The Candidate—Jennifer -- By: The Mind Master

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The Candidate—Jennifer -- By: The Mind Master

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The Candidate - By: Jennifer

October 21, 1995—a university campus in America

A full year since graduation. One full year since Jennifer had left the program, now to return to her beloved Mommy.

The lights continued to sparkle and Jennifer watched them intently. The music played softly and Jennifer listened intently. Jennifer voided and felt the sensations intently. Everything Jennifer saw, heard, felt, smelled, experienced, she did so intently.

Except her logical, conscious, reasoning thoughts. These she ignored entirely, the few times once crept up from the deep recesses of her mind, as if to say “This isn’t right”.
And Jennifer watched, listened, felt and BELIEVED intently. Her mind was being filled constantly with the ideas, thoughts, responses she absolutely knew were right for her. Wet..............warm..............nice..........Mommy. me.

Over and over. A hundred or more times an hour these thoughts flooded Jennifer’s mind constantly leaving no time for any other thought, or sensation, or idea. Jenny’s eyes stared intently at the pretty lights, watching their patterns over and over. Her eyes following each light as it blinked on, .....then off.... in a preprogrammed sequence, her eyes flickering from light to light so fast only the computer connected to the electrodes on her forehead could measure the minute, microsecond quick responses. Over and over her mind registered the slight changes in frequency of the music, and heard the short, quick phrases, far below the normal hearing of a person in a normal state of consciousness.

As her bladder emptied helplessly into the thick diapers encasing her loins, the computer stimulated her pleasure centres in her brain, again connected to minute electrodes on her scalp, and then registered the degree of pleasure she registered from the action, sensations and thoughts.

Hours later as Jennifer returned to a more normal “conscious” level of functioning, no longer hooked up to the computers and electrodes, sleeping in her new room, Jenny woke to the sodden wetness of her diapers, the comforting presence of her soother, and the soft, fuzzy texture of her sleepers, and heard the door open gently and the easily recognizable footstep of “MOMMY”.

Excitedly she began to babble “Mommy, Jenny, wet, nice, love, pretty, baby, me.” over and over as Dr. Janet Whetmore entered the room, seeing her little charge was now fully awake.

“What an excited little girl you are today. You sure are wet. Let’s get baby Jenny’s little didees changed now shall we. Good girl. Mommy loves her little wet baby Jenny.” Baby Jenny cooed and giggled and sucked the bottle of juice she was given by her beloved “Mommy”. me.
“” flashed through Jenny’s mind over and over as Mommy lovingly changed little Jenny, talking baby talk to her constantly and lovingly cleaned her mess and wetness off and powdered and oiled her diaper area, pinning thick soft diapers on her little charge. Once dressed and ready for breakfast, Jenny passively sat propped up in her crib, while Mommy spoon-fed her a bowl of oatmeal, with strained fruit, oat-bran, and gave her two big bottles of baby formula.

“Yes” thought Dr. Whetmore. “This has been the ideal candidate. But she is all mine. This one will be mine forever.”

October 5, 1994—Jennifer

Jennifer knew she had to get a passing grade in Psych 301. Or else she’d again be expelled from another program. She desperately wanted to be a psychologist and help people. Like her brother Scott. How she admired him. And he had really helped her to buckle down and concentrate. Even using that sleep learning stuff to help her learn how to concentrate and remember everything.

But this course just seemed to be harder than anything she’d ever tried before.
Jennifer’s dad had “cut her out of the will” until she settled down, after being thrown out of 5 universities in her freshman year in the past 4 years, and when she’d finally made it through the first year, and into the second, and finally into her third and final year, where she would graduate, he’d had that fatal heart attack before changing the will. Everything had gone to her step mother, barely 3 years older than Jennifer’s 22 years, and Jennifer had been told straight out she wasn’t welcome in her step mother’s home any longer.

The witch. Knowing her father had wanted her reinstated and to help her with her education now that she’d found her goal, and settled down to her real studies, her stepmother still persisted in the notion Jennifer was just a wild girl and couldn’t be trusted to inherit from the estate.

Now, broke, alone, and trying her best, Jennifer was getting by, but still not getting a passing grade in the class she needed.

When Dr. Whetmore had suggested Jennifer could earn extra credits, credits that would ensure at least a C+ grade, by volunteering for some special experiments the doctor was conducting in parapsychology research, Jennifer jumped at the chance.

Making sure her dress was fresh, her makeup just right, and her wits about her, Jennifer had eagerly attended the interview. She’d been a bit confused by the questionnaires and questions the doctor put to her, but the doctor seemed pleased with her answers during the interview.

She’d been a bit embarrassed answering about her “sexual experience” and her “fantasies” but knew it was for research, and the doctor assured her everything would be strictly confidential. The files didn’t even have names, just numbers, and only Dr. Whetmore knew the correlation between a file number and the person the number belonged to.

She was asked to come back after her last classes for the next two days, and did as instructed. When the doctor told her to sit in a big lounge type chair, like a dentist’s chair, and told her to close her eyes and listen to the doctor, she was really glad Scott had helped her learn to concentrate, and to practise the “sleep learning” a year ago.

