottle. It is warm and tastes really good. I am hungry. The warmth in my stomach makes me feel so good and sleepy.

When I finish the bottle, the nurse gently puts me on her shoulder and pats me on my back. There is a cloth across her shoulder. I helplessly burp and spit up some on the cloth. I am really freaked out. I can’t understand how any of this is real. She gently wipes my face with a soft tissue, then unwraps the blanket from me.

I am in a onesie that ties at my feet. She undoes the bow and opens it to my armpits.
I am in a disposable diaper that is way too big for me and it is wet. She takes me back to what I realize now is a crib and softly places me on my back, undoes my diaper, and cleans me with sweet smelling baby wipes.

I know now I have no male gentailia. I can’t believe it, I am a baby girl. My mind seems to be intact for now, but I cannot translate anything into external action. My body won’t do anything except what a newborn is capable of. I am helpless and know it.

She puts another disposable under me and powders me with sweet smelling baby powder. She gently fastens the diaper on me. It fits me a lot better than the old one. It feels so strangely wonderful to be diapered. She smiles knowingly at me and kisses me gently. I squirm and coo softly. I can't help myself.

She puts ink on my fingers and presses them gently to a paper. She repeats the process with my feet. She explains that this is my new birth certificate and will have my new name that my mommy will give me and today's date as my birthday. She says I'm lucky to have a birthday on Valentine's.

She gently cleans my hands and my feet and tickles me. I squirm helplessly and squeal softly as she does this. It feels really good. She bends down and rubs her nose to mine and kisses me gently. She tells me not to worry that my new family is rich and will take very good care of me.

She takes the onesie off of me and puts a cute little dress on. She ties a bow in the back. She lifts me up and slips a pair of plastic lined rumba panties on me and slips some matching crocheted booties on my feet.

She says softly, “Enjoy these last few minutes, sweetheart. You will meet mommy in a minute and all will go away and you will be a sweet little newborn baby girl.”

NO! Please don’t do this! I feel total panic in my mind. I know it is going to happen anyway and there is nothing I can do about it.

I am carried gently down the hall into a room with soft lighting. I am really afraid in my mind. I do not want this and am helpless.

I am handed to a very young and beautiful woman. She looks into my face. I feel so strange in my head. I am suddenly unable to think.

The woman says, “She is so adorable! She is exactly what I asked for.”

I hear the nurse say, “Yes, Mrs. Austin, we are the finest custom child center in the world. Now choose a name for her so she will imprint and become your baby.”

No, please! I have a life. Not this! I am totally helpless as I realize it is all for real and I am in my mommy's arms. I am panicking in my mind. I have absolutely no choice and realize this is the last thoughts I'll ever have as Wayde. I brace myself for what ever is coming.

Mommy smiles and says so softly, “I’ll call her Vickie Lynn.”