The first evening, Jennifer remembered feeling a bit strange at first, then the questions, like on the questionnaire and during the interview, made her a bit embarrassed, but as they were repeated the questions her embarrassment faded and she felt herself easily answering all the questions.

The second evening, though, Jennifer could hardly remember what they’d discussed, and was surprised to find it was so dark. She’d been a bit embarrassed to find she’d wet her panties and that the doctor had had to put a thick pad under her, and pull it up between her legs to protect the chair, but thankfully the doctor wasn’t angry.

Three days later, Jennifer was told by Dr. Whetmore she was selected as a candidate for the experiment. She was to report to the doctor’s private lab and clinic on October 11, after her final afternoon class, and expect to stay for up to 3 weeks. Since the week was the end of the first semester, and the classes were canceled as study week for midterm exams, Jennifer would be free to stay anyway. Dr. Whetmore would arrange for Jennifer to take makeup exams in her other 3 classes, and she would earn a minimum C+ in Psych 301.

Jennifer was so excited she barely made it to the washroom after class.
October 10, 1994—The Candidate is Selected

Dr. Whetmore reviewed the file again carefully. “Tomorrow she’ll be here and we start her programming.” thought the doctor.

Jennifer Wells, age 22, white, female. Typical spoiled little rich kid, until daddy cut her off, then died, and step-mom wanted nothing to do with her. Alone, no family except a brother who tended to side with the step-mom so he would eventually inherit, no boyfriends or real friends at all on this campus, being her first year at Xavier University.
Above average intelligence. No history of mental illness, or disease, or physical condition that was abnormal. Very articulate, and mature for 22. Slightly more sexual experience than most sophomores, but not unusually so. Average female sexual fantasies, and orgasmically responsive.

The one minor negative was her slightly higher than average hypnotizability rating, but then the experience she’d recently had with her brother hypnotizing her and helping her learn to concentrate must be fresh and heightening her response. Also her desire to win a “candidates” position would heighten her desire to respond properly.
Dr. Whetmore smiled inwardly as she thought about the program so freely funded by the government. Now that the “cold war” was back on, and the USA and other “democratic” powers were trying so hard to determine how the communists and Chinese has managed to turn so many “red blooded American boys” against their country, that they could barely raise a decent army or fighting force.

Somehow the communists were managing to unleash thousands of “Manchurian Candidates” as they were labeled, to convince young American men and women that war was evil, to fight the “friendly” advances of the Russians, Chinese and other socialist forces was unthinkable.

They were tremendous orators, gifted with almost superhuman logic, oratory skill and abilities far beyond those of normal men and women.

At first she had worked with psychiatric patients, prisoners, and other misfits, the usual morass of people no one cared about, who could be used as guinea pigs for her mind melding experiments. Designed to create the “perfect, loyal American” hundreds of people were programmed, almost tortured in the interests of the “country”. Regrettably many were reduced to vegetables, incapable of the simplest independent thought, let alone the skills of the sleepers the socialists had unleashed.

Studying everything she could get her hands on, and “interviewing” some of the socialist, American leaders, she had finally hit on something. Carefully she developed her programs and plans, and after almost 100 successful experiments in a row, she detailed it to her benefactors.

At first they were doubtful. “It will take too long !” they cried, but when she showed the results she could obtain in just 10 days of intensive “reeducation”, they gave her a blank signed checkbook.

She had the space, the equipment, and the resources now to really set up her experiments on a grand scale, and finally after thousands more tests, the benefactors said “Now we need to test some good old “normal” American boys and girls. Not these misfits and crazies you’ve been working with. Normal everyday kids.”

The university supplied hundreds of kids, unsuspectingly, for her program, and true to her predictions they all responded as desired. Each of them became totally loyal American evangelists for the “free and democratic American way”
Hundreds of American boys and girls, in universities across the continent volunteered for her “psychology research”, in the hopes of earning an easy credit, and after their 10 day stay in her special lab, left completely reeducated, loyal Americans, who just happened to be chronic bed-wetters. A slight price to pay for loyalty.

The program was SO perfect, it was almost completely automated. In on day one, through the phases to strip their resistance, reeducate, return to independent status, and out the door on day ten.

And then she met Jennifer.

Seldom did Dr. Whetmore bother to take a personal interest, beyond reviewing each applicant’s file before accepting them for programming, but this file intrigued her.
Jennifer Wells, bright, extremely attractive, and with a reputation as a real dominant “bitch”. Really putting the boys through their paces for her favors. Promiscuous was an understatement.

Then all of a sudden she buckles down. Becomes Miss Prim and Proper, and really hits the books. Her intelligence pays off for her and she gets B+ averages in almost everything. Wants to be a psychologist and “help the world”.

Typical dreamer. Above average grades in everything, EXCEPT the course Dr. Whetmore taught in Behavioral Psychology. No right or wrong answers in this course, except the answer Dr. Whetmore wanted was always right. And Jennifer needed this course or else she’d fail out of the university program.

The application had been articulate, well detailed and just about what the doctor had figured she’d get from Jennifer. The interview was somewhat surprising.
For a young woman, suddenly “on her own”, she was very confident, and independent. She’d learned to really cope, and to buckle down and study between her job and classes. She was as opinionated as hell, and still voiced her opinions even to the doctor, knowing contradicting the doctor might just result in her not being accepted.

She “sold herself”, really making a pitch to get on the program as a candidate, despite not knowing what the program was all about.

Dr. Whetmore used the usual story about “behavior modification”, teaching the body to respond differently to stimuli, helping improve physical condition, alertness and concentration. The usual B.S. they all fell for.

Jennifer lapped it up, and offered how she’d had her brother help her learn to concentrate so she could study better, using “Sleep Learning”.

“Hell, she doesn’t even know what hypnosis is, and she’s a second year student.” thought the doctor.

Dr. Whetmore kept Jennifer in suspense for 3 full days, then finally told her to report to the resident lab on October 11.

Jennifer was so excited, the doctor thought she was going to wet her pants. If only Jennifer knew.

October 11, 1994—Jennifer Enters the Program

Promptly at 4:15, just about 5 minutes after her last class, Jennifer reported to the doctor’s residence and laboratory. She had her satchel with her books, so she could keep up her studies, and her small overnight bag. She figured she could get whatever else she needed later, once she knew the routine.

She was both excited and a bit fearful. She knew it had something to do with behavior, but wasn’t sure what. The doctor had said something about helping her to concentrate better and to learn to relax.

She was greeted at the door by a young woman just a few years older than she, who said “Oh, you must be Jennifer Wells. I’m Tanya Taylor, the doctor’s assistant. Please come in and I’ll give you the nickel tour. The Doctor will be along around 5:00 and we’ll have dinner.”

Obediently, Jennifer followed Tanya to her room, and put her overnight case on the bed, then followed her to the long corridor to the labs.
Jennifer was amazed at the arrays of equipment and overwhelmed by the easy way Tanya described it and it’s use.

“This is the relaxation room. The big chair, much like a dentist’s chair helps you to get comfortable and is warmed and textured to be very soothing to the person sitting in it. The small hairlike wires are leads that go to the recording equipment so we can record certain biomedical responses to stimuli and suggestions.

The arrays of lights at the end of the room are to help you focus your attention so you can let your mind concentrate on what’s at hand, and not wander.
You’ll probably spend some time in here each day to help you learn to relax and concentrate better on the techniques doctor will teach you. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can concentrate for hours and learn your lessons so easily.”

Jennifer smiled inwardly. Thanks to her brother, she had already learned some techniques to concentrate REALLY well. Doctor Whetmore will be real impressed with how easily Jennifer learned HER lessons.

As the tour drew to an end, they returned to her room. Somehow things looked a bit different, but Jennifer couldn’t quite put her hand on what was different. Then she realized her bag was missing, and asking Tanya what had happened to it, received “Oh, don’t worry. You won’t need that during your stay. With all the delicate equipment in the labs, we make sure all staff and volunteers wear only natural fibers, like cotton. Fabrics like nylon, or polyester can create static that might damage the equipment.
I’m afraid you’ll have to shower, then strip and put on the underthings you’ll find in the drawers. Your regular evening wear is in the closet, and day wear in the top drawer. I think you’ll find it very comfortable, AND practical too. If you need help or anything just push the little buzzer button there, and either I or one of the other attendants will assist you.”

Slightly puzzled, Jennifer did as she was told, and went in to take her shower. She washed up real well and really liked the scent of the shampoo and soap. It was vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t quite recognize it.

Towelling off with the big, soft towels supplied at the clinic, she strode bravely out into the room. Opening the closet she was surprised to find only jumpsuits, in different colors like soft pink, mauve, or soft yellow, and all with some sort of design on them, or with lace at the shoulders and across the front. They looked vaguely familiar, but again she couldn’t quite remember what they were.

She took out some panties from the second drawer and pulled them on, amazed at how thick and heavy they were. More like little girl panties than something for a grown woman, and not finding a bra, decided she’d just go without, since here breasts were quite small anyway and firm.

She pulled on the jumpsuit, and zipped up the front, from the waist but couldn’t figure out how to do up the leg parts. They were split right down each leg, all the way around the crotch, strangely, and she had no idea how to do them up.

Giving up, she finally pushed the buzzer, and in a moment Tanya returned.
“Oh, I guess I should have told you how they fasten. Here lie down and I’ll do it for you and show you.”

Doing as she was told, she lay down on the bed, and saw the mirror above her bed. “That’s what’s different” she thought, “I don’t remember seeing THAT before”. and as she watched in the mirror, she saw and felt Tanya snapping up the inside seams of the “SLEEPERS”. “Yes, that’s what they’re called, sleepers,” she thought, “like little kids wear.”

Seeing the look on her face, Tanya said “There you go. All done up. Snug as a bug. I hope you like your lounging jammies, or as you probably called them a few years ago, your sleepers.

These are required, and regular night wear for all volunteers. The snaps just make changes easier.

I hope the music isn’t too loud for you. We pipe it in to help relax the volunteers the first few days.” and only then did Jennifer notice the music in the background.
A lullaby sort of music, coming from somewhere. “Yes, it is kind of soothing. I’d hardly noticed it before. I kind of like it.” she said half dreamily, and Tanya smiled and said “Ok, let’s go. Doctor’s waiting for us in the dining hall.”

Dinner wasn’t very interesting. Jennifer found her attention wandering constantly and the doctor had to bring her back to focus several times. She kept droning on and on about the new things Jenny would learn, and how easy it would be for her to concentrate. Why she might even earn an “A” in the course if she applied herself.
Jennifer was excited by this prospect and her excitement showed as she babbled on about how she wanted to be the “bestest” psychologist and the “bestest” person to help the other boys and girls learn to get along.

Dr. Whetmore just smiled as she watched Jennifer babble on like an excited child.
Despite her excitement, Jennifer slept very soundly that night. Very soundly indeed. So soundly she was barely awake when she realized she was wetting her pants. She’d been having a strange dream, but couldn’t quite recall it, and then woke feeling like she was in a nice warm bath, and suddenly felt herself wetting her pants.

As she came out of her reverie, she realized that she was soaked. Not just a little dribbling or slight “accident”. She had really soaked her panties and her sleepers.
Groggily she got up and stripped off the wet sleepers and panties, then washed off and finding herself real thirsty drank two glasses of nice cool water from the special cooler in the room. She dreamily pulled on another pair of thick panties and a nice snuggly pink sleeper with a little bunny on it. “This is kinda cute.” she thought. “I like bunnies. They’re soft. My special bunny sleepers.” and then dreamily snuggled into her bed and went soundly to sleep.

October 12, 1994

Dr. Whetmore smiled as she drank her juice. “Ah, little Jenny is coming along quite nicely. Two sets of wet panties and sleepers last night and then very wet trainers and sleepers this morning. Quite the little bed-wetter we’ve got here now.” she thought.
She was snapped out of her soft reverie as the door opened and Jennifer trotted in.
“Hi doctor. Me sleep weal good.” exclaimed Jenny as she excitedly bounced into her chair and knocked over the glass of juice set before her.

“Sowwy”, Jenny pouted and thirstily drank the second big glass of juice.

“Jennifer, Tanya says you had a little accident this morning. You peed in your panties and bed. Is that right.”

Looking like a downcast little girl, Jenny pouted a moment then said softly “Yes doctor. Me sowwy. Couldn’t help it. Sowwy.” and the doctor could barely stifle a giggle at Jenny’s childish action and reaction.

“Well, Jenny. I’m a bit surprised at you. Aren’t you a big girl now. In university and nearly grow up. Who wets their bed, Jenny ??”

“Babies wet bed, doctor. Little babies in diapers wet the bed, doctor. Sowwy.” Jenny said sadly and almost ashamed.

“Good thought the doctor. She feels ashamed of wetting her bed as a “big” girl. She’ll surely accept a better alternative after this morning’s sessions.” and then she said. “Well you should be sorry. If you do it again, we’ll have to take appropriate measures and dress you accordingly. Understand.”

“Yeth, doctor. Me twy weal hard.” said the chastised little girl.
Breakfast passed without incident, unless you count the messy little girl with jam and butter all over her hands and little face, who had to be cleaned up by Tanya, like a toddler or young child. Jenny bounced excitedly as the doctor told her about the fun things she’d see and do today, and Jenny was so excited she almost peed her panties, just making a mad dash to the bathroom in the nick of time.

Calming down finally, Jenny was led to the special room. As she sat in the big chair, like a dentist’s chair, her chest was tightly fastened to the back, her ankles secured to the footrest and her head held gently but firmly to the headrest. Jenny was a bit scared and seemed upset but as Tanya spoke soothingly to her, she felt herself relax, and then the pretty music started and little Jenny began to feel sleepy. She felt her little eyes drift close then soon dreamed of pretty lights flashing on and off and listening to Mommy’s voice tell her what a good little girl she was. How pretty and cute and little.

As Jenny watched the pretty lights, they seemed to fade then Jenny saw pretty pictures. Little pictures of cute little baby girls playing and sleeping and being cared for by their mommies.

Jenny watched intently as she saw the little baby girl wetting her diapers. She saw the intense look of pleasure and joy on the baby girl’s face as her diapers went from pristine white to soft, yellow and saw the warm, yellow color spreading across the front of the baby’s diapers. She heard the Mommy talking softly, lovingly to the baby saying “Mommy loves her little baby. Mommy loves to change her little baby’s diapers. You like your wet little diapers don’t you baby. And Mommy knows you’re her baby because you wet your little baby diapers for Mommy.”

Jenny was both overjoyed for the little baby whose Mommy loved her and saddened that she was not the baby. That she couldn’t, didn’t feel the pleasure of wetting her diapers and having Mommy lovingly change her diapers.

The baby was cuddled, held, bathed, fed, loved. Jenny wanted so much to be cuddled, held, bathed, fed and loved. It almost made her cry.

Then the lights were back and Jenny could see them twinkle pretty and soft and warm. Pretty lights. And the soft gentle music again, lulling her into a warm peaceful sleep. Baby ....... happy..... nice.... Mommy love..... Mommy..... change. Mommy feed...... Mommy love wet baby .
Sweet... happy.... warm.... nice thoughts and dreams of little baby Jenny being cared for and loved and babied by Mommy.

Baby Jenny heard Mommy’s voice soothing her and reassuring her. Telling her she’d always be Mommy’s little baby. She’d always be able to feel and enjoy the pleasures and love and caring of her Mommy as baby Jenny.

Jenny was happy now. So happy. So warm. So loved. Jenny was Mommy’s baby.
And as Jenny began to realize she was Mommy’s baby she felt a warm, tingling glow between her legs. A strange yet vaguely familiar sensation. Pleasant, nice, desirable, making her feel tingly and nice all over.

The sensation grew and grew in intensity and Jenny felt overwhelmed by it. Washed in a glow of pure pleasure as she approached her orgasm, urged on by the vibrating electrodes on her nipples and labia and just above her clitoris.

And just as she was about to go over the edge into the consuming pleasure of orgasm she felt the warm, demanding pressure in her bladder and then just as suddenly felt the warm intense heat and pleasure of emptying her bladder into her thick soft baby diapers and feeling the grow warm and wet and so very very very nice.

All at the same time she saw the baby wetting its diapers over and over and over and heard Mommy saying over and over and over “So nice. You love wetting your diapers. If feels so nice. Can’t stop. Don’t ever want to stop. Happy baby. Good baby. Mommy loves her baby in wet diapers.” and Jenny was over the edge lost in an orgasmic wash of pleasure as she helplessly, uncontrollably and completely emptied her bladder into her diaper.

At lunch the excited, happy little child wet her panties even before she knew she had to go peepee. Not just a dribble, or a few drops, but totally, completely emptying her nervous excited little bladder into her thick soft soaker panties, so that even they were overflowed and a shameful Jenny had to admit to her Mommy... no her doctor, that she’d wet her panties like a little baby.

Shamefully Jenny was led away to her room, where Tanya put thick soft diapers on her, and pretty printed panties. Outwardly, big girl Jenny felt ashamed of having to wear baby diapers, but inside, deep down, little Jenny felt secure, happy, content knowing Mommy loved her little baby Jenny in warm, wet diapers.

By the following morning Jenny no longer felt ashamed of her thick, soft diapers. She loved them. They felt so soft and reassuring against her bare little bottom and diaper area. She loved the smell of baby powder and the gentle ministrations of Tanya or Mommy as they spread the baby lotion on her diaper area.

And the intense pleasure of wetting her diapers was indescribable. Jenny was never going to stop wetting her diapers. She loved it so much. Even poopoo was nice. It felt nice and squishy and warm, and Mommy didn’t even mind if it smelled bad. Mommy loved baby Jenny in her baby diapers and Jenny loved Mommy.

October 20, 1994—Baby is Reborn

The doctor smiled as she lovingly changed her new baby. Just nine days and the once headstrong, independent young college woman was returned to helpless and complete infancy.

Once she was in diapers, Jenny quickly lost all voluntary control of her bladder and within days was voiding like a young infant. She almost never seemed to be dry and always smiled and giggled when “Mommy” checked her diapers. By the fourteenth she’d begun messing her diapers, even ahead of schedule, and the doctor had merely shown her the one set of slides of the babies messing their diapers while sleeping, playing and doing their baby activities. The next day baby Jenny had settled into the typical infant routine of messing her diapers after every feeding and during her naps and sleep times.
Little Jenny really seemed to love using her diapers as the baby she now was.

She’d taken to the bottle naturally and easily. Almost like a newborn being weaned, only this baby was being trained and conditioned to take her bottle naturally. Just two sessions of intense hypnotic and psychic driving and Jenny began to drool and suckle instinctively at just the sight of a bottle.

She suckled almost constantly and need her soother whenever she wasn’t nursing, or else would suck her lip or her thumb contentedly.

And now just nine days later, little Jenny couldn’t walk, talk, control her bladder or bowels or feed herself. She was a totally helpless dependent infant and loved her state and status.

The day before she and Tanya had conducted the normal programs and test for “lingering” personality traits and found Jenny had completely accepted the baby needs and desires and traits she’d been programmed with. Even the intense four hour session designed to instill deep shame and humiliation at wearing diapers and especially at wetting diapers like a little baby would not dissuade Jenny’s deep seated need to wear and wet diapers. Jenny would always be in diapers and would always use them as a little baby .

Despite her promiscuous past and heightened sexuality, Jenny’s only sexual interests and pleasure were those of an infant. The oral stimulation of her bottle nipple or her soother. The warm wet pleasure of wetting her diapers and feeling the warmth against her baby diaper area.

She delighted in her toys. The soft cuddly dollies and stuffed animals so typical of a young baby girl. Her world was now the sensual, tactile world of the infant she’d become.

Now the end was nearing, and Dr. Whetmore couldn’t stand to think about it.
Tanya and the doctor had fought long into the night. She knew Tanya was right. Faithful Tanya. So bright. So strong. So intelligent. And so damned logical.

If it hadn’t been for Tanya’s “little quirk” that desire to be controlled and dominated, it would have been Tanya in charge of the program and the research instead of she. After all it was Tanya that had discovered the regression technique that returned the subjects into helpless, sensual little beings, with open almost vacuous little minds ready to be filled with the ideas, concepts, beliefs and habits they wanted to instill.

Dr. Whetmore knew she was wrong. Knew it would not be right. But nonetheless knew this candidate was special. Very, very special. She wanted this little girl to herself. To be her little baby. Forever.

Finally they had reached a compromise. Despite her submissiveness to the doctor’s will and demands, Tanya had stood firm, threatening to expose the doctor’s duplicity with this one candidate, until they agreed Jenny would be returned to her former life, as renormalized as possible, for one full year.

Jenny would return to her classes, with an A plus in psychology and be allowed to finish her courses and graduate. Then they’d see what she felt and wanted.
Of course, like all candidates Jennifer would retain her love and need of diapers, and continue to wet them like a little baby, but in most other ways she should be a normal mature young woman about to graduate college.

Then one year later she would return, compelled to come back to this special place where she was loved, cared for and allowed to be Mommy’s special little baby girl.
At least this is what the doctor hoped as she prepared Jennifer for her final sessions.

October 21, 1994

Jennifer felt wide awake and so intense after the ten days. She had learned so much. All about behavior and training and how people thought and acted. She’d learned to accept herself as she was, and to let people see her the way she felt inside, instead of the way she thought others saw her.

She felt a little strange about having to wear diapers still at her age, but then so what. It was her “thing” and she liked the feeling of her soft diapers, and when she wet them, “WOW!” the pleasure was better than anything she could think of.

No one was going to get her out of her diapers. No sir. And besides she couldn’t be trained or whatever anyway. That’s what the doctor had said. Even after all the courses and training exercises they’d gone through the past ten days Jennifer still wet like she did when she was a little baby. Like she’d always done all her life, except now that she knew about such grown up things as “sex” and “orgasm” she got a lot more pleasure out of wetting her diapers than she imagined she did when she was only one or two years old.

Sadly she bid the good doctor and Tanya good bye and returned to her dormitory, with two dozen nice new diapers in her bag, and some pretty frilly panties to go over the diapers. She liked the little cotton rhumba panties. They really dressed up her plain white waterproof panties she had to wear over her diapers so she didn’t wet her skirt or slacks or the furniture.

Jenny worked hard all that term, and through the summer. Taking all the summer courses would allow her to finish up her whole degree by next June. Then she’d be a real psychologist and able to help other people like her learn to accept themselves and learn to love their diapers, when they couldn’t learn to stop wetting them.

And graduate she did. With honors. But unfortunately her one degree was not enough. Jenny finally gave up on trying to be real psychologist like Dr. Whetmore, her hero, for now, until she could get back to school and get another degree and then be a real doctor like Mommy.... no Dr. Whetmore.

Jennifer took a job as a day care centre worker, working with the toddlers and babies helping them to feel loved and secure and happy. The owners were amazed at how good she was with the babies and how loving and caring and gentle she was. She almost seemed to “talk their language” the one operator said watching Jenny down on the floor playing with Stack’em blocks with a cute little baby girl, around 9 or 10 months of age.
And she was so understanding and kind with the older boys and girls who still had to wear diapers. The ones who usually were teased and shamed at being in diapers like the little babies. Why they just seemed to accept they weren’t ready yet to grow up, and even the parents seemed to accept Jenny’s explanations and began to let the youngsters be the little babies they seemed to need to be until they were ready to grow up. A few wet or dirty diapers and a bit of baby talk was a small price to pay for a healthy well adjusted child, and one most parents gladly paid.

Of course Jenny knew somehow most of the mothers wanted their children to remain their cute little babies for as long as possible, but felt guilty about letting them be the babies they so dearly wanted. “Mommy loves her little baby in her wet baby diapers” seemed to motivate her to continue and help the parents to accept their child and to keep them in the warm, secure baby world as long as they needed.

And the operators sure didn’t mind. Having their “little charges” staying an extra two, three and four years, well past third or fourth grade age, in the day care centre, where they were lovingly changed and fed and nurtured as the babies they were, brought a lot more income and revenue for the day care operations.

Despite the idyllic setting, surround by scores of cute, happy little babies and toddlers and bigger babies, Jenny was not entirely happy. Every time a Mommy picked up her baby and took her or him home, Jenny felt a longing, a sadness, a void. Jenny wanted to go home with her Mommy and be her baby, only Jenny’s Mommy was long gone. Jenny was a big girl now and only the baby pleasures of her warm wet diapers remained to remind her of the tenderer, softer, gentler years where baby Jenny was so happy.
As the summer drew to a close and fall set in, Jenny felt even more and more lonely and needing her Mommy.

She’d often sit and cry after the last little one left the centre, and sat sniffling sucking her thumb, feeling so alone and sad. Even the owner’s wife couldn’t console Jenny as September drew to a close, sitting and stroking the girls hair, while she gently told her
“It’s alright Jenny. We love you. You’re such a sweet little girl. And the babies all love you. You’re one of them, it seems. There, there. Don’t cry sweetheart. Your Mommy loves you.” , but Jenny knew she didn’t know where her Mommy was, and it made her longing grow even stronger.

October 9, 1995—the Anxious Mommy Awaits

Dr. Whetmore has been cranky, uptight, and downright bitchy all month, thought Tanya as she prepared the last candidate for his discharge. Packing his bag of diapers and plastic pants she smiled at herself remembering how he’d reacted the first time he wet his pants like a naughty little boy, then how easily he’d accepted the diapers as an alternative to wetting his pants and the shame and humiliation such an act would cost him.

From pants wetting to complete infancy now only took a matter of two or three days now, thanks to what they’d learned from the strange girl last year. And then their vacuous little minds accepted any and all suggestions the Mommy figure gave them in return for fulfilling their very real, demanding needs. A fresh diaper, a warm bottle, a loving hug and they’d do anything for the giver.

Janet... or Julianne, or something like that. What a strange girl she’d been. So confident. So self assured.... and then such a complete and totally dependent infant. Why you’d think the doctor wanted to be a real Mommy or something, the way she took a liking to that strange girl. Then Tanya felt her diapers getting wet and warm and was washed in the afterglow of a glorious orgasmic pleasure as she let go and let it wash wave after wave of pleasure over her.

The doctor paced her lab nervously. Where is THAT girl, she thought. Only two more days to go, and I’ve lost her. Not even a postcard to let me know she is coming. She has to come. She MUST come.

Jennifer tossed and turned fitfully. Sucking her thumb, almost chewing it really, as she fitfully dreamed of the babies in her day care center, and felt the longing, the need, the compelling desire to be the one in the crib, the one inside the playpen, the one lovingly lying on the change table as her wet diapers were replaced with soft, fresh diapers she knew she’d soon wet again.

October 11, 1995

Knock... knock... knock.

A soft, almost tentative knock at the front door. Now who could that be. The next candidate’s not due until next month. Damn. Must be a salesman, finishing the day’s rounds, thought Tanya as she strode to the door.

“And what do you wan......”

“She looks familiar. Strange, like I know her. Yes.. that’s it. Now I remember. Jennifer. That was her name. Jennifer Wells. That was her name. And what was she doing here, .... and now.”

“Can I come in please, Tanya.” said the girl meekly, shyly, almost childlike. She seemed haggard, intense, like a lost little child.

Tanya felt her heart go out to the girl. “Of course my dear. How have you been. Doctor has missed you you know. You were always “special” to her. Come in. I’ll tell doctor you’re here.”

Janet almost ran to the hallway entrance to see her beloved little Jenny.
Seeing the haggard, almost despondent little girl standing in front of her, her heart stopped.

“What have I done? Is this the result of my programming? Is this what happens to the happy little babies who leave here? she thought, but then felt joy and reassurance as she saw the big smile break over Jennifer’s face and heard “Mommy me comed home. Can me stay wif you now?” in the childish, tremolo that she recognized from a full year ago.
“Of course dear. Come into your room. Mommy will take care of you.” and lovingly the doctor led little Jenny to her very own special room. A cute, little girls room, complete with full sized crib, nice changing table, shelves of soft, thick diapers and frilly little rhumba panties. Closets full of soft, pretty little dresses and bonnets and sleepers for little Jenny to wear. Shelf after shelf of soft, plush stuffed toys and cute, soft dollies for Jenny to play with. Jenny was home.

October 15, 1995—Baby Comes Home

The doctor smiled as she watched Jenny’s reactions on the monitors and the gauges. The final session, she thought. From now on Jenny will always be my little baby girl. Forever my sweet, adorable needing little baby girl. The headstrong adult is gone forever, replaced by the sweet, innocent, newborn baby girl I love and want.

Jenny’s mind was now a thirsty, longing, demanding sponge. Soaking up the barely heard, or even understood words and phrases that were being forever imprinted on the very core of her identity. The words and phrases that were forever turning her into a helpless, sweet, innocent infant baby girl. A baby girl who knew only the soft, pretty, bright, sensual world known only to the infant awareness and being.

The scent of powder and baby lotion and baby oil. The texture of soft cloth diapers. The sensations of wetting or messing her diapers, knowing Mommy would lovingly and gently change her, cooing the special soft words Jenny no longer understood, but loved to hear and sense. The warmth of Mommy’s body as she held her and fed her the warm sweet formula her infantile awareness craved so regularly now.

The sound of Mommy’s breathing and heartbeat as she was snuggled in her arms, being lulled into the soft, sensual word of her infant existence.
Lights ............ .pretty ............. watch ......... Music ....... .....sleepy.............listen............ Wet .............. warm .............. nice .......... Mommy ........ love ........... me.
Jenny ......... little ......... ..need. ..... .Jenny ........ .little ........ Me ..... ...........Mommy. Jenny ... little .... baby ... me .... always.

Jenny no longer understood or knew the words but they continued to imprint her mind with the knowledge, the awareness and the totality of what and who she was and would always be.

Baby Jenny happily sucked her soother, and felt the warm wetness in her diapers and drifted easily and contentedly to sleep as her Mommy bent over and tucked her in and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Janet watched the pretty lights intently. She listened to the words and knew they were right. She barely remembered the little painful prick in her back as she bent to kiss her adorable little Jenny good night, and then felt herself being lifted and carried to this special place.

She felt her love for her little baby growing stronger and stronger with each passing second and knew she and Jenny would always be Mommy and baby.
Jenny.... little.... baby.... mine. Helpless.... needing.... me... Mommy. Love you baby Jenny. Always mine... .always baby... my baby... My lovely little Jenny...
Tanya set the program to run automatically for the rest of the night, knowing the drugs and the programming would soon see the once powerful Dr. Janet Whetmore become a doting, loving, Mommy; the Mommy of a 25 year old infant baby girl, she smiled at the future that now laid ahead of her as the new director of the centre. The Centre for Learning and Behavior Sciences, where people learned to accept themselves in the roles they could not deny.

- the End - or is it ??????

Comment from the author of “the Candidates—Jennifer”

Dear Reader or Listener:
The story entitled “the Candidates”, is a work of fiction, set somewhat in the future. The characters, locations and events outlined are purely fictional, and the creation of the writer.
The theme and concepts outlined in the story are however very real, and possible.
Since the Second World War, the superpowers, and especially the NATO countries led by the United States have been investigating the phenomena outlined in the story, and working covertly to make this possible. Perhaps not in exactly the way, or for the purpose of the central theme of “the Candidates—Jennifer” but for purposes far more potentially dangerous, evil or perverted.
The United States has funded, either through its various “intelligence organizations”, or using secret funds set aside for this purpose tens of millions of dollars conducting intensive “brainwashing” experiments using psychiatric patients, prisoners, and even unsuspecting student “volunteers” or other civilian volunteers at medical centres and post secondary education facilities in Canada, the USA and Europe. As a result of these experiments many people have been left with acute paranoia, schizophrenia, manic depression, or as mindless, dependent shells.
In its attempt to discover how the Koreans supposedly subverted POW’s to speak out against the USA’s war efforts in Korea, and to find a way to create the perfect assassin or agent, as depicted in the Manchurian Candidate movie, the NATO powers have employed hypnosis, hallucinogenics, subliminal programming and often combinations of all these and other methods to destroy peoples “free will” and reprogram a desired, preprogrammed set of responses to given, predetermined situations, cues or times.
During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the democratic powers funded and approved millions of dollars for research into the field of behavior modification, in the hopes of finding the perfect way to change people into the compliant, obedient, servile beings they felt were needed to stave off the wave of communism seen as the “Red Threat.” During this period hundreds of university age students in the USA, Britain and Canada were lured into “psychic improvement” and “sleep learning” programs where they were strategically and deliberately reduced to helpless infancy in the belief their infantile vulnerability would make them more susceptible to the ideologies and concepts the researchers wanted to instill with advanced brainwashing techniques and methods. Subliminal messaging techniques were used commonly and openly in piped in music and closed circuit television, instilling childish and childlike behavior and needs in unsuspecting students, pressing them to enter the special “programs " for “help”. Bed-Wetting became a common occurrence on some campuses, driving young men and women into the arms of the perpetrators.
Many of these left these programs incapable of asserting themselves, or acting independently, forever reduced to childlike dependence. Many became completely incapable of ever being toilet trained and became diaper dependent adults, forever locked into the warm, sensual pleasures of wetting and/or messing in their diapers like little babies, despite the conscious awareness they should be capable of controlling themselves as adults. Many were driven to despair and suicide.
While this story is written for your enjoyment and pleasure, the concept should be frightening.
If you would like to learn more about these experiments, and what and how the NATO powers have distorted the potential good for these techniques, read Gordon Thomas’ book, entitled “Journey into Madness”. It details graphically, and correctly much of the plots hatched by these powers to control the minds of supposedly free peoples, in democratic countries. The methods used in the 1940’s and right up to the early 1970’s were for the most part crude, and inefficient. With advances in science, technology, and “behavior modification”, the ability to do this exists today, and is improving every month.
For now, enjoy the story. It is fun to consider it “could happen”. But remember it could.
The Mind Master

Story: The Candidate—Jennifer Author: The Mind Master
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